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  1. I brought it from bricklink. It should belong to a ninjago set
  2. I had been making it for almost half year. The project was pending so long for my lack of determination :) .The build try to express some shout out scene of a chinese foot soldier, and try to make some fit-outs to enrich it. 死不旋踵! Never step back! by John Cheng
  3. johncheng

    Assembling Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Oh. It really caught me
  4. johncheng

    Gargoyle eats

    I always want to make some stone statue moc... just because the light bluish grey is the majority in my brick shelf. Made a chibi gargoyle by LBG bricks, but happens some of its parts are flat silver and black for unavailability of parts.... so I made a cave like scene to utilize my stock. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
  5. johncheng

    MOC: Minilandscape - Castle in Edo

    In fact I always interested in the Fujin / Raijin in Japan. I will try to explore them in the trip and find what can I do with the topic. It seems fun
  6. johncheng

    MOC: Minilandscape - Castle in Edo

    @Rufus No, I just made it up . I will visit Japan this week end and may do some builds based on real building @Legoginge me too, but I through it is interesting to make a moonlight scene. glad to hear you like it too
  7. I made this mini landscape for Japan Brickfest 2018. I intended to make something more Japanese style and happens to see some castles online. In fact for his build most of the time was spent on building the stone like wall with slopes an inverted slopes. Take 2 shots as daytime and in moon night. Which one do you prefer?
  8. Hi all, Thank you for your comment and really sorry for those felt offended. I had hesitated to post the creation but finally did it because l really believed it is an interesting way to imagine some hidden faces or alternative way to see a character. (in fact this is the least violent version of the scenes I made). Cheers John
  9. God knows. May be because of the wine? 👻
  10. Just wonder what will they do if appear in some thriller show :) Hope you find it funny and don'f find offense
  11. johncheng

    [MOC] Crow

    My flickr page:
  12. johncheng

    Chibi Mazinger Z

    Hi guys. I am new to the board, and want to share my latest Lego creation Mazinger Z. I made it in Chibi style and made a mini "street" view for him. In fact, how many guys had really watched the show like me? :) Flickr link: Tweeter: