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  1. Ummm, what pictures?
  2. zero1312

    Custom Minidoll: Ruby Rose from RWBY

    Can we expect Crescent Rose as well?
  3. That wouldn't be, if Keetorange and Dark Pink were not such rare colours.
  4. Quite like this set, but why do Lego always has to put saddles on dragons?
  5. zero1312

    Star Wars Constraction - Character Wishlists

    I'd like: Boba Fett, classic trilogy or from CW Princess Leia, Endor gear IG-88 Imperial Shadow Guard, from the Force Unleashed game Darth Maul Count Dooku, either version Super Battle Droid Commando Droid And something special: Dark Trooper, all three Phases
  6. zero1312

    REVIEW: 71304 Terak Creature of Earth

    Nice review, but I'm pretty sure the gear mechanism is misaligned in your build.
  7. zero1312

    Applying stickers

    I just want to thank all of you guys for the very helpful advices...... :thumbup:
  8. zero1312

    Applying stickers

    Thanks!! Normally, I never have much problems with stickers. And these problems only occur to the important and cool-looking ones, for some reason. And you can always leave them out. Like with the new King's Mech from Nexo-Knights.
  9. zero1312

    Applying stickers

    Anyone else hate that, when applying stickers, a spec of dust or a hair sneaks by and then the surface is very uneven? Or when you see some air bubbles afterwards? Any solutions?
  10. zero1312

    MOC: Sigma

    Nice!! But did anyone else too expected the Megaman X character?
  11. zero1312

    [MOC] Shadow the Hedgehog

    But he was in several games, not just one. Very nice, btw!!
  12. zero1312

    Darth Vader Cape MOD

    That's why I won't change that, even though I do not like the official way ether.
  13. zero1312

    Review: 75108 Clone Commander Cody

    Thanks for the advice, but durability and stability are the top priorities for me with LEGO. That other method looks good, but I don't have that System part in silver or white, only in black.
  14. zero1312

    Review: 75108 Clone Commander Cody

    And that breaks the nice proportions of the figure.
  15. zero1312

    mini scravenger

    Nice!! Can we expect the rest of the Constructicons or even Devastator?