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  1. You hit the nail on the head Leakers and their five minutes of fame! Terrible! As if there’s nothing wrong with leaking!
  2. Ooooo the secret circle of leakers!
  3. I agree, yes here in the UK, the parts still come from Denmark. I think the parts are made in Hungary, Czech, China, Mexico and Denmark and all the parts get shipped to Denmark I think, either that or the parts stay at factories and get shipped from the nearest factory to you, either one of those two scenarios.
  4. I agree that I don’t think it’ll be themed but have a chase figure like the police figure.
  5. I’m a yellow for life! I’m very very very very very very very doubtful that Series 19 will be themed.
  6. 40 Days after I placed my order, the bulk of it has now been shipped, not had this problem before, I placed an order on 18th July (one piece) and it came straight away, it would be nice if they priotised the orders that came in first; however if the staff are waiting for pieces to be produced I can understand. Just gotta have some patience ya know? Thanks brother
  7. Here are the estimated set numbers (see below), what are our predictions Bois and Grills? Most likely The Lego Movie 2 Series 1 for January. I’m predicting another 2:1 ratio of Licensed to Regular (includes themed). 71023: [January 2019] 71024: [May 2019]* 71025: [September 2019]** *Could be April but usually May **Could be August but usually September
  8. J4ck

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

  9. I’m really surprised by these responses, I thought I stumbled upon something profound and pioneering! Thank you all for letting me know so I don’t make the same mistake.
  10. J4ck

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Really!? We’ve already had three!!
  11. You’re wrong, I’ve done this before. You won’t lose your order.
  12. Actually you can save it! 1) Simply enter your parts in. 2) Next press “Confirm Order”. 3) Keep going until you get to “Add to Bag” 4) Sign into your VIP Account at the checkout. 5) It’ll be saved to your bag. Feel free to sign in and out a couple of times. 6) Once you have signed back in, go to your bag and click on your B&P order, it’ll then take you to the B&P site with your selected pieces. The best thing is, you can save multiple orders. If buy these orders as separate orders but under one bag, they will ship them out separately and you’ll get extra B&P bags boi! That’s what Lego encourage you to do so don’t worry. You can order up to 15/16 pieces and 200 units of each over the phone.