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  1. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Pictures of an updated Ninjago: Visual Dictionary are circulating the web. Thrilled to see they’re updating the book, as the last one only goes up to Rebooted. I guess this also means speculation on who the new exclusive minifigure is. Judging by the green energy around the slot, I’d say that its a Lloyd variant. (I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to share the cover on here, but you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it, its around the usual places)
  2. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    They do indeed. Lightning and Earth heads of this dragon look more like Stormbringer and Slab than Wisp and Rocky. There’s talks online that this Ultra Dragon is actually the four dragons the ninja ride in the last episode of Hunted merged into one, possibly explaining it’s story relevance. I don’t exactly trust the credibility of this statement, but they and you might be on to something.
  3. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Well, I’m in love. These sets look incredible! I appreciate that they evidently took inspiration for the redesigns from the cartoon, they look different enough from the originals that it feels like these redesigns weren’t just rereleasing the sets we’ve already seen, which I was afraid of. The Samurai Mech might need some modding but otherwise I’m more than pleased. I’m also very interested in these little ‘spinner-tools’ that you can see in the Monastery and the little Training set. They look like a way of incorporating controlled spinner battling into play. Looks like a bit of fun. I’d say that Ultra Dragon is a store exclusive somewhere, so we may need to wait a little longer for that one.
  4. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Release dates for Sons of Garmadon and Hunted DVDs in Australia?... *sigh* I’d say plot details or episode/special names are most likely, seeing as Tommy Andreasen has little to nothing to do with the sets and he’s said many a time that when networks air the show is largely out his control. I doubt we’d be due for a trailer this early unless they’re aiming for December release, which seems unlikely.
  5. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I’ve been told that the wave is a February release for Australia. Might be a scattered worldwide release again...
  6. Using some Oni magic, I shall revive this thread from it’s slumber! (sorry) We still don’t have much tangible evidence as to what’s next for Ninjago’s story, but Tommy Andreason has been dropping some ominous hints. Some can be interpreted as game changing or quite superfluous. The sweetest of those is this render of a new character called ‘Antonia’, based on a fan of Ninjago who wrote to Brent Miller, saying that she was terminally ill. This just makes me so warm inside, it really shows that Ninjago is in good and empathetic hands. (Tweet link: )
  7. It feels like Season 8 played with a few ‘mystery’ characters in order to give us options when debating who the ‘Quiet One’ was. We had this build up of Mr. E at the start as some mystery rider, giving viewers the impression that maybe he was behind it all. But we also had Hutchins being made out to be quite suspicious, even the Emporer and Empress gave very little reason for us to trust them. It seems like the Hagemans wanted to create as much mystery as they could into the first half of this season so as to throw us off the scent that Harumi was the culprit. So even though the mystery of Mr. E amounted to very little, maybe it was included just to throw us off the trail of the real mystery of the season? Just a thought
  8. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I wonder just how different these remade models will be in comparison to the originals. It’s worth noting that the Earth Driller appears to be significantly bigger in price, so (unless it really is the Tread Assault from 2012 as someone previously mentioned) I’m wondering if it will be upgraded to include more seats, just like how it appeared in the show. What I’m feeling mixed feelings about is how much ‘fan-service’ they will include, in the way of previously-show-exclusive figures. While I’d love to see that, my wallet is begging me not to buy the redesigns of sets I have the originals of
  9. Tommy tweeted saying that the 4 episode special event is connected to the Sons of Garmadon/Hunted storyline, telling us to consider the episodes ‘the conclusion of a 24 episode arc’. So maybe the special event will deal with the Oni and whatever’s next, be it season or special, will be something entirely new.
  10. Tommy Andreason clarified on Twitter that the 4 episode special event accounts for 88 minutes of the 6+ hours of Nnjago content promised for 2019. Thus one can assume that each episode is the usual 22 minute length. That leaves at least 272 minutes of unaccounted, which comes to a little over the length of a season containing 13 22-minute episodes (if my math is correct). I for one would be pleased to see a return to the 13 episode format, especially for, what I can assume is the season dealing with the Oni *edit* whoops, didn’t see the latest post
  11. Yeah, fair point. Besides, I love the direction they actually went with her backstory. (Also, I would love to see the story you create around that idea!) A kind of big gripe has emerged for me in episode 89 overnight:
  12. Crazy fan theory; On the age thing, it’s a cartoon. They have and always will be ‘teenagers’. Props to the Hagemans for giving an indication of what they are aged in the timeline now, because heaven knows how many fans have asked them about the subject. But I wouldn’t read that as any sign that we’ll learn anything more than that. And they’ll probably stay that way however long the show goes. Look at the Simpsons; the main cast hasn’t aged at all in the however many years it has been on air. I’d say that adds to the fun of it, now we can have our own interpretations of how old they are and the canon won’t contradict it (within reason obviously, the show’s done enough to prove they aren’t 30 year olds!).
  13. Tobias_Jay

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    If I’m being perfectly honest, due to what I overhear in LEGO retailers and brand stores, I don’t really think kids are too fussed about what is on the shelves being reflected in the cartoon, if they even watch the cartoon at all. The appeal appears to be more focused on the Minifigures (one kid might really like Lloyd, so they buy the set with Lloyd, regardless of what the set is). If they rerelease old sets alongside newer more plot relevant sets, I doubt it has the potential to be a complete waste of money and resources. The sets were excellent and appealing to young audiences back then, I can’t see how updated versions of them can flunk. But perhaps I’m being naive...