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  1. SpiderJazz

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    You can compare that picture to the first one that was leaked. Clearly, it's not the same. That full picture with batarang and plate is not real. It's a custom version. See the printing on the logo on his chest, the way that the ears have been flatten out, also the eye holes on the cowl/mask. It's not the real deal.
  2. PS: A good friend of mine said that he'll post Black Panther later, we almost forgot about that. He'll have his little ears (MCU version) no leg printing and no cape.
  3. So as of this writing, we have seen all of the Avengers minifigures and it's indeed based on the video game. I like both of Cap and Thor's torso however the lack of leg printing is a let down, but it's nothing new. I kinda expected it tho dual molded legs (which you can grab to other figs) can compensate the prints. I already mentioned the head and combo piece for AIM Soldiers, I think the breather piece is new? I dunno when I first saw those it uses the one from Cross bones. Those new Spider figs are awesome addition to the growing family!
  4. SpiderJazz

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I guess it will really depend on the success of this series. and btw, welcome to EB. Happy posting!
  5. Yeah, it's like new mold or nothing.
  6. Rey? I want Oldman Luke's hair form him. Lolz. As for AIM Soldier there won't be new molds for them. They will use Pilot helmet and breather (crossbones) together with the leaked yellow head.
  7. That doesn't mean it cannot be used as Thor. And for those who's hoping for a helmet for Thor, he won't have it. They will re-use the 2012 hair for him.
  8. As long as they give dual molded legs. I'm good. PS. Or probably print some legs on those dual molding. If it's not too much to ask.
  9. Slap on's Huntress legs* from DC CMF! Problem solved.
  10. I'd bet on it. It'll be the same as Nexo Knights style. As for the design on minifigures, we could expect this: I'd expect Crossbones (Civil War) breathing apparatus and something to add on their heads. Or worst case scenario that'll be it.
  11. Highly plausible but I won't be surprised if it's random mech. Remember, Spidey and Thanos gets their own so probably it's just a random mech build "nexo knights" style to target the kids. If this does indeed is a replacement for Mighty Micros. PS: I only wish it'll have exclusive prints/accesories as MM had it before.
  12. True, but we don't have a choice! I'm expecting the same mold for his wings. (Feathery) Actually the whole model itself reminds me of Mark 45.
  13. Okay, I'll give you some information about Vulture. The face print is new but the torso will be the same.
  14. Very plausible. Based on the game trailer it doesn't look like it. But yeah. Also, we can expect Thor and Cap's outfit from the game too!
  15. I don't think Thanos is the main villain for the game, but I could be wrong.