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  1. erikw

    [MOC] CCC14 - Clarendon Castle

    Great build ! 2 thumbs up
  2. erikw

    [MOC] 19th century Belgian castle

    Amazing build, nice job. Love the details. PS. only in Belgium they can build a freeway/railroad next to a 14th century castle..... a shame !
  3. erikw


    Thanks all for the kind words. And yes, maybe the project was a little too big for a first build. Next will be smaller, although i want to build one of the big churches in my town. But since this is the second largest tower in the country, im afraid that it wont be small either. Maybe just the tower at first
  4. erikw


    Right, its finally finished. Im not entirely happy, but i will learn from those mistakes and will improve hopefully over time. It was a huge project, maybe a little too much for a first time build. Next project will be alot smaller and a finished a lot sooner then this one. Hope you will like it and feedback is always appreciated.
  5. erikw


    Thanks Slegengr, your tips and tricks will definately come in handy. Ans yes, some of them are being processed already. Will work on it as we speak.
  6. erikw


    Yes, its vacation here so its time for a little update. What did i do ? I build the watermill itself, the building and the waterfall. I also started on the rock-formation. Since i did not had any trans-blue 8x8 plates i decided to let the water come from a underground stream and drop down the waterfall into the reservoir. It really was fun to build. Here is a total view of the progress: The entire rock area will be covered in plates so you wont see the underground stream. Im thinking of building an castle ruin on top of it, but thats for the future. The main goal is now to finish the building, add more scenery, foliage, plants and trees. As i mentioned before, this is my first build in maybe 40 years so progress is slow. There are moments i tear down a section and rebuild it. Some more pics: Hopefully i will have the building ready somewhere next week and will post some pics of it. For now, Happy holidays
  7. erikw

    St.Michel Cathedral, finally done!

    Whoa ! Nice job ! Love the details, the candles, the windows. You can see that you have thought this over. My compliments.
  8. erikw

    Christmas is coming

    Nice build Noggy, love the colours. The abundance of details finish a job well done !
  9. erikw

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    Simply amazing. The whole atmosphere, the detail, everything is just perfect. Well done !
  10. erikw


    Thanks for your kind words sir Knight. I had to look up "cheese slopes" but i get the idea of what you mean. Its not nearly as finished, but the holidays are coming up and i hope to start and/or build the actual watermill itself then. Cheers !
  11. erikw


    Hello all, i wanted to build the medieval village what Derfal Cadarn build in this topic of his: I started to build and soon found out that it is a HUGE project which requires a huge amount of bricks. I do have bricks though but not as many that are used in that project. So i decided to do the landscape first and build the watermill. All is based on his excellent guide so all credits go to him ofcourse. Mind you, its not nearly finished but i managed to build some. Hope you like it and please comment ( but be gentle, this is my first ever build) I used a baseplate of 48 x 48, laid the foundation and started to build away.
  12. erikw

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    @Slegengr Thank you ! Very much appreciated, you really helped me. Thanks also for pointing me out that this is a dish and not a wheel.
  13. erikw

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Greetings all, christmasholidays are coming up and i started to build this great structure. I do have a question though, im looking for the part which is located in the upper right corner,the wheel. I have searched bricklink but i cant find it. Does anyone know the part number? Or, even better, all the part numbers in this picture? Much appreciated, greets erik