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  1. Chiaroscuro

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That one, thanks!
  2. Chiaroscuro

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    From which set is that red modified 4x2 tile?
  3. Chiaroscuro

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    If you mix it with regular sets you get the free shipping.
  4. Chiaroscuro


    Oh I am no way criticizing him, he is really a talent MOCer (yes, the type writing is amazing). If he wants to go for Ideas, great! But as he is already selling some of his designs it makes me a little sad that we may not see this in full brick glory if LEGO doesn’t start approving modulars. Even if it is a digital MOC, with a bit of extra work it can be reworked into existing pieces.
  5. Chiaroscuro


    Another great MOC from you. Excellent job. But I have to ask you: why are you submitting those modulars to Ideas? At this point we can say that LEGO would not approve something that they have a line about, and could conflict with non announced projects. And submitting it to Ideas means Lego owns the project for years after they refused it, so you cannot sell instructions.
  6. Chiaroscuro

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    It is good idea but I think in execution it would be, no pun, half a solution. It will look odd that only the ground floor of the buildings are lid at the time. Plus I think the upper floors would be the ones that benefits the most from the visibility of the lights.
  7. Chiaroscuro

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    I made some tests with lights kits from Lightaling. The modulars look stunning when light up, but they are far from a practical solution. Light my Bricks is a similar solution. Even thin wire (0.04 mm) is still enough to disturb LEGO precision clicking. You usually have to resold the wires on kits to get the right length (I could not find the right cables in stores here). And then there is the problem of how to make the floors still detaching. The more you try to solve those problems the more you introduce non-Lego parts to your setup (which is kind of bad) and you still loose modularity. I am back and forth about that decision, and since I am doing a rebuild to introduce raised baseplates to my city setup I have to reassemble most of the first floors of the builds, kind of ideal moment to light or not the city.
  8. Guys, I really could use your opinion right here. I am in the process of reassembling most of my layout and have a difficult decision: to light or not my city. In the plus side, lights really brings the interior of the buildings to life, interiors are mostly not seen without them. On the other side, wiring. It is really a mess and makes difficult to separate floors or really assembling a modular layout subject to change and grow (even if I make the wiring customized). I-Brix System is really expensive and does not have the options needed (only clear and colored 1x1 bricks, no warm or cool lights). Sorry if if the topic was already discussed. Thoughts?
  9. Chiaroscuro

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    It was announced today, but approval an plans should have been done by months now, since there were already leaked images of Mickey, Minie and a goat, so production must be already going on.
  10. Chiaroscuro


    Thanks for making the instructions! Supported and bought!
  11. Chiaroscuro

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Aside Flintstones and Treehouse, the next Ideas set should be Steamboat Willie (as leaks indicate). So it is unlikely it is rated 16+, more likely +10 like Flintstones. The 751 piece count is reasonable for it, so probably it’s listing is swapped with Treehouse, which would have piece count TBD.
  12. There is a dinosaur tamer in TLM2 so...
  13. Chiaroscuro

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you mean DO not DD.
  14. Chiaroscuro

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    The Ideas proposal has an excelent brickbuild Dino!
  15. Chiaroscuro

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    Good point. But Hook has other features to make him recognizable (Hat, Hair, Mustache).