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  1. A backpack with BD-1 would be heaven but realistically we'll get a blue lightsaber and blaster Where are the rumors about the Barge I haven't seen anything from the regular sources, so if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be appreciated. I do think the recent releases minifigs-wise make me think it's safe to assume an interior is coming with reuses (ie Mos Eisley-esque) however if they don't include more than a couple of figs and are missing an interior IMO the set will be the most overpriced USC set ever. I know UCS isn't for figs and they're display sets but with the Barge that rule really doesn't apply. It'd be like if the sandcrawle came with a Jawa on a black display and no droids or figs in the joint. Nobody actually wants a big brown chunk (barge or crawler) sitting on their display with a random fig on a black UCS plaque. Those transports are made for to be MBS-style sets with a fleshed-out interior where iconic scenes can be created. It would be a massive missed opportunity to not create 3 or 4 exclusive figs and an incredibly detailed interior with moveable sections for viewing or display (much like the AT-AT).
  2. To be clear, I think most current clone figs and pints have been great and I haven't made a 10 min video on yt saying they suck and are the worse thing ever I was just pointing out that if older models have features that newer ones don't it seems stupid to attack the guy whose critiquing that change rather than the company that made the regressive change. If you disagree with a take on LSW, that's par for the course, everyone's opinion is gonna be different but it's not an attack on you if someone else's opinion is different from yours. Also looking through a lot of the comments most people seem to agree that the kamas and the holes mold r issues but are not worth complaining over because (and I'm paraphrasing here) "its good enough" or "don't whine its more clones than before". While I disagree with the way MandR does things, I do think fans should be able to critique and point out issues with Lego that will hopefully urge TLG to make better products in the future because since it's a very expensive product "good enough" shouldn't be the bar. I don't think it's a crazy take that TLG should build on the success of the past to make new sets better. Edit: @Pedilego 's post above mine is a perfect way of explaining my views on Lego in 2023, and my sadness for the San Jose Sharks.
  3. I feel like his gripe here is totally valid. Years ago when Lego was much cheaper, the waist capes used to be included with figs that needed them and weren't printed on but now when Lego is maybe the most expensive toy on the market the product is worse. It doesn't make any sense and I don't get why there's always a keyboard warrior defending everything a billion-dollar company does unless they're giving you special treatment in which case I do get it (ie LAN members who do reviews). They have to be complimentary to Lego regardless but for the rest of us on this forum, I just don't get it why would you not want a better product when past products have been? Anyway, I like the Fives figure apart from the lack of waist cape and helmet print, but the torso and arms are fantastic and make me really hopeful for the Cal fig cause I need them to do him justice. The rest of the rumors sound like TLG is stepping outside the box which I love to see though would love to see more TPM sets for the anniversary apart from the 1 we're getting.
  4. Boss Nass would be perfect in a Trade Federation MTT variant + the blue variant hasn't been seen in canon in years while the brown has more significance as it is a more iconic 25 anniversary set. I also don't think we've had a Gungan in 5 years now, so getting Gungans on shelves again for new fans would be better than even more clones since we already have 7+ sets on shelves. However, I don't think the color of ships dictates a ton of what Lego does, so the grey CW variant shouldn't be any different. TLG had a chance to make a really cool chrome N1 for Mando but instead just made ANOTHER grey SW ship. I assure you they do not care about SW sets all being grey. Either way, I do think we see a Trade Federation MTT in 24' or 25' cause it has officially been too long since we had any big playscale CIS ship.
  5. To be fair to Falcon he probably meant if someone guessed during the stream in the chat he would confirm but none did correctly during the stream. Then the guessing game moved here, even though he's a member here going through every guess just cause he said he'd confirm during a stream is a bit of an ask. Plus confirming on here wouldn't make sense for him since he would probably post on his Instagram if he was going to release info.
  6. That's a really good guess considering the timing of the anniversary and release of S2 of Andor but I don't think I would give him a shot to take down Jango Fett so he doesn't hit all the marks; but then again maybe Falcon thinks he does.
  7. I really like the clone BP, its a great value and exactly what a BP should be. Regarding the accessories debate, I don't see why these clones utilise the new p2 helmet design if lego wont give us attachments to utilize the holes. Either these clone sets should include extra accessories to customize clones with holes or the clones shouldn't have the holes. Since they have both molds this shouldn't be an issue. I will still be buying 2 on release cause I need to fill every seat in my AT-TE.
  8. Young Leia isn't tied to a vehicle and Vos isn't peaceful. Erso is a shout tho.
  9. TBH I don't see them fixing the helmet printing for newer 212 clones the same way the new helmet mold is also not going to be changed to lower the holes. Airborne troops are a safe bet if we get another set on Utupau or with 212 troops. Not a hot take but as someone who wanted to see more clones I was really happy with the over-saturation. The only issue for me is that the newer p2 helmets look worse than the older ones and while it is a small gripe I don't like how my P2 clones have different molds depending on the year. IMO the mold issue and the redundancy of the 501st and Foil packs coupled with poor prints/designs on 212 troops and p2 Fox have contributed to the lack of hype/support for newer clone sets that people were asking for pre-2022. Also, I completely agree the CIS desperately needs representation on shelves but I think since they haven't shown up in any of the recent shows (bar one BB episode) it is harder for Lego to justify making a Droid Gunship over a wildly popular Ahsoka set or a Mando fang. Also, the sets the clones have come with aren't great. As an example, I got the Ghost and Gunship this year, and after building both the Ghost is a significantly better set. The gunship feels small and it's definitely lacking in terms of features that come with the older Gunships. The Ghost is great as a display and has a ton of compartments and features that make it feel more worthy as a buy. Also def doesn't help that the Gunship is a color that only appears in canon for 2 episodes of the CW. So while I do love the number of clones we're getting I also think a short break from cloens would be good for Lego. Instead of 3-4 clone sets they should make 3-4 Bad Batch and Andor sets, 2 shows that haven't gotten the coverage they need in terms of characters, new ships, and locations (Narkina 5 PLS).
  10. I think Andor's problem, regarding Lego coverage, is that it's not geared toward young under-18 SW fans and toy makers. Some scenes are far more violent than your average SW project in the Disney era. The new characters are also not made to sell toys and many of the locations, ships, & characters aren't going to be a hit with children. The show itself is more popular with adults and I think that is reflected in Lego's coverage. I do think we'll see a Lego set for S2 but its highly unlikely we get a 3-set wave like Ahsoka. Ahsoka is far more popular than Cassian Andor and the characters from her show are more recognizable than Andor's new additions. They could maybe do a U-Wing Remake or something else that has crossover in the leadup to Andor but other than that I don't see the show's ships and characters getting a ton of Lego coverage. Personally, I loved Andor and I really hope we get all the new characters and I hope we get Luthen's ship but I just doubt it.
  11. Regarding the anniversary there's no chance HR gets a fig because these figs are about celebrating the last 25 years of LSW and thus we are for sure getting a PT, OT, & ST anniversary fig meaning with Malak & Fives that's at least 5 figs. I don't see them doing more than 5-6 figs and even if they do Mandalorian, RO & Solo, D+ series, & Video Games will take precedence over High Republic books. Also, the average LSW fan will definitely know more about KOTOR than HR because a best-selling video game will be more popular than a poorly-sold book even if the book is newer. However, while HR might be less popular I do think we have a chance at getting a set from the era simply because the Acolyte is coming out next year and every D+ series has got at least one set around their respective releases so HR should be no different.
  12. Would be a dream to get pre-citadel Echo and Revan but I don't think we'll see multiple obscure figs from Kotor & CW for the anniversary so chances r real low. I'm really not a fan of the R2 set since we just got the "UCS" version a couple of years ago for $200 and I assume this will just be a slimmed-down variant. However, the Malak figure is a real draw so I'll have to wait for Bricklink prices before deciding if its worth it.
  13. Just fell to my knees and cried out. No Revan is disappointing cause he's a white whale fig for me but Malak is sick too. Also, it being in a set we don't want tells me it's the $100 Artoo as @Mandalorianknight suggested though IMO the midi-scale is really overpriced and so I also don't want those. Either way, they got me these cool anniversary figs cause I will end up wanting all of em. I definitely get what you're saying but in my head, the Podrace diorma set feels like the perfect combo with a Shmi anniversary fig since she is inw that part of the movie and is wanted in Lego. To me, the Fives quote can't possibly mean anyone other than Fives cause the other major characters (Rex, Anakin, Tup) all have reasons to not be made as anniversary figs with Malak. Rex: Just made for the new Venator, rerelease for the LSW anniversary seems a little toooo lazy. Anakin: So many better quotes for the @Renown and leakers to use to hint at Anakin. Tup: If TLG makes Tup before Fives that will be the most bonehead move ever. Also with Malak confirmed I think it car more likely TLG will take the chance to make popular but niche characters and that is exactly who Fives is.
  14. I could see getting Shmi just cause she's a long-time desired fig but not as a TPM 25th anniversary. I think these figs will be for the LSW 25 anniversary cause I don't see them doing 25th TPM or 20th KOTOR in the same year with special sets and figs. Either way, this news is so great, I missed out on Revan when I was younger cause my mom didn't understand the concept of buying Lego during a certain timeframe to get a fig as GWP. I've wnatd t one ever since I got back into collecting but the prices are ridiculous now so this will be a welcome addition to the collection. AND more importantly, as a Prequel and CW lover Fives is a dream come true. CW fans have been so blessed recently with all the clones (even with the wonky helmet holes, no I can't let it go) that TLG doing Fives for the 25th anniversary is the 17th cherry on top. C Honestly have no guesses as to who else could be included but given they're doing someone like Fives and remaking Revan to me it signals they're open to obscure fan-favs that haven't gotten a fig or have a really old fig soooo if I had to predict I'd say: Prequels: Dexter Jester, Shmi Skywalker, Boss Nass, Any obscure fan-fav clone or a Padme variant Originals: Nien Numb, Owen Lars, Krsstan, Saw Gerrera Sequels: Palpatine (Ep9), Ben Skywalker (Ep9), Babu Fricc (let me dream) Other: Cal Kestis, Hondo Onaka To be clear this is not a wishlist, though I'd love any of these, it's my prediction that we will get at least 2-3 of these guys for the anniversary
  15. If Revan is in Acolyte I really hope we get him in a set and entirely outside of a promo or promo-related deal. If it's a promo or GWP fig it'll be all out warfare at stores and the site will be down that first night.