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  1. REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Well, think of stacking cups. On my next bricklink order, I will try and gets some cone sets to experiment with. It might look odd, but trying to think outside the box to try and solve what doesn't exist yet.
  2. REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Regarding the upper grey module vs the white. aka 4x4x2 cone. I thought about what if the white cone was hollowed out by tools and sanded to fit the top of the grey module? Use a technic axil to connect the two pirces. I won't have the opportunity to build the rocket till after xmas.
  3. A small modification of Saturn V

    I found the 3 of the 4 pics for this mod. Grainy on google. So far i can only figure out a hinge piece is used with 2 friction technic pieces. Only problem at looking at the instructions is that the typical hinge piece I am use to is 1 block high while this seems to be a 2 plate high setup. Unless I am missing something, I can't figure it out. Have to look over online instructions as my copy of the rocket is currently waiting for christmas in wrapping. Lets just say it was christmas early buying.
  4. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Anyone here try and design a lunar rover micro figure scale? Been thinking about black studs as wheels connected to a 3x2 plate. Can't figure out how to get it all connected without going to big. Would be great addition to a lunar module on the moon display.