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  1. The only parts from 6210 are the 7 front bow pieces and the sails. The upper deck is also wider. It's not even close to 6210.
  2. carnage717

    [LDD] Detention Block Rescue

    Finally got my brick orders in today and put mine together. I'm still waiting on the half round tile pieces for the consoles and Hair for the han solo stormtrooper.
  3. carnage717

    Tie Bomber MOC Hybrid of 75150 and 75154

    I've thought about extending them further back another 4 or 6 studs but to do that I'm going to have to order some more hinge pieces to reinforce the back part of the wings
  4. This an A-wing I made from 75150. I changed the front end around and got rid of the missle launchers and created a custom sticker sheet for it.
  5. carnage717

    Tie Bomber MOC Hybrid of 75150 and 75154

    I ended up having to Bricklink the bombing section which is bascially another Tie striker cockpit piece minus all the stuff on the inside. In reality its basically sqaure box with Curved panels attached to each side and top. The top is 2x4 Curved slopes and the sides are made up fo 2x3 and 1x3 curved slopes attached to brackets on each side. To extend the wings you just need add 4x4 Black plates to each section on both sides at the back and then some wedge plates to fill in the gaps.
  6. carnage717

    Tie Bomber MOC Hybrid of 75150 and 75154

    Its actually the exhaust sticker from Vaders Tie Advanced set.
  7. Here is one of my newest MOC's a Tie Bomber. This is sort of a Hybrid between the Cockpit of the Tie Striker and the Panel off of Vader's Advanced Tie. I kept the basic construction of the orginal cockpit from the Tie striker and got rid of all the mechanical parts that raised the wings. To made the Bomber section I just kept the similar structure of the Cockpit and tried to round it out more. For the wings I I used the a set of wings off of the Advanced tie and lengthened them by 4 studs to make them a little longer. I tried to finish it out with a little greebling around the ship and I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  8. carnage717

    Updating Your Minifigs

    You could always just wipe the current one off and see if someone can make you decal with the correct bars and colors.
  9. carnage717

    Misleading Lego Play Features

    Don't forget the ridiculous cannon in the front of the Newest Jabba's sail barge.
  10. carnage717

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    I would love to get one for the Millennium Falcon as well. They use the 75105 model a few times but there's a bigger version they use as well. It sort of gives me hope that we might get it in a UCS Set if someone has worked hard enough to build in digital form.
  11. carnage717

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    I love how they used the sausage part on Reys speeder.
  12. I thought about putting a set of just Light Gray engines on it, instead of the Light Blue Gray to give it some contrast similar to the prototype pic. The light gray ones have a slight tanish tinge to them which might capture the look better. I had the tan ones on there when I started but I thought they looked to dark compared to the McQuarrie pic.
  13. This another redesign I did of Set 75150. This one is based off the McQuarrie Prototype in its blue and grey colors. As you can see I completely re-did the front end removing the missile shooters so I could add the long sloped pieces that give it a nice rounded look. I swapped out all the green pieces for blue colors and tried to match the back of the cockpit but going with blue and white colors. To finish it off I made a custom set of stickers for it in Photoshop, the white triangle, red stripes and red circles, the sticker on the back of the cockpit and some new stickers for the new winglet pieces to give some detail. I also added an extra layer of wedge plates to bulk up the side of the A-wing and to give the middle part a little more depth. I aslo removed that annoying 2x4 slope on each side and replaced with wiht 2x4 Slope. I also bought myself a set of Blue Cyliner Engines in case I ever get tired of the gray ones, I can swap them out for the blue ones to give it more color.
  14. carnage717

    Opinion of Modding / changing / whatever-ing Old sets

    I do this all the time, If I remove any parts I just put them on a baggie and label it with the set number. That way if i plan on selling it later I can just switch the parts back.
  15. Ill take some pictures of the underside later tonight and post them. The only substitutions I made were two inverted 4x1 curved sloped pieces on the underside of the front because they don't come in dark red, I replaced them 3x1 inverted slopes. I replaced the 4x4 Modified tile with four 1x4 dark red tiles, The do make a 4x4 modified tile in dark red but it only comes in one set 4482 AT-TE walker and they hard to find on bricklink. I replaced the 10 x 3 wedges left and right and 2x4 dark blue grey slopes with 12 x 3 Wedge, I think the larger wedge looks better than the 10x3 and 2x4 combined. Other than that I think it was basically swapping out part for part with white or dark red. I'm planning on working on Star Wars Rebels Ralph McQuarrie Prototype A-wing this weekend and I have some parts ordered coming in today or tomorrow. If I can Ill try to take a pic of some of the parts I ordered for the middles sections, I just swapped out blue parts for the dark red parts. It is just as sound structurally as the original model the few substitutions don't affect it one bit.