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  1. I just read the entire thread. @SylvainLS I saw that blueprint and bluerender? worked, but that was first page, Not sure now with everything that is being done. I failed in that regards. The whole import into is (for me) is not to save them there, but to upload the list to bricklink. I have had nothing but headaches with uploading ldd files there for parts lists to buy stuff. I also have alot of thinking though due to models I make that would be removed from community access unless they upgraded their ldd. In any case, I have alot to learn here.
  2. Thank you to all doing this project. With these custom updates, I have to wonder a few things. I poked thru the thread a little but didn't see what I was looking for. I use blueprint to generate instructions and wondering if it would be compatible with these "updates". It appears that it references original files I think. Then the other is can import a ldd file from this update? Lots of head aches other wise with bricklink.
  3. Any idea if this will compatible with blueprint or will that software have to be updated by that team?
  4. shopsmart

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    I worked with Shiva awhile ago for months converting his white version to orange (yes there is an orange ET that existed). Was able to talk with kingsknight and perfected the build even more. The whole purpose is to avoid and have an alternative version due to costs going up on dark orange. My altered version now has plans floating out there, but you will have to find the facebook group I am on to obtain them.
  5. shopsmart

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    EDIT: delete was suppose to be PM
  6. shopsmart

    Mail system

    I have been able to send out mails in the past and can't now. Funny as this will end up being my 10th post LOLOL!!! That is pretty crazy stuff. EDIT: Yep, don't get the message anymore.
  7. shopsmart

    Mail system

    Just returned after a few months to send out a message. Can't. Says can only send 0 per day. Something change in being away for a few?
  8. shopsmart

    MOC Titan IIIE 1/110th

    Hi everyone. I got a semi MOC going on that has taken a life of its own in my spare time. I made up a 1/110th Titan IIIE which was inspired by Eiffleman. The probes that the IIIE put out into space have become my own design. Now it has branched off into working on and researching the launch pad 41. Also going to tackle a 1/110 train locomotives that pushed around gantry the rocket stood on. I figure there will be some space nerds and lego people like me that would like to see something like this complete. I want to get opinions on design in crafting this project. If everything goes well I will publish instructions. Yes this is a lego idea Current work picture of what I got going on:
  9. Spent about a month trying to crack an idea open for Eiffleman's skylab on lego ideas. Have had help from NathanR here and thank him immensely. The idea is to have function over form in this model and not exact scale. I want to have the side solar panels slide out of the main body and also be structurally sound. Everything that needs to be seen is in the lxf file if you would like to help out. Model has been made with the two technic techniques I devised and both versions are shown on either side of one of the skylab. The other issue is the attachment 1x1 bricks to the main body are not full proof connection. Too unstructurally sound. Then I have a fold out version that I have started on that doesn't seem to be going anywhere and seems uglier. The other idea proposed by NathanR is sliding plates, but angling the plates and having the capabilities of having both in there seem impossible. Thanks for just looking if anything. side panels v2.lxf
  10. shopsmart

    HELP! ! !

    Checked the faq for where to post help on builds. HELP!! section of the faq link is 404ed. So, I have to assume at this point. General discussion or the specific forum the the theme of the build falls under. Idea is modifying eiffletower's skylab from lego ideas for something more elaborate. So I assume the Special LEGO themes section... So where do I go? Thx.
  11. shopsmart

    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Well, think of stacking cups. On my next bricklink order, I will try and gets some cone sets to experiment with. It might look odd, but trying to think outside the box to try and solve what doesn't exist yet.
  12. shopsmart

    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Regarding the upper grey module vs the white. aka 4x4x2 cone. I thought about what if the white cone was hollowed out by tools and sanded to fit the top of the grey module? Use a technic axil to connect the two pirces. I won't have the opportunity to build the rocket till after xmas.
  13. shopsmart

    A small modification of Saturn V

    I found the 3 of the 4 pics for this mod. Grainy on google. So far i can only figure out a hinge piece is used with 2 friction technic pieces. Only problem at looking at the instructions is that the typical hinge piece I am use to is 1 block high while this seems to be a 2 plate high setup. Unless I am missing something, I can't figure it out. Have to look over online instructions as my copy of the rocket is currently waiting for christmas in wrapping. Lets just say it was christmas early buying.