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  1. If that's the one that has been posted over in Reddit, clearly it's fake. It's a custom art with so much details, too good to be true. Are you referring to a picture with Bald Thanos? Ronin? And also a kree suit Captain Marvel?
  2. Alright, here it is: Also this. I dunno what pages you did read, but it is here.
  3. It was already posted about 2 times now, I don't know if you're reading the whole thread but yes, it was already posted. It just that the rumored fake A4 set details is the hot topic now.
  4. Correct. I mean it's not confirmed but other toy line makes it and they are the surviving Avengers who are the main focus of mechandising, either way we will be getting them.
  5. I guess it's okay, it happens so many times before, so no need for us to blame someone into something, it's just that it is so hot topic right now. After all we just want to know the biggest movie sets for next year. Was hoping for the big fig Thanos new mold!
  6. Or the new firefly helmet over DC? I believe it's time to get a new minifigure of her and I am confident that this is happening. Rescue Armor
  7. With Golden face plate just like Ironman. None yet. But yea, if I could choose I want to get Ned, MJ also Peter with screen accurate minifigure torso and legs also new face prints!
  8. You're forgetting about Spiderman: Far From Home. He could be in there.
  9. I'm hoping we could swap out the arms. So atleast we get an armormed version and unarmored. Lol.
  10. Okay guys, my bad first it's Rocket and second it's a Skrull. Lmao. What happened to me. I'm really looking forward to the details of this minifigures. They focused on the remaining Avengers. I think there's a minimal chance we could see reharsh by looking at this description.
  11. @Mountain Drew have you watch AMATW? When Hank is in the QR, There was a city in the background. I think that is also heavily pictured in deleted scenes. Imho, I really dunno what to expect with the set. Imagine the QR scene there so much happening and how they can translate it to lego.
  12. If you read carefully, biggest set will include both of the big figures.
  13. Some news regarding A4 sets. By our friend. @Falconfan1414 Biggest set will include Hulk (space suit) Thanos (new mold/ no helmet) Ironman rescue armor and unknown figure. Quantum Realm City: Antman & Ironman Other figures coming: Ronin (small set) Thor & ROCKET (white suit) War Machine and Captain Marvel (og suit) And here's the figures for the Captain Marve set: Nick Fury, SKRULL, Captain Marvel (kree suit) Take this as a grain of salt.
  14. Correct. There's only 1 coaster track in the set.
  15. Yea. On top of that easy fix. It looks real good. So it's a must for me. Day 1 buy.