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  1. It definitely shows that you put a lot of thought, effort and time into your models. Keep it up! :)
  2. Very impressive! Your model looks better than the real thing in my opinion. Masterfully done!
  3. So, can't we have a McLaren F1 LM as the next 1:8 car? Wasn't the rumor the next one in the series is going to be orange? :)
  4. I agree. I'd rather see them release a P1 GTR instead then but that is not very likely. None of the newer Mclaren cars look exciting to me.
  5. I have very fond childhood memories involving the 8849 Tractor. I built this tractor many times in different colours and made all kinds of modifications to it including front end loader both pneumatic and manual versions as well as many implements like harrows, plows and trailers.
  6. Very cool. Great to see a design using the new gear box elements. I compared the gear ratios to a 911 GT3 transmission and it looks to be quite close with the exception of reverse gear being a bit too fast. Thanks a lot for sharing the instructions. Good job!
  7. I'm curious, wouldn't it be possible to tilt the whole top of the hood instead and use a regular liftarm for the gray side label? Would smooth out the lines.
  8. Agreed. Very nice model of an interesting vehicle. Top execution as always. Well done!
  9. I see. Last tractor I drove was a Case IH 5140 a long time ago. I got this picture in my head that you could see the front wheels turning a tiny bit too fast when the four wheel drive was fully engaged. Couldn't find much info on the drivetrain online.
  10. You also want the option to lock the center differential. Then you need to match front and rear tire traction. I believe it's not necessary to be 100% match but still very close.
  11. Very well put. I fully share your concerns. I also think about how in the current world we live in everything comes down to what will give the best ROI at this very moment. Not much thought goes in to the long term environmental costs driven by the need to produce new hardware for example.
  12. This would probably be interesting mechanically, but to me I'd much rather buy a technic model of an exotic supercar. I see pickup trucks everyday IRL. I also look forward to having potential new parts to customize my already existing 1:8 garage with. New wheels, different coloured mudguards for example. Also, while on the topic. I think RacingBrick in his video was a little too quick with dismissing Koenigsegg as potential candidate for a LEGO 1:8 car. They are being built just accross the border from Denmark after all. :)
  13. Not sure how the two motors work together in this application but in essence, if input torque is halved while input speed is the same, you need to gear down output speed to half in order to maintain initial output torque.
  14. So how many LEGO Technic models retailing at $40 works exactly like the real life counterpart?
  15. To look more like a Mustang, it's probably correct to lower the roofline. However, the lower roofline makes the mustang an ugly looking car in my opinion. So, what is the goal with the model? :)