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  1. mathieulego

    New French enthusiast

    Bienvenue ! Welcome to Eurobricks.
  2. mathieulego

    [MOC] Kverneland FastBale - Non stop Haybaler

    Wow, amazing ! Mechanisms are perfectly reproduced and I find the design good. Mode, the video presentation is well done!
  3. mathieulego

    Telescopic crawler crane

    @allanp I understand what you want to explain. I always thought that the engine would better drive the two LAs but finaly it makes sense : there is transfer of charges. Yes ! I worked on this system. After several tries, I finally gave up because the crane lose stability : (the chassis (with widening system) was no longer rigid and bent under the weight. I think it would be possible to get something more rigid in studfull. I have to test.
  4. mathieulego

    Hello from France !

    Thanks you ! Merci !
  5. mathieulego

    Telescopic crawler crane

    Thank to you two. I think the same. I find that it is better aesthetically. Furthermore, it is easier to implement than a rack when space is limited. The safety clutch doesn't activate. I thought that two LAs would divide the load. So, raising would require less force from each LA. I don't know !
  6. Hello EB! Today I present you my first MOC on the forum. This is not my first try but it's the first one I finished and I'm proud enough to share it. This is a telescopic crawler crane. It is not a reproduction but I was inspired by the Liebherr LTR1100 crane. Indeed, I prefer to adapt the reality to the Lego rather than accurately reproduce a model at risk of losing playability. Specifications : - Length : 58 studs - Width : 21 studs - Height : 18 studs - Maximum height under hook: 60cm - Maximum range: 40cm - A 3 sections boom - Three motorized functions: boom raising, boom extending and winch - M motor for the motorization Design: I opted for a design in the spirit of # 42009 and tried to add some details. The result suits me. Features: The chassis: Propulsion of the model is done manually. The turntable rests on the top of the chassis. The gearbox: The M motor drives a gearbox after two 12t/20t reductions. It is "unidirectional": there is a driving ring by function and each side corresponds to a direction of rotation. The boom raising : The left driving ring controls this function. When activated, the motor drives 3 16t which then drive an LA. The raising is quite fast (about 15 seconds) but the engine barely a bit under the weight of the boom. I can hardly reduce the number of gears because the driving ring is higher than the LA. Another solution would be to add a second LA but it does not correspond to the spirit of the crane that I want to reproduce. However, this is not a problem with the use, the engine only stalls when I want to raise the arm with a load. I tried to bring the boom as close as possible to the center of the structure so that the BB was sufficient as a counterweight. Boom extending : The extending is done by cables: the mechanism takes less space than the usually configuration The assembly is simple: one drum allows the go and the other the return. I could have used gravity for the return but the construction of the second section (in grid) makes it tends to hang the main section: with the return cable, there is no problem. The central driving ring controls this function. When activated, the motor drives a VSF/20t. The 20t is mounted between the two drums. Extending works well and it takes about 30 seconds to deploy the two inner sections. The winch: The right driving ring controls this function. When activated, the motor drives a 20t/12t then a VSF/20t/Drum. The speed of winding/unwinding of the cable is rather slow but the lack of space prevents me from using a smaller gear on the VSF. The crane manages to lift loads of about 150-200g. Cabin in working position: A wheel connected to a 20t/12t allows to drive a mini-LA and tilt the cabin. Thanks for reading !
  7. mathieulego

    Hello from France !

    Thank you for your welcome. I intend to introduce one of them soon !
  8. mathieulego

    Hello from France !

    Hello everyone ! Here is a moment that I am registered and that I follow the forum's activity, I finally decide to introduce myself. My name is Mathieu, I am French and I am an emergency nurse. Although I am young, I am lucky not to know the dark age ! I do and collect Technics for a few years now and MOC in my spare time. I have several works in progress that I will present to you once advanced / finished. See you soon !