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  1. Euphorine

    [MOC] Cronan's Country Keep

    Very nice !
  2. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Attention, I never said it was gone, in the stores, just less space. Personally, in the LEGO stores in France, the Elves are still on the shelves, but their place has been reduced because of Unikitty and Friends's cars, and Harry Potter range.
  3. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    It is normal for the LEGO store to make space in the store. There are more and more licenses each year in August.
  4. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes, can you stop burying the LEGO Elves range? Currently nothing suggests the death of the range. It is 4 years old and sells incredibly well without any advertising around and is very often out of stock before christmas. Your messages are not very positive. Wait and see
  5. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Product Animation for 41195 and 41196 is available on LEGO Elves Immersion Facebook page.
  6. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I think the same. The figurines have no place in the floor, it's too bad.
  7. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    new images are available on my LEGO Elves Immersion Facebook page or on the French retailer website
  8. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes that's already what I do. But postage and preparation are sometimes very expensive. I created my mushroom forest like this.
  9. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes, but if these gold leaf are not orderable on the shop like the purple leaf. it is useless.
  10. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    hi good idea. Besides, I encourage you to use the part N: 6131726 STICK Ø 3.2 W. HOLDER color TR.FL.REDORA EUR 0,17 on LEGO Shop
  11. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Lol it's funny because yesterday I posted in LEGO LIFE this picture !
  12. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I buy a lot of amulets to put them on all my Emily, even on the old sets.. And indeed, it probably depends on the machine and the distribution of paint. Sometimes it's flat, sometimes curved.
  13. Euphorine

    Elves: Episodes and Media Thread

    In total for the moment there are 9 episodes, I miss 2 on my Facebook page "LEGO Elves Immersion" Webisode 1: The Enemy Emily Jones and her elf friends have no idea what ancient dark forces are plotting to do in the magical land of Elvendale… The elf witch Ragana comes across an old book that tells the legend of the most powerful, evil witch of all time: Noctura. But Ragana is not impressed – after all, if Noctura was so powerful, how did she let herself get banished from Elvendale for eternity? But the Shadow Fountain is about to reveal more than just the legends and secrets of Elvendale. Evil is coming! Webisode 2: Toys in the Attic Emily Jones’s magical amulet – and her key to the portal to the magical land of Elvendale – is broken. Something is wrong! Searching for clues in old boxes in her grandmother’s attic, she finds a book that doesn’t seem to make any sense… Her little sister, Sophie, tries to help. She finds something MUCH more interesting – and GNARLY! Suddenly, Emily has a terrifying vision… Something truly evil has found its way to Elvendale. She HAS to act. NOW! Webisode 3: Relight my Fire: Emily manages to get her broken amulet working just long enough to make it through the portal to Elvendale. Her instincts were right. Something is wrong – with Azari the fire elf! She is cold as ice and has lost all her powers! She feels weak and helpless. Emily and the other elves try to comfort her. What are they going to do? Who can help Azari? Meanwhile, Farran makes friends with a mysterious new creature… Webisode 4: The Light Emily Jones and the elves set out to find someone who can help Azari get her fire magic back. But they’re being followed by a ginormous something! It turns out to be Lumia, the Guardian of Light. She’s a shapeshifter! She wants to help Azari, but she can’t. The Fire Lion – the Elemental Guardian of Fire – has been captured. All fire magic has vanished from Elvendale! And now Lumia fears for the safety of the other Elemental Guardians… Could this have something to do with Emily’s vision? And who are the Elemental Guardians? What is myth, and what is real? Webisode 5: Focus Aira the wind elf embarks on a mission to bond with the Guardian of Wind: the quiet, ancient Wind Dragon. But her eagerness to get him up to speed on all their magical adventures in Elvendale is giving the kind, old dragon a raging headache! He decides to teach Aira a little more patience and focus. He begins to teach her how to use the cyclone bow – a weapon of great power. Even with all their differences, could this odd pair both learn a new thing or two? Webisode 6: In the Shadows Emily Jones has another terrifying vision: the majestic Guardian of Fire, the Fire Lion, may still be alive, but he is very weak. The dark witch Noctura has enslaved him. He’s powerless to escape her cursed chains. Noctura wants to claim his powers for herself so she can break the spell that banished her from Elvendale. She has been plotting her revenge for over a thousand years… Her time has come. With the help of her bat minions, she can finally return from the Shadow World! Webisode 7: Chill Farran the earth elf is falling all over himself to bond with the Guardian Earth Fox, the Guardian of earth magic. (And if she hadn’t looked out for him, he would probably fall over lots of other things, too!) But what do you say to your greatest hero of all time when you finally meet her? The clever fox tries to get Farran to calm down, just a little, so they can focus on the task at hand: Farran must learn to control the Quake Shield. Because dark forces may be much closer than they appear… Webisode 8: Making Waves To protect the Elemental Guardians in Elvendale from the evil Noctura, Naida the water elf must learn to harness the power of the Monsoon Staff. She sets out to sea on the back of Cory, the Guardian Water Turtle. But things don’t go as planned. It seems Cory and Naida have very different opinions on what it means to stand up for yourself in life… What is Naida supposed to do? Webisode 9: Worthy Azari the fire elf is in a slump. With her magical powers gone, she feels useless and is about to give up all hope. Lumia, the Guardian of Light, knows just how to cheer her up. She invites Azari to see for herself how only truly powerful fire elves can pick up the ancient Volcano Hammer. Can Azari find the spark she needs to get some of her fire magic back?
  14. Euphorine

    LEGO Elves 2018

    In my opinion, the Elves will continue next year. Indeed, many people discover the theme that now because of the lack of advertising of LEGO which focuses on Star Wars and the licenses. And it would be strange for Netflix to buy a declining license like Nexo Knight. In addition, the theme of fantastic animals can to seduce boys and girls even with mini-dolls.