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  1. zoo

    [MOC] Christmas Tree (of Doom)

    This gave me a good laugh! It's brilliant! :)
  2. My guess is that LEGO pneumatics are intentionally built to leak quite a bit of air and that would have to be changed to make them work with heavier loads. Also, the hoses need to be rigid enough for minimum flex but maybe thats not a problem.
  3. zoo

    General Part Discussion

    With some clever additions to the parts catalogue I see no need for larger scale than the current 1:8 for the super cars. Should be plenty of room to fit all kinds of functions into a car model that size. Not to mention the current super cars take up more than enough room when trying to put them on a shelf.
  4. Apparently Huddig (then Svenska Hymas AB) used to build Volvo BM backhoes back in the 70s.
  5. How about a Work Wheels licence? Rays Wheels? I'd love some Volk TE37s. :)
  6. Well, TLC seem to prefer cars these days so I'd say a "highway" truck fits that bill nicely. :)
  7. I'm not that into scale modeling normaly but this thing is beautifully executed. Your attention to details is impressive.
  8. zoo

    Generic mining machine

    I know there are construction equipment that use electric motors powered by dieselfueled genereators. Might be an option if you find a way to keep the gearing short and want to stay close to what is used in real life. I myself do not care so much if it is done in real life machines or not since there are lots of factors that differ from real life machines and way smaller size lego built models. For example, in the LEGO world linear actuators are a lot more powerful than the pneumatic counterparts but in real life, hydraulic cylinders are used because they are generaly way more efficient.
  9. zoo

    General Part Discussion

    Very narrow minded view you have there. Jurss seem to care, and I'm sure there are lots of others. I for one do not buy any second hand parts and I have bad experiences buying directly from LEGO using pick a brick as well.
  10. Surely that have to be in AUS dollars? Roughly £110 right?
  11. More regular blue to the people! :) My take on this set is this. Yes, the wheels are bit big for the scale. However, seeing as the fenders match the wheels so welI this set should be a good starting point to build a in my opinion the perfect size LEGO car.
  12. zoo

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    Looks good! I like that colour combination. Too bad there are so few technic elements released in bright green. The body shape looks square and nice for replication in LEGO though. :)
  13. zoo

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    I was working under the assumption that that the wheels used were known to be the 30x20mm ones. Otherwise, I'm all for "tractor treaded" tires in all forms. :)
  14. zoo

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    Same here. I was hoping for a little bit more sidewall. Like 60+mm diameter or so to better match the 63 diameter tire of old.