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  1. I don't think so...
  2. Legorigs

    Black Pick Up

    Top build. Great colorcombination. (Where can I find the Pete?)
  3. Legorigs

    [MOC] Australian Mack Superliner 6x6 RC

    Looking great. Only thing I miss is a bullbar
  4. Legorigs

    1:200 QM2

    Still nothing here...
  5. Legorigs

    1:200 QM2

    It's still QM2 in the fog...
  6. Legorigs

    1:200 QM2

    Lol.... coming soon... Anyway, it's a bold project. Good luck with the build and looking forward to see it finished.
  7. Legorigs

    Getting started and strategy for the process

    You're not hijacking this topic now are you Edwin...?
  8. Legorigs

    Getting started and strategy for the process

    I would say you made a bold choice, one that might discourage you in the process of getting it done. To get your rusty skills up you might want to start with something less bold or smaller.
  9. Legorigs

    Chevy Fleetmaster - Range

    I like the scene. The Chevy's could do with a bit more curves though. They now look rather square and boxy, especially on the hood and fenders.
  10. Legorigs

    Lego UCS (76023) custom Wheels and Rims

    Wow... Not sure why this is in Scale Modeling, because it's a LEGO set you customized...
  11. Legorigs

    VW T3 Westfalia and Chevy Stepside

    So... who forgot to invite you then ;-) Good to see you made it afterall...
  12. Legorigs

    [WIP] Big Truck

    In case of an R600 the hood shoot be sloped on the side.
  13. Legorigs

    1/43 Small Scale Cars

    Nice stuff Ron.
  14. Legorigs

    [WIP] Big Truck

    Is this gonna be a Peterbilt or "just" a technic big truck (and better placed in technic). I cann't quite see the Pete in it at this stage. Nevertheless a big truck is gonna take a whole lot of work, so keep it up. I like it so far, bur for me not a scaled model (yet).
  15. Legorigs

    [MOC] 28 PETERBILT 352 110 CABOVER

    Great job on this Pete. Nice use of colors.