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    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Sometimes you need to disable collisions to get something aligned just right. Then turn them back on.
  2. Moppo

    [MOC] NX-Police Cruiser

    It's an extra engine.
  3. Moppo


    I like the stripes. Those cones are awful for fitting two figs into. I've tried many times myself for my Phantom and it always ends up fragile.
  4. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    It was the space behind the head that I found was too small. I'll have to take another look.
  5. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    There's a bit of a limitation for Hera, though. Can't fit a Twi'lek head in the seat. :P
  6. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    @Jerac Well, I've built it! Another angle and in flight Overall, I love it! Felt a bit apprehensive with some of the brackets being forced together, as I keep expecting them to pop out, and it took some time to get the wings aligned so they'd close as horizontally as possible. Only malfunction I've had is a pair of 1x2 rail plates attached to a 1x4 tile popped off from the inside of a bottom engine when I opened the wings all the way. But I've learned some interesting connections, and might customise it further in the future to taste.
  7. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Like this? Smoother is always nicer. :P
  8. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Partisan/Cavern Angels recolour. When I eventually get to build it I'll post a photo. Full size
  9. Moppo

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Really nice build! I'm trying to build it in Studio before I do with real bricks, because I want to replace my black and white Partisan with it, but I can't seem to get the angles right on the nose to connect the ball joint and align the two bars with the 1x2 plate without causing the two ball sockets for the nose to overlap. I've always found it a bit awkward doing angled connections in any digital model, though.
  10. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* A Pyke informant requests payment for identifying the Imperial Remnant sleeper agent hiding on the icy Mandalorian world.
  11. Moppo

    [P9 - Trandosha - CE]

    *Your entry has earned 9 XP* A Mandalorian-owned Corellian mini-freighter stops for repairs on an airfield on Trandosha. Due to recent political efforts, New Republic and even Wookiees have begun freely working on site.
  12. Looks like the cape is used on the cone docking ring thingy at the middle of the ship.
  13. *Your entry has earned 7 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Swoop racers speed through the remains of an abandoned facility on Gigor. Is that a Wookiee or a brown Gigoran? He won't say, but the Chiss racer says it's nice and warm here.
  14. Moppo

    [R4 - Gigor - CE] Swoop Race

    Thanks! Yeah, Most of my large white parts got used up here. Didn't have much left to build higher.
  15. I see your F-Zero reference. :P
  16. I love the environment, feels like one of the more cyberpunky worlds like Nar Shaddaa. And that fig using Maz's head with a beard is great.
  17. Oh nice! I like seeing unused concept art being made into MOCs. That swoop is based on one of the Cloud Rider swoops, right?
  18. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Above Bonadan the Jaigalaar, Solt Viszla's custom starfighter engages Moff Pyerce's TIE squadrons over Bonadan. Armed with a heavy ion cannon on its right s-foil, it makes light work of the unshielded fighters.
  19. Very nice! A lot of models get under/oversized and I love seeing them in proper scale. Will this be joining your Delta 7 on Rebrickable?
  20. Thanks guys. :) It's based loosely on IG-88's ship. I was trying to see what I could make with just the parts I had in my collection, so I ended up making it quite different. I couldn't seem to find any examples of how a human pilot should sit in the fighter IG-88 uses, the only pics I remember seeing showed him just sort of "standing" horizontally so his head can see out of both viewports without turning.
  21. Moppo

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Solt Vizsla is a Mandalorian pilot from the New Republic era. His missions are typically starfighter raids on former Mandalorian worlds controlled by Imperial remnants.
  22. I thought I'd build something while waiting for my E-Wing parts. I don't intend to build this IRL any time soon, but I've not seen many Lego versions of the Starviper, so I decided to see how it would turn out. So I present possibly the most awkwardly shaped ship in Star Wars. :P And a reference. If I ever get around to building it for real, I'll be sure to bump this. :) New version with instructions.
  23. Ah yeah, Bricklink has been flagging all my old Star Wars uploads for copyright reasons. I'll see if I still have that model on my computer. Found it, not sure what the preferred file sharing site is for Studio files, though.
  24. Moppo

    MOC: XSF-47 Experimental Starfighter

    The Starviper from Star Wars Legends? I like it!