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  1. I bet someone will make 6 wheels AFV 100%
  2. Anyway, I'm curious, why is everyone so negative? In the past, TLG recruited people like this a few times, but I don't think it was like this back then.
  3. Welcome back after 5 years. I can see something thin and silver thing behind rear wheel. maybe this model has suspension?
  4. It's actually pretty strong but very slow. Maybe that speed make linear extremely slow.
  5. I need to upload my studless 8480(both A and B) and Tamiya hot shot
  6. Only RI is discontinued. Spike is still alive in education.
  7. I'm not suprised CADA get lot of licenced set. They already got tons of licenses because that's because CADA's parent company, Double E, has licensed multiple companies while making multiple scale RC products (not blocks). Instead, I'm more surprised that there is a company that has licensed both CADA and Lego, like CLASS.
  8. Tried of use new 15L ring from city stuntz set
  9. Last year I bought Tamiya's Hot Shot RC model. I think it's design is very good since when I was very young so I wanted to buy it and did in Christmas in last year. Of course not just for build and control this model, I wanted to build it as lego model so main reason is for comparison with model I will make. I started few week ago but posted in here now. At first I started on chassis. Surprisingly original model's rear tire can fit in medium racing wheel so I bought 2 set of those tire. I use BW3 and 2 BW motor for 4WD drive. And like original model, both front and rear use mono shock. I know this shock is more accurate with original model but I use those yellow hard shock which is little more common because I want make instruction and post on rebrickable. In this version, drive gear ratio is 16-28, 16-28 3.06:1 But when I test chassis gear starting to skipping on both front and rear. So I rebuilt gear train and make gear ratio 24-24, 20-28 1.4:1 but can change gear ratio to 8-8-24, 20-28 4.2:1 or 28-20-28 1:1 too. And add one more shock in rear for better stability. After fix gear skipping, I built remain body without bumper, wing and light. But now I stopped build more. Cause BW3 keep turn off when I drive model 1m. After lot of trying to fix this, I throw BW3 away and change to PF system with Sbrick.(2 L, 1 Servo, 1 rechargeable battery) Now it can drive more but to much slow and don't have much torque.(gear ratio is same 1.4:1) I need to find other way for drive this thing. Than I will finish it's bodywork.
  10. Progress 5 CADA's battery work very well but I found it has low capacity. So remove cada's battery and keep for other use, I back to BW3. But this time, I use 2 BW3 insted 1. Now I can't finish Hyundai N74 due to use my all BW3 on this but hot shot is more important project than N74. So, I drive it with 8-8-24, 20-28 gear reduction but suddenly car don't move. I disassemble and find this happen... Yes. Second 8t's axle is melted and stick to beam. I'm very suprised because this is first time I seen melted axle. Anyway, I think this happen because 8-8 gear is spin to fast, I change to 20-28, 20-28 gear reduction. And it works very well! Even can change gear to 12-36, 20-28! Than I starting make this on studio for make instruction. Due to original tire don't have in studio, I use landrover's tire. I found front bumper I made before is to low than original so I remove it. It will make soon again.
  11. Not normal 12t. That is this part. And looks like still LBG I think?
  12. Wait, motor connector is changed. Maybe AMG-ONE also has changed connector?
  13. Who don't like RC mod? I bought this set today and while building, I found L motor can fit if I remove engine. So I did. Instruction can find on rebrickable.
  14. This can't work if you want both axle and gear move individually.
  15. Very interesting gearing. What is purpose of subtractor?
  16. As a alternative model of 42112, I made this airship.
  17. Looks like we can expect black wheel arch on 7L or 11L
  18. I thinked similer thing when D11T dozer has motorised folding stair insted fully-working 2 axis rear pick.
  19. Like this? I want make this as alternative!
  20. Is BW2 has better current limit than BW3? And I think the current limiting problem can be temporarily solved by adding a speed step like BW2.
  21. Now can I upload image? Are you think this is that usefull than this? After get least 4 of original I will cut it in half or order more cada's joint.
  22. Hello I'm new to train tech forum. Here is my extreme tight turn monorail. If I operate car in reverse it make very noticeable clicking sound due to teeth on banana gear but overall works well.
  23. I get spike motor and want to know how to work it. It's nealy impossable to disassemble without breaking. Even shaft is strangly locked to upper parts. Back part(dark azure), number 39546 Motor, circuit board, wire and wire clip(don't have part number here) 2 stage planetary gear reduction(I don't count gear tooth) Some massive bevel gear Magnet encoder shaft and upper parts, number 39544(can't disassemble more so can't fine shaft part number) Lower part, number 41775 Lower part Upper part and shaft, bevel gear, stage 1 planetary gear Black part of shaft is magnet Stage 2 plenetary gear and encoder circuit board Inside of under part Motor assembled with planetary gear and other basic thing Motor is same size with PF/C+ L motor, train motor's internal motor. Bigger than 130 used in M motor. according to motor size, I think spike medium motor use 130 like M motor. Inserting massive bevel gear for shaft Bevel gear and shaft connect like this. connect shaft part to base motor part. But according to strange connection of under part, You nees motor part put in to under part first. If add upper or lower part like this picture, you can't put under part. If you have any question, say to me.