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  1. RC Dodge Challenger SXT

    I showed a similar gearbox in a video:
  2. RC Dodge Challenger SXT

    Thanks, I am new here and I have realized just after posting that this should be there, after I could not change it.
  3. RC Trabant 601

    LOL I did not know... I have probably switched the position of the whole piece with the licence. Everyone makes mistakes:D
  4. RC Trabant 601

    Sorry, I am not going to make the instructions, but here you can download at least the LDD model of the front axle (which I have made before to make my building simplier): Here you can download the 4 speed sequential gearbox: I hope it will help you to understand how it works.
  5. RC Trabant 601

    The gearbox is between the seats.
  6. RC Trabant 601

    +Aventador2004 Yes it is, I have a channel on youtube and I have not posted all of my creations here yet.
  7. RC Trabant 601

    This is a MOC. It is built in scale 1:10. Features: Front wheel drive (L motor) Steering (servo motor) 4 speed sequential gearbox (M motor for changing gears) All wheel working drum brakes (1 M motor for front and 1 for rear wheels) Full independent suspension Openable doors, bonet and trunk (which hides the small battery box) Video: Note that the car is very small (only 35 cm long) so it was quite hard to put all these functions inside. Also recognize in the video that I had to use a special solution with mounting of the differential - because of small scale. The normal solution would be too wide.
  8. RC Dodge Challenger SXT

    This is a MOC (my own creation). It is built in scale 1:10. I started this project one year ago and I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. The most complex part of this MOC is the 5+R sequential gearbox. It had to fit in very small space, so I had to use a new mechanism. It is driven by 4 motors: RC motor for drive, PF servo motor for steering, L motor for gearbox and M motor for lights. It has also realistic full independent suspension (I tried to replicate the real one) and doors with lock. Not like many lego cars, this has full interior with 5 seats. The front seats can move. The gearbox, steering motor, drive motor and two IR receivers are located above the front axle. The L motor for changing speeds is under the seats and the battery box is behind the rear axle. Video: Visit my youtube channel to see more of my creations!