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  1. Crossing paths with a hungry bear during your travels in the Mitgardian mountains is a dangerous bussiness. As for Amalthea, she luckily always travel with both shield and spear. Both sword and bow is useless against that kind of beast. Dangerous travels by Gustav Linde, on Flickr
  2. Sigfig presentation Amalthea Dahmm As a child in a Mitgardian warrior clan Amalthea was taught from her early years to handle both spear and sword. Although she decided to leave the clan and their ancient traditions at an age of twelve, she stayed with her family another ten years. Most because here mother that lay crippled in bed awaiting a slow death, but also for her joy of practicing her fighting skills. But she got more and more eager to travel south. When she finally managed to leave her family she began a long journey trough the barren wilderness, mountains and forests to Avalonia. Her goal was simple; put together a clan of her own to work as mercenaries with no one to rule her again. After a year seeking allies in the grasslands around Albion she finally found a crew of retired soldiers, in exile from Kaliphlin since the civil wars. After some hours of convincing, and more than a couple bottles of wine, they all agreed to follow Amalthea back to Kaliphlin, with their muscles for hire. Been hanging around in GoH for over a year now, and finally got time for some building. Feels great to be here!