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  1. eric_son_of_joseph

    Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    @Feuer Zug@baard@JopieK@icemorons@Steamdemon Thank you all very much. Yes, the magnet is connected to the frame and not the bogie. It's a pleasant surprise to see so many comments about the model. I've posted the file (which I tinkered with for what seems like forever). If you're curious and review the file, you will notice signs clearly indicating that this is my first attempt to make a train from the ground up. I believe I used way too many pieces in an attempt to make sure everything was secure. Learning some building techniques will help cut down on the piece count in the future, too. The best techniques I used are the ones I borrowed from set 10020. I made a minor modification while I was building it due to a connection fitting digitally but not physically, but I'm happy to say that the model is solid.
  2. eric_son_of_joseph

    Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    Thank you all so much for taking time to write such kind words. It was another Train Tech community topic which motivated me to start this model. I really liked the direction @firstofminifigs was taking. I couldn't take it anymore... Santa Fe Super Chief MOD/MOC @Murdoch17 My Christmas train locomotive is a mod of your Emerald Night mod @Vilhelm22 That is a great idea, but I was not able to incorporate the PF lights. I'll need to learn some better, smarter building techniques before I try to add them. Cheers, Eric
  3. eric_son_of_joseph

    Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    @Steamdemon Thank you very much. You are correct, that is the old magnet. It just barely fits on front. @deraven Thank you, I appreciate it. The model uses a lot more pieces than the official set. I would love to see what the LEGO designers could come up with using a much higher piece count than the original. The magnets are actually connecting on their sides in some of the pictures. Thank you for pointing that out about the couplings, I didn't even notice. @*thomas* Thank you so much :D @legoman666 Thank you, sir. I almost bought some but decided against it to keep the cost down. They would fit if placed sideways, but again, prices were a little too high. I also felt like the sides were lacking texture. The raised round tiles help with that.
  4. eric_son_of_joseph

    Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    Good day, I could not justify purchasing set 10020 at the current aftermarket prices, so I took some time to make my own. Some design choices were borrowed from the official set when I felt I could not improve upon them, while others were made to minimize cost. White parts represent elements which do not yet exist in the desired colors. file Cheers, Eric