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  1. TBF they do on literally all other star wars products except Lego which for some reason can't stick to a specific box design/color for specific eras or the theme as a whole. I love uniformity so that's always my one wish, truly uniform boxes.
  2. More than a potential Rex mini-fig I think it points to a republic variant of Crosshair in the future cause his helmet never made sense without a new p2 mold with holes and his republic outfit is the one big D+ era SW character I can think of that we haven't gotten (outside Omega). The clones looking similar to the 2020 models is something I'm really happy/supportive of cause I hate when figs from the same armies look drastically different. The changes to the Stormtrooper every 2 years make it hard to have an army that looks like they fit together since they don't keep a constant design and is the best example of what I think needs changing. I'm not sure if it's just me but why would Omega even need a new mold. Her hair, torso, and legs could be variants of young Anakin and Luke's hair in a diff color and I doubt TLG would do a special one-time mold for her bow.
  3. I think the gunner will either be updated printing like you said or there'll be a 212 airborne trooper as a "gunner" and promo bricks confused the too cause of grainy images. Ure right about the mold but I think investing in a good mold for clones was a long time coming but even so p2 hole is a big step.
  4. I'm so excited they finally made a P2 Cody and it'll round out my clone commanders model so I'm overjoyed with the AT-TE. Also, the exclusion of Obi-Wan is perfect cause that means I can pick up 2 AT-TE's launch day and only have one repeat named fig. I'm very interested in what PB means by revamped clone gunner cause I don't see how you could build on the previous one without dual molding or adding a piece for the breastplate. Also, the new P2 helmets that all the troops have is great and hopefully stick for all clones going forward. I guess this means Cody didn't need a new mold just holes in the side of the head so I don't get why it took so long. Nevertheless, it's great that he's coming and all of the other sets sound fantastic, especially the inquisitor ship, I'm looking forward to getting the fifth brother cause it's a fig that I missed out on during my dark ages. I don't think it's that much of a stretch to say this might be the one of greatest Summer SW waves of all time and depending on how some of these look it could be #1. We Won
  5. While I agree with you compelety on fig-price correlation. The 2nd selection is absolutely goated.
  6. Fairs. I didn't know promobricks had confirmed I thought it was one of those insta rumors.
  7. But since it was never confirmed that there was a Kaminoan in the starfighter set could it not be an Interceptor. The rumored Kaminoan could then show up in the justifier instead and the reason for the rumor is there was a simple numbers mix up on the part of leakers. I think it makes too much sense to have an EP 3 Obi-Wan Interceptor and an EP 3 AT-TE with the same Obi-Wan on shelves so there won't be an overproduction of the fig cause it can go in both sets. It'd be a very Lego thing to do. Space Jesus Theory: A theory I think is more fun is that Lego and Lucasfilm are going absolutely all out for the Kenobi Show and they have planned a crap ton of Obi-Wan sets from both the show (the Inquisitor ship + versus set) and prequels (EP 2 fighter + EP 3 AT-TE). That way there can be multiple generations of Obi-Wan on shelves all at the same time and so as the show gains popularity over the summer buyers of all ages can grab their new favorite character in all of his glorious appearances. Also Anyway, the chances that this is true are very low but as someone who loves Space Jesus, I hope it is.
  8. I think the Lars Homestead looks fantastic and I'm stoked it's the promo though the price criteria seems a little "Star Wars's up" if you know what I mean. It's sad they didn't do something special for the 20th anniversary of AOTC but fingers are crossed for a Genesis arena this fall. Also for the record, while I would have preferred that the May 4th promo fig wasn't OT, Aunt Beru is long overdue and nobody can complain about getting her especially since she's a part of that laundry list of SW characters who have no love from LSW (Beru, Shmi, All the Kaminoans, All the Clone Commanders/Commandos, Dexter, Wat Tambor, Captain Typho, Nien Nub, etc...)
  9. Enough with the bootlicking unless you're being paid to do spin for Lego this is a ridiculously long reply; But then again I'm complaining about toys on a forum at 10 AM and I got nothing better to do today so what the hell. Point 1 the designers design a variety of sets and have many models ready many years prior to their release so to say they have no way of choosing what gets made is not only wrong but makes you misinformed. Point 2 I don't think it's unreasonable to say that the Chamber sold poorly compared to the CW and Mando sets because as you pointed out with the Mando fighter it too has gone on sale. Nonetheless, I don't have any sales figures in front of me so I don't know for sure; but you don't either so the point's mute. However, in that statement, I was responding to @MKJoshA about the general fan feeling towards the dioramas and chamber set versus designers' comments so in that way I'd say I'm right in saying the average lego fan is not thrilled with the recent promos. I don't think it's a stretch to say fans would prefer figures to micro-scale dioramas and THUS I said TLG don't listen to fan complaints. That's my bad on the wording though. Point 3 The 501st BP is one set that was asked for and delivered at a higher price point to reap as much money off fans as possible (I gotta respect it but still rather rude from Lego). You can't keep going back to that one set as proof that Lego listens to fans. We'd have a lot more if Lego consistently listened to fans. Point 4 The price of sets has not only risen because of inflation but also because TLG knows people like you will buy the set regardless and will defend their unreasonable price hikes no matter what. The most recent dioramas are ridiculously small when compared to the price and don't talk to me about PPP cause that's a horrible way of judging a set's value. Maybe to you, the sets aren't overpriced and that's great for you but for the rest of us normal people $59.99 dollars for what is a bonified May the 4th promo is ridiculous. Now to the crux of my point, these "adult" sets are a gold mine for TLG cause by adding a black border and a quote piece they can slap an extra $30 dollars to the price point of each of these sets and somehow fans are still gonna buy it and it will be made into the new normal.
  10. I think this is down to designers loving their work and wanting to support it regardless of success. From what fans on here and all over the internet have said I'd bet my life that the Chamber did not sell well last summer and was definitely beaten out by CW and Mando sets but they are for SW and lego fans while these dioramas are for older OT SW fans who have disposable income that they can burn. I'm sure the new dioramas will be hailed as a success by Lego even if regular fans won't buy cause there will always be a market for these overpriced collectors models. Also, TLG rarely listens to fan complaints; if they did we wouldn't have as many overpriced sets.
  11. To be clear I don't care that the Gunship didn't have good/exclusive figs. I bought the model because it looks fantastic on display and that's why I've bought every UCS set I have but I don't understand why the same rules can't apply to all UCS models. Also, I don't give a crap about prequel fans vs TLG, that's a dumb conspiracy drummed up by people who don't understand the difference between real vs internet However to address your second point of figs being exclusive for a while and then made widely available that's not something I'm opposed to BUT now that I've had time to actually look at the fighter tank picture Mace seems to have dual molded arms. If that is the case then it's an absolute slap in the face to the Gunship model and entire mini-figure controversy from last year and shows TLG is incredibly tone-deaf.
  12. I guess that's fair but then why not do a special pilot or a "more detailed" Windu variant if the stance is variants are ok but exclusives aren't. I don't think thats a fair characterization but to each his own. I'd much rather "play the victim" and point out simple facts/trends then lick Lego's boot from heel to toe. On another note, the fighter tank looks great, a bit small but that's fine. The purple troops look fantastic too and its refreshing to see that different clone legions are being given love by Lego. Hopefully, if this sells well we'll see a yearly clone set with a different legion (I'm praying for 104th).
  13. Even if Mace doesn't come out in another set it's still hypocritical from Lego to releases such an awesome figure with the UCS landspeeder when they said the reason for not including any cool/exclusive figs in the Gunship was to not gatekeep through price. It's a slap in the face to prequel and Gunship fans to be THIS hypocritical. I totally get the pay wall argument and I think its smart to make cool figs more accessible but they've just walked that back for an original trilogy UCS set cause they know it's gonna be unpopular if they don't put this type of effort into the figures that are supposed to be "a bonus and not the reason for purchase."
  14. I guess I get the mould cost argument but I still think ppp shouldn't heavily weigh into a set's "value" cause while Dagobah and the trench run have great ppp ratios I still don't think they're worth their prices and I'll wait for a sale.
  15. I don't really get the whole price per piece thing cause even if the ratio is good but the size of the pieces is incredibly small compared to larger-scale playsets pieces then it makes no difference. I don't really see the point of more pieces being better if all the pieces are smaller; For example, it's not like ten 1x1 tiles took any more plastic to make than one 2x5 but according to PPP the 2x5 would be worse cause its only one lego piece. I'd love to know if there's another reason for price per piece being used in the AFOL community but that's how I think of it in my head. Are we sure it comes with Tuan We cause it was never confirmed to be an Episode 2 fighter and the way leaks and numbers have been changing constantly and fake rumors have spread this year I'm not sure if we will see Tuan We. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a giant curveball and we get a Kaminon in a Bad Batch set like Cad Bane's ship or something like it.