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  1. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

  2. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    I apologize to both of you for the late reply. All treasure chests are in his house, but I'm thinking of creating a hiding place on this island as well. While for the new picss I am rendering them, but perhaps it is better that I finish building it live and show you the details once finished.
  3. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    Thank you very much everyone (ciao Capitano...), first I will try to build the moc myself to test the instructions and then I will put them on sale I don't remember exactly when I started building it but I think it took about a month. Are you sure Lego doesn't ship with service Pick a Brick to Croatia?
  4. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    You hit the point: I really like all the dark colors (and in fact I used for the buildings the dark red, the dark tan, the dark bluish gray and the dark orange), because I associate them more with rustic structures of the 16-17th century. I also like the dark brown for wooden structures: if I can, I always mix it with reddish brown.
  5. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    Thanks Marin...I hope, as has already been for Redbeard's house, to buy the largest quantity of brickes directly from the Lego website (Pick a Brick) and the remaining ones on Bricklink. It is actually really boring to be able to put all the bricks necessary together, especially since I know that it will take a lot of orders to be placed. But the idea of being able to build the moc gives me a lot of enthusiasm.
  6. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    I wanted to build an island where every pirate could rest after his raid: in particular, I was inspired by the Lego comic "The Golden Medallion" (cod. 6255), when on page 9 Redbeard and his pirates dock on a bay to have a happy feast. The name of "Van Dyke Island" resumes that of the homonymous island of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands which owes its name to the dutch pirate of the seventeenth century who made it one of his refuges. On the island there are a tavern, a sleeping room, a warehouse, an armory and an attic. The total of the pieces is about 8700. Thanks for your attention! Finally, a picture together with Redbeard's house
  7. Cincinnati

    [DIGITAL] Galleon Cartagena

    Fantastic ship, my congratulation!
  8. Cincinnati

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    Fantastic work, my congratulations!
  9. Cincinnati

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    I wanted to publicly thank Marin and all the classic-pirates staff for their amazing work
  10. Cincinnati

    [MOC] Island of the Lost

    Very nice!
  11. Cincinnati

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

  12. Cincinnati

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    I really thank you for your words I don't have a lot of creativity and at the moment I don't have other moc in mind, but I hope to find some inspiration
  13. Cincinnati

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    If anyone is interested, instructions are now available on Rebrickable Many thanks again for your support
  14. Cincinnati

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    Thank you so much Hoppa for your opinion. I don't remember exactly how long it took to complete the digital build: more or less a month working a couple of hours a day