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  1. Nice one! Thank you! I didn't expect the gold wheels to go so well with the orange of the porsche. Looks neat! :)
  2. Very nice, thank you! Reasearching how to best build the GT3 without buying an actual 42056. :)
  3. So, does anyone have pictures of the GT3 RS on Sian wheels or even Ferrari Daytona wheels? Very curious to see what that looks like. Also, any pictures of the GT3 with the newer, rounder fender pieces? Are those panels available in LDD?
  4. Helicopters is not my area of expertice I'll admit. Comparing the two pictures above I'd say the proportions are close enough that someone with a little interest in these machines should be happy seeing it in the lineup of sets. Then again if functions are far from up to par, I could see one losing interest.
  5. I guess it is only natural to compare it to the 42053 Volvo but that was close to six years ago now. Sure, they could bring that exact set back and it would probably sell quite well. Still, I'd say it's more fun with a new take on it even though it might not be that different. The looks of this isn't all that special maybe but the 42053 looks quite crude in places as well and what I remember it was recieved well back in 2016.
  6. Looking good. They could have switched the black and DBG colouring on the cylinders (black with DBG details) but I guess this will do. Hopefully the price will be a little less than the 42128 tow truck.
  7. Ah, I see. I was hoping for the shorter 2x2 cylinder. :(
  8. Do you mind expanding on the description "small pneumatic cylinder"? :)
  9. Liking the neutral coloured rims, though I'm not so sure an even lower profile tire is needed. Also, would prefer to have four of the fender panels included which looks like is not the case here. Most interesting stuff will be the internals anyway, so looking forward to the reveal of more details.
  10. It looks so good! Brilliant work! Was it hard to make the smaller fender panels work with the 1:8 wheel size or do you think the smaller panels could be even better suited and make for more freedom when designing 1:8 scale cars?
  11. Looking awesome! Very well done! This model brings back a lot of memories for me. As a kid I owned quite a few of the technic models released late 80s and early 90s. The 8849 is by far the one that made the most inpact on me. I modded it heavily adding a front loader and made all functions pneumatic including extra valves for attachments. Changed the colour to red/black to resemble a Case IH. Epic times that was. :)
  12. Yes, it looks much better now. Good job! :)
  13. What can I say. It is an amazing machine. ;) Liking the in service action shots. Looks a bit low in the rear but that might very well be due to camera angle. Amazing to fit so much into such a small space. :)
  14. Very cool build! Well done. Like the detailed engines. Nice machine. Every celebrity's dream? :)