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  1. Noctina Noir

    The LEGO Brick Race

    Doesn't help LM2 had SO much going against it considering it was going against Dragons 3 and Alita. Plus the five year gap. But yea franchise fatigue was also a factor. I still like LM2, but I acknowledge it's problems.
  2. Noctina Noir

    Big fan of Lego ninjago movie

    It also has some of the best bloopers. From reading the Art book-and the deleted scenes it looks like they had a different story intended but changed it last minute which is a shame. I think the original treatment might have been more close to the tone of the series even if it was an AU
  3. Oh so THAT is where the images I saw on Tumblr came from. I honestly thought they were fan arts. I will admit I am still 50/50 on the whole 11 minute format thing but it has its ups and downs
  4. Hopefully I won't miss this like Season 10....Cartoon Network doesn't make it easy.
  5. Noctina Noir

    Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot discussion

    Watched the movie recently on FX. Found it...rather dull honestly. Like it had some interesting ideas but it really REALLY needed to be edited down. Some of the jokes dragged or just felt awkward. That being said, I am enjoying their comic run. They are greatly funnier (even the LEGO Dimensions version of the movie had me laughing a lot) and they actually try and explore different stories than more or less retreading the original which is kinda what GB 2 and sort of the video game did. Actually the comics had done a mostly female team story arc a couple years prior to the 2016 and would have been a great base for the movie especially since it involved notable story points from the fist two films. I don't hate the movie. I'm just like "oh it exists" and just move on.
  6. I don't see it the last time I saw this thread but I'll ask. Has anyone seen DVDs for Sons of Garmadon and Hunted? I haven't seen them anywhere and I'd really like to add them to my set.
  7. Noctina Noir

    What did you buy today?

    My Ninjago City set just arrived yesterday. Still wanting that Cole Quake mech...if I can find it within the US.
  8. Noctina Noir

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I like the little material differences between them all. Miss the animal (crest? badge? emblem?) thingys though.
  9. Maybe since he was hinted to be in the same universe/realm as Ninjago in the tv series.
  10. A continuation of Clutch Powers would be nice since it suggest it was supposed to be at least a trilogy. Though a Lego City with Chase McCain would also be fun. Maybe spoof around with the whole buddy cop/spy movies genres. Heck just watching the cutscenes from the game were enjoyable.
  11. Yeah I'd rather be patient than be slamming my beak on the table having to endure the awful sound edits.
  12. Noctina Noir

    Pirate 101

    So just out of sheer curiosity, anyone here play Pirate 101?
  13. Noctina Noir

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Working on the IDW Ghostbusters series. Honestly I enjoy these more than the movies (that's not weird is it?) And maybe Case Closed if Books a Million ever gets more than like two copies at a time I swear to Nox. And slowly getting through Re:Life. I kinda wish Crunchroll had a bookmark option... I just wish comic book stores would be closer to me than an hour's drive.
  14. Noctina Noir

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Finally got around to seeing the trailer. It's funny. The trailer to this movie feels more like a Power Rangers movie trailer than the actual trailer.
  15. Noctina Noir

    Emoji Movie

    I suppose so. To be perfectly honest I have pretty much have low to null interest in this movie hence my only learning of this recently and only because it was a passing remark in the comments section of a Mysterious Mr. Enter video. Besides, let's wait until Barbie...