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  1. Brickmaster

    Flickr Find: Under Water March

    Thanks for posting something from Flickr! I don't often get to make the rounds on Flickr and really appreciate great MOCs getting some recognition. Brilliant idea for a little scene that is well executed.
  2. Brickmaster

    [MOC] Silver Chicken Inn

    Small build that is gushing with details and crazy angles. Really impressive!
  3. Brickmaster

    ICE Planet 2002

    Truly lovely. Brings in a great theme with a legendary set (Ice Planet & Mega Core Magnetizer). This moc hits a really sweet spot. Very nicely done!
  4. Brickmaster

    Mothership Tahtorak

    The slopes and color stratifications are wonderful, nicely done. Wish there was a picture showing some details on the top/back more!
  5. Brickmaster

    [K - D10] Final assault on the Dust Demons

    Nice use of the motorway pieces - I can certainly appreciate trying to integrate large and clunky parts. You've done a great job there! They do well as columns, especially in the second picture.
  6. Brickmaster

    Infected Behemoth Battlecruiser

    It does have the innards of an interior, a few sliding doors, and a ladder up to the fleshed-out command deck (all minifig scale) but I have no detail pictures at this time. It's not particularly impressive, but it's there!
  7. Brickmaster

    End of Lego

    I've actually been extremely impressed with Lego's business management. They are the best and most popular toy company in the world. They have extremely high quality, wide spanning audiences, backwards compatability of nearly a century, and they've even shown resilience in learning from their 90's mistakes. Their product appeals to model builders, collectors, architects, engineers, artists... and not to mention kids! Truly an amazing hobby. It's even educational - teaching manual dexterity, how to follow instructions, and engineering basics. They even have very successful video games and kids shows! Whatever they do, they seem to do well (customer service too!). I'd actually argue it's never been a better time to be a fan of Lego - just look at some of the beautiful, well-engineered sets they're coming out with. Lego has a way of appealing to every niche.
  8. Brickmaster

    Infected Behemoth Battlecruiser

    Howdy all! It's been many years since I've been around these parts. Now that I'm settling down after college, I finally have a chance to get some of my old Lego back and share with you. I built this many years ago, but never had a chance to take pictures of it. I built it over the course of many years through my adolescence and a few dark ages. My apologies for the lower quality photos - I wanted to catalog its existence before breaking it down to create something new, and perhaps a bit more sophisticated. The ship is hollow on the inside with a sparse interior - but nothing I took pictures of. I'm not particularly pleased with how well the bionicle bits integrated, but I figure it was worth a shot. Meta Knight's ship The Halberd inspired this creation - along with the giant black bionicle mask at the front of the ship, and the two large red windscreens that make the helm. If you enjoy large, chunky, brick-built battlecruisers, feel free to browse the other photos! Thanks for the quick look at this ancient creation! I plan to be active around here once again. - Mark
  9. Brickmaster

    REVIEW: 3061 City Park Café

    You produce the most entertaining reviews. Numerous clear pictures with tons of humor, insight, and useful information. Thanks for a good read!
  10. Brickmaster

    Non-Lego skills

    Most of my resources are diverted towards Magic: the Gathering nowadays. I love the interactivity and depth the card game provides.
  11. Brickmaster

    8 years later...

    My collection is probably 50/50 old and new greys. I'm mostly ok with the color differences because they aren't horridly obvious from a distance. Coincidentally, that is also my biggest annoyance. When inventorying sets, the colors are a total nightmare. That is easily my biggest gripe about it.
  12. I am relatively new to the realm of actually shipping things; I guess I always took it for granted when I was the buyer. I am coming across troubles when it comes to finding a viable and cost effective shipping method. USPS doesn't seem to get any cheaper than 5 bucks than for a small package, and I'm not sure if I can send a regular bubble wrap envelope in the mail with a regular stamp. I am mostly looking to sell my mini figures; does anyone have any veteran advice in this area? Given that alot of the figures I would like to sell are worth over $10 dollars each, I really want to make sure I get everything right, and safe. I also thought this would be fitting for the buying & selling section; and I found no other threads in the search relating to this. Thanks for any help, guys!
  13. In 2006 I asked to go in the basement of a family owned toyshop, and found many old lego goodies. I found MISB M-Tron, Monorail, Unitron, and other sets. It was quite a surprise to buy a set from a store that was older than I am. I bought them all. I still have them up in my attic, all still MISB with their original pricetags. I may sell them one day.
  14. Brickmaster

    When are we going to change our banner?

    I'm abit skeptical of what ultra pasteurizing means. Anyhow, all the banners I've seen I am content with. They are all well done, and have some good humor. I come here for new content and posts; if you find yourself consistantly coming to look at the banners, I may have some questions for you.
  15. Brickmaster


    I need to gain weight,; more lean muscle than anything. My weight lifting to actual weight ratio is quite high for all the lifts I do, yet I cant seem to gain much bulk. All weight gaining advice I hear always runs down to simply eating more. Whether it be carbs or protein, just eat more. And I do try, wholeheartedly, yet I can't seem to gain a pound. Even when my strength increases. I know some prescription drugs have side effects of increased appetite, but for the most part I am uninterested in that. Usually I am the one giving people weightlifting and strength building tips, but my rut has always been weight gain, and I can't seem to get out of it. Any personal tips, from anyone?