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  1. msk6003

    [MOC] Lego Technic Single Motor Tank V2.0

    Little harder to build but possable. I made twin motor wheeled excavator which has 6 function but work with only 2 L motor.
  2. msk6003

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    @Brick-a-brac called TLG changed 6x6 to 4x4 because 6x6 version use in army. my eyes, those DBG/black combo looks like more military style than original white/green. Am I the only one who thinks like this? I don't mean to expose @Brick-a-brac
  3. If I remember correctly that is basically RC servo like Hitech, Futuba. Not lego servo.
  4. Maybe can use like some kind of rimless wheel?(even it doesn't have tire)
  5. msk6003

    Generic Contest Discussion

    If militery equipment idea is not good, how about tracked model contest? It can be tractor, artic truck and lot more
  6. msk6003

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Sooooooo.....? We passed 3 month after finish bike contest. What will be next theme and when will start? How about militery equipment theme?
  7. msk6003

    General Part Discussion

    He said that list of won cars in lemans 24.
  8. msk6003

    General Part Discussion

    Someone in my country community says next GTE car will be aston martin vantage AMR. porsche 42096 is win car in 2018 lemans 24. ferrari 42125 is win car in 2019 lemans 24. And aston martin is win car in 2020 lemans 24. Considering TLG already has aston license cause 007 DB5, that rumor is very interstring.
  9. Even it use same hub but different color, this is spike review. not robot inventor review. And yes. In spike program, solution you said is not working.
  10. It only works with C+ L and XL, but the motor information is still incomplete. C+ angular(include in 42114) is perfactly same with spike large motor and just different color.
  11. Not all people are phthon expert. Still don't work with original scratch.
  12. However, my biggest complaint is that the white part of the hub is too easy to become dirty and does not support anything other than its own and 51515s' motor and sensor, despite using the same port as C+/Powered up.
  13. msk6003

    Single Motor RC Tank

    This tank remind my Twin motor wheeled excavator. I don't use clutch piece but use turntable and some 8-24 combination.