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    Primarily God and his book the Bible, I’m very passionate about films. My favourite hobby is Lego and that’s why I’m here. My favourite themes are probably Collectable Minifigure Series and DC Superheroes.


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  1. You’re ok with things being stolen? That’s despicable.
  2. I think we’ve had enough batmobiles to last us a lifetime. I also hope this D2C is minifigure scale. I hope it’s a Bat-Train.
  3. Yep, guess who’s gonna look at the instructions and build it in another colour
  4. Don’t you realise that the only reason you’re seeing this set before it’s revealed is because it was stolen?
  5. Have you seen the piece count though on that sucker? €60 is reasonable considering the piece count though!
  6. That is so weird! May be Brickset lighting is off or something? I don’t know how you can go from silver to brown.
  7. @hachiroku I understand what you mean with the colour choices Lego made, I agree with you, Lego should have chose a nougat colour instead of the colour they chose, what colour is that, is it dark orange?
  8. @hachiroku there are only two ways the helmet could have gone: The helmet could have been printed similar to how Captain America has his printed. Lego could spoil us with a new mould for the character. Lego went through with no. 2, the helmet cannot be any smaller due to the size of the minifigure head. Minifigures will never be to scale with licensed characters.
  9. Yall are entitled to complaining, however let me point something out: these sets are designed with the target market in mind not adults. Jangbricks said helicopters are children’s favourite mode of transport in terms of toys so creating a whole sub theme around flight makes sense in terms of demand from children.
  10. Brexit is a mess at the moment, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to get mixed up.
  11. Accounting for the fact it’s going to get released a month later, you’re right we are past due, we should get around this time. But with Christmas and all, probably early January like you say. It’s a shame but something to look forward to in the new year! How many minifigures are there again? Is it 20?
  12. Here’s your Statue of Liberty D2C: https://flic.kr/p/2dtXQB9
  13. True but I still find it suspicious. The EU probably knew I was onto them...
  14. J4ck

    10264 Corner Garage

    Thanks @Faefrost! Really interesting reasons behind the choices they made. Such a relaxed interview, I love this so much. Mike is so relaxed and just being himself. So wholesome imo.