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  1. Another vote for the Parisian Restaurant, as has been said, it's older than the Detectives Office so likely to be discontinued sooner and I think it is probably the best looking of the modulars and was the most fun to build of the ones I have (Detectives Office, Assembly Square, Pet Shop, Brick Bank and Palace Cinema)
  2. TBH, that sounds like the sort of one off printing mistake there's not really any way of catching unless they individually check every page of every manual. I doubt it's a common issue as I have not heard of anyone else encountering it. Sure they'll be happy to send you a replacement, but in the meantime I believe the instructions are available for download from the Lego website, so you'll be able to continue with your build.
  3. Thanks, I've downloaded the csv's and uploaded the first book to a custom list on Rebrickable, seems to have worked OK once I realised that the csv's were in Bricklink format rather than Rebrickable, my initial upload would have made an interesting coloured Star Destroyer!
  4. Would be great if you could upload the CSV files, in the process of cataloguing my spare Lego pieces on Rebrickable and watching the percentage completion on the Aggressor decreasing (85.5% complete so far) but might be slightly less daunting on a book by book basis, not least because it means I can ignore those missing 330 2 x 4 LBG Tiles for a little while longer!
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Releasing Boba Fett as an exclusive does seem an unusual decision, do wonder if maybe the version with Han in carbonite will be an exclusive and the Boba Fett model will be released normally in the future.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Just checked my account and my Falcon that was backordered and scheduled to ship before 1st October is now showing as "In Warehouse", so looks like they're getting new stock in fairly quickly (or there were cancellations\failed orders and I happened to be fairly near the front of the queue for backorders).
  7. Actually it was, local motorway was closed due to an accident so traffic was as busy as S@H! Tried ordering the Falcon from home at 7:30, managed to get one in my basket then checkout failed and it disappeared from my basket and I got logged out and then couldn't log back in, so gave up and headed to work. That took ages but got in and logged on, Falcon showing in my basket and was able to finish the order but it was showing as backorder by that point so guessing I've got a bit of wait. I've got a week off at the beginning of October though, so that kind of works out OK. Only thing is I was trying to order via a cashback site and with all the messing about not sure if that will work or not.
  8. Annoying, that's just after I'd normally leave for work. So do I hang around at home and hope it actually goes up on time or do I head into work and hope it hasn't gone on to backorder by the time I arrive.
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The price per part on the Falcon is not actually that bad, works out at about 8.5 pence per part in the UK, which puts it at the lower end of price per part in the Star Wars range as far as I can see (based on the sets in my Star Wars collection), and looking at my collection as a whole the average price per part is 7.6 pence (which is skewed down slightly by a few sets with lots of very small parts such as Big Ben), so it doesn't compare too badly even with non-Star Wars sets. The Falcon also looks to contain a reasonable mix of large and small parts, obviously lots of small parts for the detailing but also lots of long technic beams and large panels for the main structure and hull.
  10. There are already over-priced "pre-orders" on there.
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If I don't decide to go mad and drive to London, does anyone know when the MF is likely to become available online in the UK? I was waiting for the VIP release of Ninjago City and checked once or twice overnight but it didn't actually become available till about 8:45am, I assumed it would be midnight on the dot. Is it normal for the release to be late or was Ninjago City an anomaly?
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Ha, that is true! Guess I'll just see how crazy I'm feeling when I finish work on Wednesday. When I think about it sensibly I reckon that between the petrol\parking and missed cashback it will probably cost me about £60, which is a bit silly, but I really fancy one of those wheeled boxes!
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm trying to work out if it's crazy to even consider going to the midnight launch, I see there's a 24 hour car park very close to Leicester square so parking not an issue (apart from London parking prices!), I think the Falcon would fit in my car, though I'd have to strap it into the passenger seat as I know the boot is only just big enough for the current largest Lego box (Ninjago City\Death Star size), but it's still a 2 hour+ drive each way (and the cost of petrol) then need to be up for work the next morning! There's also the possibility of going and there not being enough stock so not even actually ending up with a Falcon. I also hear that although there will be Lego designers there including the designer of the original UCS Falcon, that the designer of the new Falcon itself will not be there, so seems a little odd to get it signed by random Lego designers. Could be a fun experience though.
  14. Next UCS Set

    I'd definitely like a Tie-Bomber UCS set, or a new version of the Y-Wing. Tie Bomber would be a nice companion piece to the Millennium Falcon as that is based around the space slug scene which is where the bomber also appeared. Obviously a Star Destroyer would be nice (though I am considering building Raskolnikov's MOC), though I'd hope it would get a significant redesign over the original. I used to have one and it did suffer from a lot of drooping of the nose and the bottom panels dropping off due to them only being held on by magnets down the centre of the hull.
  15. I am so tempted to attempt this build, got a few sets I'm happy to disassemble which should give me a good start on the required parts (Death Star and the TFA Falcon, plus a few others) and some random bricks from mixed ebay lots, the most expensive items I seem to be missing are the small black 1x2 panel hinge parts (4275b and 4276b) as each hinge half is apparently nearly £2 and there are 32 of them required (though found 8 halfs amongst the ebay haul)! Just wondering what they're used for, is it by any chance the folding wings on the Tie Fighters? In which case I might just skip the Tie's for now.