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  1. This means you go the broken LDD Version from Legos website :( Steps to solve: Uninstall Lego Digital Designer Delete this folder also (otherwise a reinstall will not work): C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer Then get the good version from here https://web.archive.org/web/20190622153357/https://lc-www-live-s.legocdn.com/downloads/ldd2.0/installer/setupLDD-PC-4_3_11.exe
  2. These numbers are not part of Unity MicroGame. They might have different numbers but I don't remember having seen parts like those.
  3. You are right. I would however suggest to align to these parts, as in case Lego ever release this part it is likely to be placed similar to these 2 parts.
  4. Is this part 90611or 90612 in the Unity pack ? It looks to me, but I can't verify right now.
  5. Also what graphics card (and possibly) driver version. It looks to me like a driver issue. Alternatively maybe LDD got corrupted? Try reinstalling? Also get 4.3.11 (not the one from LEGOs official website)
  6. Done. Its in my repo. Done. Its 30035.xml (no geo). I did some quick test myself and it looks good. Maybe some else can also test and see if it works as expected and also if the connection as at the correct location and right 'height': LDD-New-Parts/30035.xml at main · sttng/LDD-New-Parts (github.com)
  7. Recently I created an couple of custom decals and while doing so I made some interesting discoveries in LDD. Missing / Unused Decals of LDD 4.3.11 LDD 4.3.11 contains a couple of decals / decorations which are however not used or referenced in the DecorationMapping.xml file. This are 72 of the overall 1992 decorations: 601500.png 601501.png 601502.png 601503.png 601504.png 601506.png 601507.png 601508.png 601509.png 601510.png 601511.png 601512.png 601513.png 601514.png 602875.png 602876.png 603721.png 606301.png 606303.png 606304.png 606305.png 610479.png 610480.png 610481.png 610482.png 610970.png 610971.png 610972.png 610973.png 610974.png 610975.png 610976.png 610977.png 610978.png 610979.png 610980.png 611803.png 611804.png 611805.png 611806.png 611808.png 611811.png 616065.png 64352.png 64353.png 64354.png 64355.png 64356.png 64357.png 64358.png 64359.png 64360.png 64361.png 64362.png 64363.png 64364.png 64366.png 73157.png 84759.png 84760.png 84761.png 84762.png 84763.png 84764.png 84765.png 84766.png 84767.png 84770.png 94271.png 94272.png 94874.png 99594.png There are also decorations for the faces for the Lego Friends Minifig heads but the Geometries do not have the relevant data to be able to be textured. On the other hand DecorationMapping.xml also references some decals which are however not included in LDD 4.3.11. This are 45 of the 2086 mappings: decoID designID 601676 3070 601680 3070 601681 3070 601683 3070 601684 3070 601685 3070 601688 3070 601689 3070 601690 3070 601691 3070 601692 3070 601693 3070 601694 3070 601695 3070 601696 3070 601697 3070 601698 3070 601699 3070 601700 3070 601705 3070 601709 3070 601721 3070 601722 3070 601725 3070 601727 3070 601733 3070 601734 3070 601735 3070 601736 3070 601737 3070 601738 3070 601739 3070 601740 3070 601741 3070 601742 3070 601743 3070 601744 3070 601745 3070 601746 3070 625352 25114 625423 28716 625585 25113 626388 28716 626390 25740 95114 27059 Most missing decorations are for part 3070 'Flat Tile 1x1', but also for the Hammerhead Shark Hat, the 'normal' Shark Hat, part 25740 (which isn't included in LDD) and part 27059 (also not included, but this seems to be an Alias for part 90541 "STOCKING CAP", which interestingly has all necessary code to be decoratable in the primitive xml file as well as in the .g, g1 files). Unrelated sidenote: DecorationsMapping.xml was introduced after LDD 4.0.2. The earliest version I found to include this files was LDD 4.1.7. Before the decal information was included in the Primitive xml for each part I guess. DecorationMapping.xml is included in definitions.lif in earlier LDD versions (starting from LDD 2.0 up until LDD 4.0.2).
  8. You can also use BrickStudio from Polymaker, to convert a LDD Brick directly into "Wavefront" OBJ or DAE (Collada I think).
  9. I guess so. But I don't have any experience with LDraw Parts creation. I guess LDraw.org Discussion Forums - Part Requests is a good place to ask around. As written, the Unity pack is great because not only does it come with the 3D Geometry of the parts but also with connection info (which is 99% similar to how LDD handles connections).
  10. Maybe just adding a grey border around the sticker graphics in the PNG is enough to visually distinguish ? Might be a workaround.
  11. Exactly you would need to create a a new type of positive and negative connection (if you reuse already existing ones it would interfere with the current ones). But we don't know yet how to create new connection types - in fact i think these are hard-coded. Also this would not work with round surfaces. Another issue is that in LDD connection fields can not overlay each other. I tried this to make DUPLO bricks connect to normal LEGO system bricks. So I was thinking to add 2 connection fields for the DUPLOs on top of each other, so they can connect to DUPLO and LEGO bricks. But once you place 2 connection fields on top of each other they either cancel each other out or other weird things happen. Generally how connection works, you have a positive and negative (or male and female) connection subtype for each main type. Some main types may work with the "other gender" of different main types. For example the technic hole, works obviously with the technic pin, but it would also work with a stud. So to sum it up, to make your idea work one would have to: create a new "Sticker" connection type, male and female - which is not possible right now solve possibly issues of overlapping connection fields - which we don't know how to do possible define flexible connections for curved surfaces - something which doesn't exist in LDD yet
  12. No thats nothing which LDD supports
  13. Ok will work on this. Meanwhile I'm looking for DUPLO arms:
  14. @suenkachun @polymaker In fact some parts (like 3069 - Flat Tile 1x2) seem to support 2 different texture sizes at the same time - square and rectangular: 62292.png is 256x256 (the letter texture) and 55506.png is 256x128 (the 100$ bill texture) I assume LDD (or OpenGL) internally converts textures to squares size before applying, because as far as I can see from my tests, the ST (UV) mapping coordinates seem to define a square (for both the Flat 1x2 and also the Flat 1x6 part): (-3.948807858478176e-08, -1.1920928955078125e-07), (-3.948807858478176e-08, -1.0), (0.9999998807907104, -1.1920928955078125e-07), (0.9999998807907104, -1.0) Or with rounded values: -0.000000 -0.000000 -0.000000 -1.000000 1.000000 -0.000000 1.000000 -1.000000
  15. I pushed again... Also according to Unity pack this part is decoratable.
  16. Ok I added it to my repository: 39739
  17. Ok here are 3 comparisons: 1) Left (red) is current LDD Mod Part 2) Middle (green) is part based on Unity Pack, without any further changes 3) Right (blue) is part based on Unity Pack, but rotated by 45degrees and slightly moved to match position of the current LDD Mod part Also a comparison of 3) and New Elementary's Review of part. I also added collisions accordingly. LEGO® MOVIE 2 review: 70830 Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship! | New Elementary: LEGO® parts, sets and techniques I think most likely 3) is the best way to go if we want to replace the current heart. However the addition of collisions (current one doesn't feature any collisions) introduces a risk of 'breaking' some builds. because of collision issues (either the heart piece being removed - or adjacent parts)
  18. The inner heart is the Unity. The outer (bigger is the current). So one would conclude which size is correct. Also the unity part does not have a 45degree angle at the front of heart, but lightly more.
  19. Ok I checked this. This is the current mod part: This is the unity part: As we can see this is basically 45degrees rotated compared to the current mod part. So I assume to use the Unity Version would break quite some builds due to the 45degee rotation. The current mod part supports also illegal builds as follows: Also here a comparison of left - current mod, vs right - Unity. The unity has some gap between and the current mod is gapless. I do not know what is the correct way.
  20. Can we test this ? I could look into the Unity pack if that piece exists (I expect). I think it would have the ‚official‘ placing / dimensions. Still the only difference is placing on the ground an not not builds as this is controlled by connections.
  21. Ok got it. Anyway I think I'll do most of my decals in vectors (Affinity Designer for those interested - also currently 50% discount) so it should be easy to adjust colors. Threw this together just now - font is a nearest guess but not 100% accurate: And another