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    Collectible Minifigure Series
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    Primarily God and his book the Bible, I’m very passionate about films. My favourite hobby is Lego and that’s why I’m here. My favourite themes are probably Collectable Minifigure Series and DC Superheroes.


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  1. J4ck

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    We did get Miners last year. Not actually construction but certainly in that vein of aesthetics for sure.
  2. 1 but technically 2. The only years with “2” waves was 2017 & 2019. Although both of these years had the same/similar amount of sets. They basically just shifted one of the £13 sets to June instead.
  3. Starting today double VIP points for the next two weeks in the UK and this week in the US. I don’t know about any other place.
  4. I’m calling it now. We’re getting March sets (other than CMF & 1 WW). According to Stone Wars there’s 11 DC sets, there’s no way at all, all 11 will get released June.
  5. What mechs do you reckon DC will get? If any? Batman (pretty much a given) Joker (?) I assume there are 4 for DC since Marvel is getting 4.
  6. Venom gets his own too. To rival Spidey I assume.
  7. The set isn’t loosely based off of the game, only the minifigure.
  8. Lego decided not to make another Deadpool minifigure after the R-rated film came out. Anyway think this will be the case with Joker? I certainly hope so.
  9. James Bond is rated “15” so really it’s no sets based on films above that.
  10. I think the Mysterio set is 4+ at that price and piece count.