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  1. Not everyone in this movie, these characters are confirmed so far: Spider-man (Peter Parker) Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales) Spider-Gwen Spider Ham Spider Noir For Villains: Prowler Kingpin Ultimate Green Goblin I personally don't think we could get Symbiote Spidey in these sets, we don't even know if Venom is in the movie.
  2. All of the information I know by now is already posted in here. As for other information, I can just confirm or deny it. Just like what I did with your post above. I personally don't want to give information that I'm not sure of. I don't want to lead peeps here in dissapoinment so I hope you understand. I'm thinking how they can top the last Miles Spidey figure? as for me it's perfectly fine. In my knowledge there's is no changes in his costume in the comics recently.
  3. They're pretty good at giving information. Well, I can back you up with this. Sets ARE NOT directly tie-in with the "Into The Spider-Verse" but they are somehow related. Also this information came from a very reliable source, that made alot of work with the community.
  4. @Mountain Drew, I got the same question. And also, it was a rumor way back then. No further details and as of now, I do not know what will be the contents of this upcoming sets.
  5. That's what I know. I'll be happy to clarify as soon as I get more information.
  6. As a Marvel fan this puts a smile on my face, same time I'm worried. But you're right. Another $99.99 set for Marvel is a stretch. GCPD is still coming, but we are not sure if it's priced as $99.99
  7. Marvel set/s will be the first thing that I'll give info right away. Coz I'm a big fan of the theme. As of now, I want to make sure that I have all the information accurate as possible. I don't want anyone to lead in dissapointments. Especially when talking about long awaited comic book characters. Nothing is confirmed yet.
  8. Apologies for the confusion bros. I haven't seen the set yet. I'm just saying SSS is a set that is hard to beat for a $99.99 price point. I wouldn't expect too much. But If I got any info I'll update here as soon as possible. That's true. Supeheroes sets overload next year, not just movie sets, also comic based too. Can't wait for all of those.
  9. Please bear in mind the design for this might be really different than Sanctum Sanctorum. SSS is one of the best if not the greatest set we got for 100 bucks. Design for the building itself is intricate, cool figs. The only gripe I have is that it should have atleast 1 more fig IMO. I won't set my high expectations to see a simillar GCPD build from Sanctum. It's a whole different level. But who knows?
  10. The only person I know that you mentioned is Gordon. cm4sci mentioned in you-know-where that there could be 5 Batman sets so I think this one is included.
  11. Okay guys, I'm not into DC or Batman stuff but heard that 76131 is priced at $99.99 and rumored to be GCPD.
  12. SpiderJazz

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    For you guys. Enjoy! UCS Hogwarts Castle designer video.
  13. Classic lego minifigure or we riot. Still it's a great addition for comic book fans. I feel like they spoil us by giving the Bridge Battle set that's why we're looking for more comic book sets.
  14. Same thought. When I knew that we will be getting Electro minifigure, I got excited. But then, twas revealed that it's Duplo. Another wasted opportunity. But who knows..
  15. SpiderJazz

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Correct. I'm planning to get multiples of that Infinity War pack! Very intricate and highly detailed figs, my favorite of them all will be War Machine, new face print for Rhodey/ red HUD and arm printing indicating "004" for the left arm. I see the point, but then again it's easy to include with the information if it's just mighty micros, simple as that, so they don't need to describe the set content itself. And I believe that's how the leaks works for MMs for the past waves. I'll be happy to clarify with this if I get more information.