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  1. eve nightfall

    [Autumn Animals] Dragon Babies Hiding Tree

    I can't tell the exact size anymore (because it has already been used for playing and my daughter did change a lot). The platform on top is an octagonal 10x10 plate. I don't know how many studs the leaves reach out. The tree just kept growing and the dragons said to us: "we want more" ;-)
  2. Elves is the favorite Lego series of me and my daughter (6) at the moment and we really love the dragons! We thought that there isn't enough space for the little Babydragons to be all together. So with a little help of Farran and the other elves the Baby dragons got a cozy place in a big tree. There are different levels, either to be alone under a warming flower or to be together with another dragon to have a little chat. On the top of the tree there is a platform, well hidden by special growed thornes and willow branches, to watch over the dale and start some flying games. I hope my buidling isn't too big for this contest. We started with 8x8 but were very inspired and couldn't stop adding leaves because it looked so lovely. I just read, that it shouldn't grow over 8x8. If you think it is not working for the contest just tell me. Then I will just show it as a MOC.
  3. eve nightfall

    [MOC] Happily Ever After Park

    What a great MOC! There are some really great details! It is something I am having in my mind to build,too but I need to wait until my daughter has all sets. I have them waiting for her next birthdays or chistmas. I bought all I could get in the last years but missed Merida and Aurora.
  4. eve nightfall

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    I am so happy that this building is going to be built! I hope they don't change the look of the facade to get the number of pieces smaller. It is one of the details I am absolutely in love with! If the price is going to be reasonable, I think it could happen that I buy more than one!
  5. eve nightfall

    [MOC] Ranch

    That is really an impressive scenery! I am loving it! Looking at it, feels like I can hear the Wind in the trees and making the window move. And the waterplace looks so great! So many great details! Have you done the inside of the house, too?
  6. eve nightfall

    [MOC] LEGO Room Studio StopMotion

    What a lovely MOC and the radiator is really nice! You could close the window and "darken" the room for the Fotoshoot ;-) the animation is made very lovely! I like the theme of the fotostudio very much, I think I need to build one for my husband someday. He had a fotostudio some years ago and I hope he can have one in some years again. It would be a great gift to him. Are there any pictures of your MOC or only the Movie?
  7. eve nightfall

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I am so happy, that the Fisherman Store did make it! It was my absolute favorite in this group! I hope that the wonderful details are going to be in the be in the final product! I love the colors and the style of it so much! As far as I can see it is the first "house" buidling that is going to get real from ideas? I hope it is not the last!
  8. eve nightfall

    MOC: Modular Mexican Restaurant

    I like you building very much! You used really great techniques and made some special details! And I love the roof made of the ballon! What a great idea! That could be used for oriental towers!
  9. eve nightfall

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    @mgoblue1997: The light looks really great! I am looking foreward to do something similar when I am going to build up my set! I know about flexible LED light ribbons that can be used with different colors. They are availible in crafting stores. I think with christmas coming near, there are going to be a lot of such lights availible in shops.
  10. eve nightfall

    Cottage Life

    Thank you for the information! That is the reason I didn't recognize them, I only know the newer sets!
  11. eve nightfall

    [MOC] Scooter shop

    I like the shop and agree that some more colors are needed for the vespa! Just missing the coffeemachine ... As far as I can remember such shops, coffee is the most important next to a screwdriver ;-)
  12. eve nightfall

    [MOC] Outdoor Store - Modular Building

    I really like your buidling! Also the interior is very nice made! I like the small bathroom very much! I am remembering the time when I was working in an Outdoorshop during studying. We had quite a good time in the shop! The most fun was building the tents and try out everything new! The wall for the climbers is great! We also had something like a little bridge for testing the "normal" hiking shoes. You can sell now some compasses and hiking maps from the new Minifigur, too! You told some really nice stories!
  13. I think that Lego has watched the prices of the "second" market and have realised that people pay easily 1-2€ more for a Minifig from the actual series and about 3-10€ (or even more) for the older series. Why shouldn't they try to get some more of that piece of cake? There will be enough fans who pay that price ... But it is really a big jump! In the last series there were lot of additional items and some Minifigures have more value than others (because of more pieces like for example the hiker or the imp). Perhaps in the future series every bag contains more items?
  14. eve nightfall

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I am really looking foreward to the airship! I hope it is some sort of modification of the Ninjago one in shades of green.
  15. eve nightfall

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    In my country there is 1 set for each "household" but I don't know if they are really controlling it. I think it is crazy that they are sold so expensive although they haven't been released for more than some weeks. I don't understand why anyone buys such a set for more money than shown on the official page of the producer?