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  1. Considering its $800 and could go over 1000 in certain currencies I feel like they'd have to give more than the standard two. I'd expect Veers, 2 drivers, 2 snowtroopers. Maybe they'll throw in a Pilot Luke and make it the same as the Summer 2020 model but I doubt it. As the designers have emphasized this year UCS is about the model so I don't think we'll see anything special like a mustache rebel or snowspeeder pilot.
  2. I think some people assumed its cancelled cause the other rumored September set (advent calendar) was announced and we haven't heard anything else about the forge. I don't doubt its coming this year but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a Target/Walmart retail exclusive released later in the fall not necessarily the rumored September.
  3. I think the 75303 and 75369 sets could be D2C (via Comic-Con and SW Celebration) online US-only exclusives like Bespin. The only reason I think this is the case is because the Bespin Duel from last year was a US-only online exclusive cause the event was canceled and this year I believe the events are online only (CC) or moved to next year (SW Cele). The GWP theory is valid but I thought the GWP for the ATAT was a mini Imp Star Destroyer and was set #40483.
  4. That was probably a lose/lose for Lego; If they didn't change anything about the fig then they'd get even more complaints like "They reused a figure for a UCS Set" so I think adding a bit of color and changing the torso print is ok.
  5. I know mini-fig misprints don't sell well but the "exclusivity" is what is valued in this case. I think since it will be such a limited run the imperial box versions will be a sort of collectors item for some SW and lego fans. I know the resistance bomber is a different situation but the exclusivity of that version is what give it more value in my eyes.
  6. I'd guess the Gunship for the imperial logo mistake but from the play-scale sets I think the Mando Fighter and Shuttle will sell out by the end of release day because the figs are really cool and the BB finale should be on the 13th of August leading to more focus on the toys (IMO). Also I think the Duel set figs and price could help it sell out but not on release day.
  7. That's just not true. While AOTC and TPM are horrible and only there for the memes, ROTS is a fantastic movie that stands up over 15 years later. Blind hatred of the first two is what makes alot of people believe all the prequels are bad. The prequel love doesn't just come from memes because while they did help a little, the majority was TCW success and younger kids who are now adults giving the movies a chance AFTER the watching the cartoon. For example, the fist SW media I ever watched was the Clone Wars Movie. I then went back to watch the rest of the saga and watched TCW as a I grew up. The fandom for TCW is evidence enough that people love the prequel era and people asking for things like CW7, Kenobi, the Ahsoka Show shows that prequel era characters and movies are widely loved (Not as much as OT but still appreciated by the Ogs). On another note, After the relative success of the BB do we think TLG will have to change the P2 helmet to give Crosshair and other special clones rangefinders. At least IMO his rangefinder is used extensively in every episode he is in and is his go to "perk". I would think they'd watch the show and take that into account and make a change. I was disappointed it wasn't there to begin with but I guess TLG wouldn't have know how important it was since they were going of concept arts. I just think for future clones in the series and SW it would be cool to get a helmet like the original p1.
  8. The TCW sets are play sets not UCS and as I said before there is no anti prequel agenda across the board but rather an unwillingness to make UCS prequel sets. My evidence for which is the UCS releases the last 11 years and one vote in 11 years where the options are two OT ships and 1 PT ship isn't the change fans are looking for. TLG should take a chance and not need a fan vote to tell them to make a prequel UCS set. Fans shouldn't have to tell them through a vote and comment sections that the sales of a set from 2010 should not dictate what they release in 2021. Even some people in this forum should understand that times are different now and fans of the prequels are now old enough to have a job and disposable income to buy expensive UCS sets of their favorite prequel ships. Things like the Venator, CIS Dreadnoughts, or the Arc-170 should be made cause they're iconic to SW and not just the oh so widely hated prequels.
  9. kidtheboss611

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    You hit all the main characters in the scene so my lineup wasn't going to be drastically different. I thought the 4 bikes were perfect since they reflect the earlier scene with Leia and Luke and the scouts. I know Galaxy of Adventures isn't canon but in Rebels Sabine says Rex participated in the assault on Endor and Disney has made various changes in canon this is one of them. Plus that's just one of thing for the set that would make it worth it for me if we ever get an Endor bunker. I think it'd be cool to see a little white and blue arm-printing and its not like lego has never broken canon with their mini-fig design. Rex fig could look like this. On the topic of Jabba Palace MBS I think it could work well but I'd don't know how or even if they would include the rancor pit without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the palace portion; anyways it'd be cool to see either way but I'd prefer a UCS barge rather than a MBS version of Jabba's palace.
  10. I got "disdain" from the way the designers talked about the Gunship and prequel sets in their interviews past and present. I don't think its an anti prequel agenda but rather a company unwillinging to try something new or make any effort to change. Also everyone keeps saying prequels don't sell well but the last prequel UCS set was released over 11 years ago. If you're telling me that the "basic economics" of Lego SW in 2021 apply in the same way to the Obi Wan Starfighter's sales from 11 years ago then I don't think you understand how differently today's consumers view the prequels or you choose not to.
  11. While I agree that is there sentiment the anniversary only comes once so I think it makes too much sense not to do at least one special AOTC D2C set. The Genosioan Arena has never been done (to my knowledge) and is the perfect set for the anniversary and would offer more figure variety than another OT based D2C. Then again with their distain for prequel D2C and its reliance on Gunship sales I fear we'll have to wait another 11 years till at-least 2032.
  12. kidtheboss611

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    IMO the MBS Endor Bunker would have to go above and beyond with figures for it to be worth it because as @ArrowBricks point out we've seen most of the figs possible already. WE'd need to see exclusive figs, arm printing, maybe a new mold or two to make it worth it. At the 350 dollar price tag: A very detailed bunker with many rooms and exclusive imperial molds for crates and other stuff inside the bunker, Midi Scale AT-ST with space for driver, Ewok Launchers, a tree or two for ambiance, functionality to open and close bunker (Similar to Cantina) Strike Team: Trench Coat Han (w/arm-printing), Endor Leia (w/speeder bike), Chewie, Luke Skywalker (w/speeder bike), C-3PO, R2-D2, Wicket, Logray, Paploo, Teebo, 2x Rebel Commandos, Endor Rex (w/arm-printing that indicates his clone armor) - 13 Rebels Imperials: 2x Stormtroopers, 2x Scout Troopers (w/bikes), AT-ST Driver, 2x Imperial Navy Troopers, and a Lieutenant Renz (w/arm-printing) - 8 Imperials
  13. While I'd love an Endor Bunker I really hope they do a Kamino or Genosian themed MBS set cause it is the 20th anniversary of AOTC. It feels like the perfect time since we've seen more of Kamino in the BB and Clones are still so popular. Also after the discourse around the Gunship and designers and everthing else I don't even want to touch the subject in fear of being called a Mandr backup account but did anyone else think it was weird they gave the reveal to Solid Brix. I feel like the set would have been better as a non-live video done with designers and some type of spokesperson/fans since it was a fan vote. I like David but youtubers aren't cutout to reveal sets and so when I watched the stream it didn't feel like a billion dollar company revealing their new design but rather a high school presentation where the teacher doesn't know how to use his tech. Also Mandr wouldn't have been good for a reveal cause he'd ask awful questions and make it about him.
  14. If you don't care that's fine you don't have to but some of us would like a bit of accuracy and tact from designers. Also nobody said he should be fired cause he's probably the best designer they have, (see UCS millenium Falcon and Star Destroyer) some of us would just like him to watch a movie or two for the Lego theme he's in charge of. Also maybe we should stop with the generalizing and taking snipes at people/groups in this thread.