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  1. Such a beautiful creation. I so want one. It does help that the real life counterpart is a piece of art. :) I especially like the darker SP3 wheels and I didn't mind the first iteration of the roof but this last one definitely fits better. Great sculpting all around! Masterfully done, sir.
  2. Is the gap between the wheel arch and wheel that bad? I think it looks rather nice. But then again, I have learned to like the Subaru BRZ that have the same "issue". :)
  3. Right. I thought that you put the items below in the same family but going back and looking at your renders it appears I might be mistaken.
  4. Not sure if I understood your comment correctly but the part above would fit the very small family made out of this part below. :)
  5. I don't have a render of the part but I would like to see a part that merges a driving ring extension with a z=12 gear. But maybe that is just me unable to solve a gearbox design issue at the moment. :)
  6. I sure do! Always a hassle to orient the beams correctly to hide these marks when building from official instructions. :)
  7. One should not underestimate the usefulness of the larger cross section studded beams provide. They are superior to the studless beams in this regard.
  8. Exactly my thought. Maybe having less boxy cross section tires would help as well. Then you could even have some camber built in with suspension still in neutral position. I realize this does not entirely match the real Ford GT in body shape. At the same time, I actually prefer the proportions of the LEGO model rather than the real car.
  9. In the general part thread I wrote that I got disapointed for not being able to use the 7 x 11 frame to brace a 4-speed gearbox. This part could compliment those frames very nicly and solve that problem.
  10. I am sure there are workarounds for this issue. I guess I just don't see the huge benefit with having the holes in this particular frame layed out as they are now, but I'm sure I could be proven wrong. :) I think I'll try putting one of the new 7 long beam with alternating holes on top of the frame with some added bracing and see if it works out.
  11. What made me think of the layout of holes in the 7 x 11 frame was that I wanted to use it to brace a 4-speed gearbox with two axles go through the frame. The way the holes are oriented prevents this from being possible. If the middle three holes were horizontal to the frame this had been enough.
  12. For 5 x 7 frame It would be fine with only the middle hole horizontal with frame I guess. But to say the 5 x 7 frame should have ball join at the end would surely make it way less useful. But I can understand if you would want a part like that in addition to the already existing frame. :)
  13. Anyone else wish that the 7x11 frame would be more like the 5x7 frame and not have alternating holes in the short ends? I recon it would have been more useful that way.
  14. I like seeing the green on 42149 and the red wheels on 42150. Pretty much all the b-models look cool as well I must say. Too bad the sets are so small. Also, I find it hard to criticize LEGO for making ugly models while at the same time not recognizing the hilarity of what has become of real life monster trucks of today.