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  1. Yeah, that's become a common occurrence, I remember when Mandr, Falcon, and Fulcrum broke the setlists for this year they both mentioned 75369 which still hasn't been used and seems to have been canceled.
  2. I didn't know that my bad, I've never actually bought an accessory pack and only have Mandalorian brickheadz so I'm not as knowledgeable. However, this might be a good thing cause that means the republic tanker might have more merit as part of the 1st half-year wave since Death Star Trash Compactor will release after the dioramas.
  3. I'd bet that it's not the tank rumor, which doesn't have much merit, and is more likely one of the three rumored SW sets w/out set numbers: Ahsoka Brickheadz, Accessory Pack(s), and Death Star Trash Compactor set.
  4. I thought we were done giving random sale numbers and costs. I doubt very much that molds cost 100K or anything close to that. See attached quote below for reasoning. On the nite of CMF's if/when we get a SW CMF I bet it would be for one movie/show and not by era. And if so I don't see how they would reach the 10-12 character target without some repeats/ slightly upgraded figs. Thus my guess for a CMF is either Lego goes all out on a CMF and makes new molds for relatively smaller characters (like Dex or Zam Wessel) or they would do things like an arm print Obi-Wan or Jango and it might fall flat since there won't be those sought after figures. I don't think they'll do this but making small accessory packs for $15 from each SW movie/show with maybe 1-2 new figs/characters would be perfect. It'd be a great way to make sought-after characters available (since the designers made that very clear in the Gunship reveal video) and it would be cheaper so more fans could get their favorites.
  5. This sounds about right but I wouldn't be surprised if we get an Omega and only one massable character as the 4th. I know accessory packs usually have something new but with SW they will sell themselves and when it comes to clones the design team is stingy with details so I doubt we get a new mold, maybe we'll get a new sticker or something. I don't think they'll keep the a $20 price range cause army builders are where they can sell many multiples so they're gonna try to increase the price as much as possible. They already did so with 501st (yes we got two builds and 2 droids but still) and we're getting a $20 Hoth BP so I would guess they'll increase the price every couple of years and sell a $15 accessory pack, with 3-4 figs and no build instead cause that's far fewer pieces and they can make more money, its basic stonks. You and others keep saying SW has a "different budget" but I don't think we see that being put to use. If this vid is accurate to how it works in 2021 ( new molds don't cost as much as people think as it's all the same machine. I think the budget is probably entirely marketing and their design team (cause the designers are very good for LSW) and not for new molds or new pieces. If they had this immense budget we'd have holes in P2 clone heads and a stormtrooper helmet that turns around, and I know I keep going back to that but it seems so obvious and easy that I will mention it in this forum till I die. Of course, if you meant small budget then forget everything I just wrote.
  6. To be fair the battle pack was sold out and non-existent for its first 4-5 months but point taken. It's not really about selling out Lego but rather making something different that includes clone troopers who are stupid expensive on the secondary market (which Lego has all the data from cause they won Bricklink).
  7. You're so very close to the point but still no cigar. SW IP is not damaged, it's quite literally the most profitable toy IP for both Lego and Hasbro and that is without a doubt. Doesn't matter if the sequels and some Disney stuff are hot trash (TLJ didn't kill it off yet), The Mandalorian and CW-7 revived SW in 2020, and it's fully back in the top spot. I guarantee it will be a reveal of a Hoth battle pack and AT-ST.
  8. I would say the popularity of CW sets after years of their releases say enough about show sets selling and should negate the over-cautious nature of Lego release. 1. X-Wings for $40 cheaper are all fine and dandy but that doesn't mean they're new they're just smaller and cheaper. It's not some huge revelation to sell a different variation on the same ship. 2. I mentioned a clone helmet mold cause that's one of the bare minimum things that should have been done forever ago. Also just cause we get a couple new of molds for new characters doesn't mean we shouldn't have a better mold for older iconic characters. No need to be such a big corporate defender I promise you Lego can afford it. 3. The dual starfighter set is incredibly popular on the aftermarket and would be refreshing in comparison to what we have now which is an OT remake every 3-4 years. 4. Just cause you to mention other ships that have been made doesn't mean a lucrehulk wouldn't be new. In fact, it's precisely because they made that god-awful Dorito Tie and the Galaxy's edge transport that there should be a new separatist capital ship. If useless crap like that can be made into a Lego set why can't Lego make a new Separatist cruiser or lucrehulk. Point is that it's objectively true that TLG doesn't want to try new things with SW that doesn't revolve exclusively around the OT (except for one mando helmet, so sorry for forgetting that). Also, I think it's important to mention that you didn't have a response regarding the CMF series because you know just as well as I do that something like that is long overdue for LSW.
  9. I conced this is true in part but it doesn't mean the demand isn't there nor does it mean that Lego can't make the CW and prequel era sets that are desired. Even if everything you say about in-store sales is true that doesn't mean that the online pre-order sales of clone troopers and popular bad batch characters aren't real. The demand for that era is still there and just cause AFOLs don't like/hate the prequels doesn't mean that Lego shouldn't even touch the era. My point was more that Lego should branch out of OT just as Hasbro has because the non-OT stuff sells. I didn't mean to say Hasbro was more popular or better stocked than Lego, that's my bad. This is literally the point that some of you refuse to see.
  10. That's a fair point but if you remember Rebels sets failed more because they were released months prior to the season starting and once the show actually aired the sets were no longer marketed. You have to look no further than Hasbro to see popular SW content selling like hotcakes from all eras of star wars. Black Series has had a run for every major movie and show release and they nearly sell out every time. The Fives (CT-5555) action figure that was sold last year sold out quicker than basically every OT action figure on their site and its success has prompted tons of CW Black Series characters and other action figures from that era of SW. Hasbro's success with pleasing quite literally everybody from OT purists, to hardcore clone fans is what lego should take a cue from. And if you don't believe walk to your local Target or Walmart and go to their Lego and action figure isles. You'll see the X-wings and TIE fighters riding shelves but you won't see Black Series CW Anakin or Hawk. That's just not accurate though is it. The difference in price usually (over 200 dollars) makes UCS entirely different. Making an X-wing for 30-40 cheaper isn't something new, something new would be making a Star Wars CMF like they did for Marvel, or a dual full-scale starfighter set (like Vader+A-Wing from rebels) or a P2 clone helmet with holes or Force Ghost figs or a Separatist Lucrehulk-class set. Some of those aren't set ideas I know but they would be new to LSW and would be a welcome change from the same OT stuff every year.
  11. I've just read the last couple of posts and a lot of people are saying Lego is trying new things and I just don't think that's true. Smaller starfighters aren't new they're just cheaper. Dioramas are just sets that are sold with black bricks + a quote for $20 more than they're actually worth. UCS prequels are also not new and should have been around for the last 10 years as they were the first 10 years of LSW. Helmets are actually new and cool but also fall into the growing group of sets that are smaller, displayable, targeted towards adults (and made more expensive). The fact is they haven't tried anything new in a while and they refuse to make sets on the new media that have been released in the last 1-2 years (Visions, TBB, CW7). TBB has no new sets in the first 8 months of 2022 which is absolutely idiotic cause they have a new season coming out in 2022 and had a popular first season in 2021. Instead, we get two dioramas from the OT which are expensive and made for a very specific segment of your fanbase. The dioramas are popular in this forum because here we are nearly entirely AFOLS and older OT viewers, however, in the grander scheme of Lego SW fans only a small fraction of fans will want these sets. I know this because, as made aware to me in the previous thread, kids are the majority of buyers and adults do the buying for them and no matter how much you love OT you're not buying a $60 - $80 lego diorama for your kid to play with you'll buy a $20 land speeder with a nice farmboy Luke. I think lego has just been lazy in their set ideas for the first half of 2022 and they have had very opportunity to make new stuff from new media or explore unmade prequel/sequel stuff but instead we get more OT.
  12. While that would be incredible I doubt they do a set from TCW S1-S6 in 2022 but if they were to do one I think they'd make it relevant to characters who are popular now like Ahsoka, Rex, and (Maybe) Echo not from Yoda's training arc. Also, I think, as a lot of people pointed out in the last thread, parents, and kids who haven't watched TCW won't recognize the set/scene so at an $80 price point it would sit on shelves until sales.
  13. Compared to ST and PT then maybe but since we get so few of PT it's hard to actually get accurate numbers on that. However, compared to CW and Mando I don't think so. Until recently the Slave 1 and Mandalorian Fighter were sold out on shop at home and for its first few months, the Razorcrest and 501st BP were virtually extinct in stores and online. Sets from the new shows with desirable figures will sell like hotcakes compared to another AT-ST, even if it's a hoth version.
  14. Let's think of it a different way OT: 3 remakes + 3 new sets + 2 Helmets + 1 Statue (Movies from 40+ years ago) + UCS AT-AT+GWP ST: 1 set (Movie is from 2015) PT: 1 UCS Gunship (Movie from 20 years ago) New Media (2020-2021) CW-7: 2 sets (Show aired 2020) + Ahsoka Brickheadz The Mandalorian: 5 sets (Show aired 2019-2021) BB: 1 set Visions: None While you're right there seems to be something for everyone it still doesn't make sense that the non-OT/new media (BB, Mandalorian S2, CW-7, Visions, and PT/ST) have 11 sets while the OT which is popular but not new gets 11 sets too. The marvel example isn't the greatest but it does show that new stuff that's relevant to new shows/movies is possible so its fair to want that. Also I'm not asking for 11 PT sets or anything close to it cause TLG and the OT purists would never go for that, but maybe we get 5 OT, 2 PT, 1 ST and the rest of the sets (maybe like 14-15) are new stuff.
  15. While it looks to be an excellent OT wave the fact is most people want the new stuff that corresponds with stuff that came out or is coming out in 2022. Also just cause TLG does one good wave doesn't mean fans can't hope/ask for another. This shouldn't be a be happy with what you get situation cause there's a lot of new stuff that should be made that isn't and so people have every right to mention it. I don't know if BB shuttle will sell well but I think we will get more sets regardless because it's a popular show that will get multiple seasons so it's gotta have some coverage.