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  1. Architecture 2018

    Maybe the release a third one later in 2018, one that wasn‘t done by the deadline.
  2. Thank you @Itaria No Shintaku for these insights. You are a very lucky man! :)
  3. Thank you @Borex and @miniman for clarification!
  4. Just saw a pic of a „carrot-suit“ minifig on instagram. Don‘t know though if it is legit for S18 or fake.
  5. The Darktic Roller - Mod of 70911

    This tiara is from the S15 queen. It is a little different from the ice queen one. Edit: after looking at the pics again, it is not the tiara I mentioned, but a rather new one. Just go to bricklink and search for tiara, you will find many options there.
  6. Even without asking what your idea is: I think you will never achieve 10.000 for a brickheadz moc. Brickset had a contest about a month ago and there are truly stunning MOCs. But I doubt that there is 10.000 material in there. https://www.flickr.com/groups/3800126@N25/pool/page1
  7. The Greatest CMF 2 (Revenge of the Ninjago) ROUND 2 TIE BREAKER

    @LegoMonorailFan Of course I like him. This is Sonny Chiba from Kill Bill, so who wouldn't like him?
  8. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    As far as I can tell, just one printed piece. And nothing new on the svg problem, yet.
  9. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    A new exclusive for NYCC: Boba Fett!
  10. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    The Lloyd and Wu „exclusives“ are listed in the German S@H, so I guess there is no need to convert those into vectorfiles. @legolijntje I will send you my mail via PM!
  11. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Have you considered a place, where all files could be collected? Due to sickness I haven‘t been able to make new ones, but I can certainly could add the ones I have done.
  12. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Hey @Captain Britain, I received my set yesterday. If I manage to get a second one, you are on top of the list! The main capes are the new, softer fabric but the top cape of the wizard isn't. I will probably iron all of them, though.
  13. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    The store flyer for the US shows the Lloyd brickhead, so it seems that if there is anything exclusive, it is the 2x4 plate, which should be easy to transform. But before I put work into it, I would wait a little bit until it hits the stores.
  14. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Well, since those are just "Exclusive" to ToysRUS, I guess they will be quite easy to get. I was on vacation so the the Vector project rested a little. And I was busy building my MOC for the Brickset Competition ;
  15. So, to go even further, I think it is safe to say that Mid 2019 will be S19. Jan 18 - Batman Movie 2 May 18 - CMF Series 18 Sep 18 - Harry Potter Jan 19 - TLM 2 May 19 - CMF Series 19