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  1. That's what they are implying with this, He knows how to defeat those "Elementals" and he is recruited by Nick Fury. We'll see soon. ^^ A trailer is scheduled next week / or probably we can expect it to tie in with the "Into the Spider-verse" movie (world wide release)
  2. I can see them being just a huge build just like clay face in TLBM and it will be a part of playability for a lego set, either way if they are being Spider-man villains it's a welcome addition for minifig collectors. We just know the prices and piece count. Nothing else. I know right! But I was expecting the same thing with Vulture, old man with onesie and fur on his neck, but look at what they did by giving him updated treatment.
  3. I'm leaning towards them being this version of "Elementals" but probably more up to date version or updated just like what they did with Vulture (which is a pretty darn good transition if you ask me) They are giants as seen on the trailer, sources compared them to Sandman (Raimi Trilogy) which is huge af. Oh man can't wait.
  4. Apparently, they're not the villains that we think they are. Those creatures that Spider-Man and Mysterio fight are known as The Elementals, each representing a natural force. Hydron- Water Magnum - Earth Hellfire - Fire Zephyr - Wind (the Elemental that was apparently not shown in the trailer but is in the film). They aren’t brand new villains made for the movie, its straight outta the comics. And probably just a nod to Sandman and the others.
  5. I know that this is some old news but nothing was confirmed way back. "Elementals" was shown in the trailer at CCXP18 - Moltenman, Hydroman, Sandman and another villain with power of wind. Rumored sets could be true. Dang! This is gonna be big.
  6. Hopefully they will nail it this time: TLG, please do your homework.
  7. I know what to expect. I'm not like a bunch of those complain bois. New minifig is welcome in addition to my collection. But, thanks for reminding those who are having high hopes. Hi, I'm from Asia (Philippines) to be exact. We do have LUGs that has a monthly gathering, where we buy & sell stuff. That's a great way to declutter builds that I don't need. We also do "chop" where we open a new box of sets then agrees on what we need and settle all the content for each person who is interested.
  8. Can't wait for the sets! Ronin finally!
  9. Yea, kinda hard. I've manage to own every MCU minifigures, minus SDCC exclusive (which is it will be on my wildest dream to cop one) I sell those builds that is not interesting.
  10. That's for sure. Lego's game. They win with every set especially if you are a minifigure collector.
  11. Last time I heard about the sets, it's 3 and we're getting
  12. And as Brickfinder previously posted, it may not be available in US too. I'm not sure about that tho. They would missing alot of $$$ by doing that.
  13. Stealth doesn't have the shield logo in it, I honestly think it was never meant to have it, just that with the same time Nick Fury and Maria Hill appearances has been confirmed.
  14. Black and Red. White outline in Spidey's emblem and then white spider at the back. I won't get my high hopes for dual molding but atleast leg printing.