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  1. I'm using the Imperial Speeder Bike design from the 2020 AT-AT for my Scout Troopers, and I gave one a 61976 Messenger Pouch.
  2. While I think the new figs look good, thankfully they're not enough to change my mind about the set - which means there's all of 1 set that I'm definitely not getting. Similar. Bo is #1 for me and Saxon after that because of how much I enjoyed SoM. I'm also looking forward to the new Mando characters (Gideon, Darktroopers, Armorer, & Paz). SoM Maul, too. I'm not hyped, per se, for Fennic but she's going to be getting a lot of screen time over the next year so it's likely that I will be, I will be...
  3. Not sure of the credibility of the source but the rumor also says 3 figs so (speculation now), yeah, likely Mando and Armorer, and perhaps Paz with the Wrecker armor piece? Also, a while back I speculated that they may create a Mando helmet with a stud on top for Gar Saxon's horns and that'd allow them to use the Black Panther ear piece for an Armorer figure - excited to see if that's what's happening.
  4. I'd also been assuming Snowspeeder, though, I believe there was a rumor it was Mandalorian related - from the same source as the $800 UCS Death Star (which turned out to be the currently rumored AT-AT...). Speaking of Death Star, Lego has spent the last couple of years releasing Death Star vignettes. Perhaps the exclusive is a continuation of that? January 2019: 75229: Death Star Escape October 2019: 75246: Death Star Cannon August 2020: 75291: Death Star Final Duel Summer 2021: $30 exclusive Death Star set (e.g. Trash Compactor, Detention Center, Vader Tie)
  5. Yep, that's why I started saying "minifigure scale" with quotes. That said, the UCS A-Wing had fewer than 1,700 parts and 1 minifigure for $199.99. Any incremental increase goes a long way in bridging the meager 500-piece gap from the nearly 1,200 pieces the 2013 Gunship had. Between even a small increase in size, a display stand, modern building techniques, UCS-level detailing, and a handful of figures - that's more than manageable. Right, newer sets have more pieces. They have more detail therefore they cost more; that's just a more in-depth explanation of my examples. But yeah, let's compare; let's take that 2020 AT-AT: It's $159.99 USD (versus $109.99 in 2014 for +70 pieces). It's an upgrade, to be sure. However, could they have made it better? Absolutely! There's lots of details and smoothing that could've been added. They didn't do it, though, because they didn't want to exceed that price-point for a non-UCS or MBS set. Better yet, I'm sure they could've tried completely different techniques if they had the luxury of a greater part/weight count. That's what I mean. Generally, yes, agreed. However, that's sort of a strawman. We're conflating a few groups: (1) a vocal minority of unreasonable fans irrationally upset over a toy company's decision, (2) measured vocalization of rational displeasure, and (3) sales from the cumulative community opinion, including the silent majority. I made a point to say that it's TLG's fault if sales aren't good because, frankly, I don't care about that first group as I don't like the habit, especially in media, where both sides cherry-pick the unreasonable minority and say "see? be angry/afraid/annoyed!". This conflation keeps being made in this thread, though, and it serves as a disservice to the counter-views to a whopping $350, arguably needlessly oversized Gunship.
  6. Wait, I want to be clear: To summarize my initial argument: TLG hasn't exceeded $199.99 USD to go above minifigure scale. That's why the counter arguments so far have opined that it's not possible to reach $200 for a minifigure-scale Gunship. Are you saying minifigure scale would have to be more than $200 because it needs to be 1.5x longer? Because that'd bolster the case against TLG for going beyond "minifigure scale". (I mean, momentarily indulge me here: If it were to be minifigure scale, I don't see why they wouldn't have included 7+ minifigures: 2 pilots, 2 gunners, 2+ passengers, 1 fan vote. After all, previous "minifigure scale" ships have come with a full crew: Slave I, Falcon [2 crews], Imperial Shuttle; this one just happens to have a larger crew.)
  7. BTW On the topic of comparative pricing: I don't think people were using these as a means to determine their votes; I used these lists merely to illustrate that a $200 price point for a Gunship is reasonable (more on that below). Thanks; I appreciate the response, however, I feel like these arguments are rather subjective. For example, I agree with people when they say it's not realistic to compare customs to TLG; I think in cases like this Lego can do better. They're the best in the world and designers like the ones Lego have relish the challenge of building within the constraints they have. I'm not sure how we measure or argue that. Also, I think $200 for a MF-scale Gunship is reasonable because 12 minifigures is, also in my opinion, not unreasonable. After all, Lego hasn't been shy about including minifigures in other minifigure scale UCS sets (e.g. Falcon, Imperial Shuttle, etc.):
  8. From 2017, 4 years ago - so an even better illustration: 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker $149.99 75190 First Order Star Destroyer $159.99
  9. Turbo Tank: The PT UCS we could all agree on; there's no exceeding minifigure scale on one of those lol. Don't blame the fans if this doesn't sell well; blame Lego. The precedence is not "everything gets upscaled": ZERO UCS sets have exceeded minifigure scale while also costing more than $200. The UCS Gunship is the 1st. Here are the ones to exceed $200: STILL not MF-scale: Star Destroyer (x2), DSII, SSD, 10188 (and 2nd version), Sandcrawler MF scale: Falcon (x2), Imperial Shuttle, Ewok Village & Assault on Hoth Everything that's been upscaled was done so in order to reach a target price-point, which has been $199.99 USD since the 2012 B-Wing, no doubt a price analysts have determined to be a "sweet spot" for upscale adult-targeted Lego sets. Given that precedence, a minifigure-scale Gunship was a perfectly reasonable expectation: 2013 Republic Gunship: $119.99 2014 AT-AT: $109.99 2014 Star Destroyer: $129.99 2020 AT-AT: $159.99 2021 Rumored Arquitens: $159.99 Theoretical 2021 Playscale Gunship: $159.99 Theoretical 2021 UCS Gunship with advanced building techniques and/or addl. minifigures: $199.99 TLG has never asked fans to spend more than $200 on an upscaled OT set. PT fans, who we all know love Clone minifigures, who we all know haven't gotten a UCS set in a decade, who have never received a minifigure-compatible UCS set, will be justified in being upset; TLG knew these things and is breaking precedence anyways. For the record, I voted on the UCS Gunship without even considering minifigure scale, one way or another. While I'd prefer minifigure scale, given my gyrosphere-bubble-turret theory, I've been expecting an upscaled version. But the constant fan blaming on here is a bit much..
  10. I used to own the UCS Imperial Shuttle. I gifted the 2015 version to my nephew. I like the new version. It's a great mix of playability and display-ability (not even accounting for price). Play-ability: Could it have more room inside? Sure, however, when it comes to a Lamda, I want my kids and/or me to have the ability to: #1: Swoosh it, check. Better than the UCS, even. Re-enact the "codes" scene - neither playset has a cockpit large enough to fit the entire crew. Transport Palpatine and 2+ Royal Guards. 2015 wins here. The Guards can still usher his exit, though, which is how re-enactment normally goes anyways since nobody likes crumping up and/or removing all of those capes. Display-ability: The 2015 wings look like patchwork; it's an uneven mix of studs, smooth surfaces, and raised riles. I prefer the uniformly studded and (mostly) unraised surface on the 2021 wings, the smooth surface on the hull, and I *really* like the tiling around the nose-adjacent blasters. The curvature on the sides (where the wings raise & lower) is more uniform than 2015 and rounder than the UCS version. Could the cockpit be better? YES. Absolutely. I wish they would've upped the price to $80 USD and addressed this. Admittedly, I'm hoping it doesn't look so bad in person (at least from the important angles) and/or the community crowdsources a solution. That said, I didn't like the nose on '15, either; the area above the windshield isn't supposed to be as long as the windshield itself. (Pedantry!) I'll be happily purchasing this version because I think it's the best one for my family - not because it's all I can afford. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I noticed the 2021 Slave I supposedly has 587 pieces. That's over 100 more than the X-Wing. With that in mind, I don't think it's likely the Slave I will be revealed to have additional figures like when we found out the X-Wing had the General & Princess. I meant ^that comment to be a follow-up to a previous conversation, but, that said, I really hope that does end up being the case with the UCS Gunship: I can't imagine them not including some combo of Pilot(s), Bob, and/or Cody. It'd be odd if they completely ignored the fans, though, so maybe they'd do one as a GWP. Hopefully the obscured figure is one of those and not Windu.
  12. It could also be 2-pieces: They might've tweaked the current Mando helmet so the existing Darth Maul horn piece can be placed on top of it. It'd just need to be a bit flatter with a stud on top. Same sturdy helmet, same flexible horns. This would create other possibilities, too, such as The Armorer from Season 1 of The Mandalorian via a combo of the 'studded Mando Helmet' + the Black Panther ear piece (colored in gold).
  13. IMO Slave I wouldn't be coming out now if it weren't iconic on its own. It's not a product that's trying to ride a wave; the wave is just the icing on the cake. TLG is re-releasing scaled down iconic ships (e.g. X-Wing, Tie, Imperial Shuttle) to target a different segment. Maybe think about it like this: TLG wouldn't release a UCS Falcon and include the Solo movie minifigures. Rather, they're trying to cast as wide a net as possible with UCS sets as well as this line of affordable, iconic ships. The Mandalorian is about The Mandalorian. Boba & Fennic are secondary or tertiary characters. If a kid is trying to act out they show, most of Boba's action in The Mandalorian is in Ep 6 with his old armor. He's sidelined to air support in the episodes where he has his new armor. Fennic is one of the last characters they'd need. She's superfluous, nice-to-have. Characters like that end up being used as bait for bigger sets. She'll be in smaller sets when she's a more important character on Boba's show. It's supposed to be a budget-price OT centerpiece set. Those figures would make it an expensive complimentary Mandalorian set. It makes sense for us to get the updated armor now, but it makes cents for Lego to give us the updated armor later. After all, TLG would rather consumers make two purchases than have two waves of consumers making 1 purchase. BTW I really liked the theory posted a while back about a mifigure(s) missing, like with the X-Wing. That's the one thing that seems off to me and I think more than a few people would change tunes if we see Lando, Leia, or Ice Cream guy hahah.
  14. From a business perspective, it's easy to see why TLG didn't put Mando Boba in this wave: Reality: TLG didn't release Beskar Mando in the Razor Crest. Everybody complains about the RC, buys it, celebrates Trouble on Tatooine, buys it. Alternate Reality: TLG releases Beskar Mando in the Razor Crest, fans rejoice, then mildly praise the ToT price point (e.g. Ahsoka vs. Maul) but it sells way fewer copies. Secondly, it benefits TLG to ride the biggest hype wave, not the first one. I know there are a lot of Boba fans that probably don't understand but, for some people, they've never understood Fett's hype and his appearance in Mando was the first time they've been tantalized by the character. Book of Boba can raise it from interested to excited, and get sales for the Slave I and a clean-look-Boba-set. As another example: Alternate Reality: A Bad Batch Shuttle releases with Clone Wars. The BB come off as flat characters w/ a small contained narrative. It nears retirement shortly after the show comes out. The set's potential is never reached. (The Ghost from Rebels?) Reality: The Bad Batch Shuttle comes out with the show. With at least 1.33 seasons of narrative to play along with, odds are strong that the characters are way more intriguing by the time the set starts to disappear from shelves. Sales are maximized.
  15. Pedilego

    [MOC] 501st Legion BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter

    This looks great! Stellar MOC, nevermind it being your first. The topic of scale is interesting since, in cannon, the Rebel Y-Wings are just salvaged Republic Y-Wings. On one hand, this looks comparable to the UCS Original Trilogy Y-Wing (same slope pieces to cap the front of the "engine canisters") but that said is said to be way bigger than minifigure scale. On the other hand, looking at the source material, you could definitely make the argument that this is close - closer than a recolor/upgrade of the previous yellow Anankin's Y-Wing set, at least. I'd love to see some pictures with minifigures!
  16. It'll probably be 20th Anniversary style where its very pronounced that a figure (perhaps two) is commemorative and not necessarily consistent with the rest of the set. A much less likely analogy is the UCS Millennium Falcon, where they provide minifigures for two eras. But to echo others, expect fewer figures. I'm standing by my theory that they're using the Jurassic World Gyrosphere pieces for the bubble turrets. A $350 price point seems consistent with the right scale to pull that off. They'd only need to change one figure to make it Mando themed. Probably too late for that, though, perhaps they'll put Mando on the box banner and hope it'll encourage the buyers to pretend hahah.
  17. Footnote: The Mandalore Throne Room set means the new extended lightsaber hilt piece is likely finally going to make an appearance as an actual lightsaber hilt piece.
  18. mandr has a video up on the full lineup. His info doesn't match some of the info discussed so far (e.g. no Bo in the Cruiser). I'm pretty happy IF true. While I'd preferred a few things (e.g. Gunship size, non-Bad Batch Clones) the only glaring omission is an affordable way to get Captain Rex. Guess there's still the Advent Calendar & the $30 store exclusive...
  19. Pedilego

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    I stumbled across another piece/idea: Part 30342 Rock Arctic Globe, Bottom It comes in Light Gray & Light Bluish Gray. It's not the smoothest texture and you'd have to use it upside-down, not ideal, but you'd be able to put the antenna through it or - more accurately, you'd be able to rest it on top of the antenna. Perhaps you could add a 2x2 inverted dish, too, in order to help smooth over the top of the dome. The other issue is it only came in the original UCS SSD so it'll Super Star Destroy your wallet.
  20. Calling out other 'uncivilized' behavior doesn't justify ones own. Why not just sell it? There are plenty of SW minifig collectors out there. You're all about 'sending TLG a message' with your purchases; on this one, your biggest, most important opportunity to send the PT message, you're going to sit it out to spite a bunch of people you don't know? Can't be mad at TLG for listening to messages from the fans, right? Also, keep in mind that if Jedi Bob won the most votes because of trolls, then they're the reason the Gunship beat out the Nebulon-B because like half of its votes came from trolls. Point being, in any case, you're not just spiting a bunch of people you don't know - you're spiting people you don't know that also happened to support the same thing you're also passionate about. The 332nd is expensive because it's mass-able. The better comparison is Ahsoka or, heck, the Mando currently on the market.
  21. Yes, it fits, but I'm not sure it's a technique that'd ever be used in an official TLG set. It's very tight and there may be a small amount of lingering friction on the pieces, but it fits. The conflicting info leaves just about everything in play except that the May UCS set will be between $200-250. No confirmation it's even the Gunship. The set list going around says the May set is $200. mandr sourced that the May set is $250. mandr also said he's assuming May is the UCS Gunship.
  22. Keep in mind that CMFs aren't just about the figures. We got the latest diver because we liked the turtle, not because the figure was special. There are lots of accessories & animals that could make a CMF pack attractive: blaster molds e.g. Han's, lightsaber molds e.g. Anakin's, Luke's Endor poncho, Luke's RotJ hair, a lothcat, mouse droid mold, etc.
  23. Let's talk it through by the numbers: is it possible for a $250 Gunship to be minifigure scale? The m5_builds custom Gunship has over 1,400 pieces. That does include double doors but not bubble turrets, flood lights, or minifigures. The BrickVault custom Gunship contains 1,587 pieces. I'm assuming this count includes the double doors, bubble turrets, & flood lights. Side Note: I'm not saying double doors & flood lights for Clone Wars conversions are likely; I'm just seeing what max part count gets us. The custom sets don't include a speeder, which was another 27 parts in the 2013 Gunship. A more detailed version may use 50 pieces? The custom sets don't include a UCS plaque or display stand. The A-Wing used just over 100 pieces so the Gunship may need 150 pieces? The custom sets don't include minifigures. If this set is scaled to them, there's no reason they couldn't, say, re-create the Dooku pursuit scene (2 pilots, 2 gunners, 2 clones, Anakin, Kenobi, Padme, Dooku) plus Commander Cody from the fan vote. That's another ~50 pieces. Ok, so even if they included all of ^that, we're looking at a part count in the mid-1,800s. For comparison, The 2013 UCS Ewok Village had 1,990 pieces, 21 minifigures, and retailed for $249.99 USD. The 2016 UCS Assault on Hoth had 2,144 pieces, 15 minifigures, and retailed for $249.99 USD. The 2017 UCS Snowspeeder had 1,703 pieces, 2 minifigures, and retailed for $199.99 USD . The 2018 UCS Y-Wing had 1,967 pieces, 2 minifigures, and retailed for $199.99 USD. The 2020 UCS A-Wing had 1,673 pieces, 1 minifigure, and retailed for $199.99 USD. This theoretical 2021 UCS Gunship could have up to 1,850 pieces, 11 minifigures, and retail for $249.99 USD. To me, while $200 is entirely possible, a $250 minifigure scale Gunship is tipping the scales a bit too much. For the record, I'd personally prefer & purchase more at minifigure scale. Huh I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing.
  24. Did he say he heard the May set was going to be $250? Or the UCS Gunship? I thought it was the former, with a possibility of it being both. I've been of the mind that it'll be a bit larger than normal, scaled to use the 20455 Cylinder Hemisphere 9 x 4 x 7 used for the Jurrasic World Gyrosphere. As we know, UCS sets have a higher standard for accuracy & aesthetics and I feel like that's the ideal part for the bubble turrets on the side.{"color":12,"iconly":0}
  25. Pedilego

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    As a lifelong fan, 'updating my knowledge' on the Clone Wars really expanded my enthusiasm for Star Wars. I enjoyed the PT just fine as a teen, but the final arch of the Clone Wars is up there with the OT for me. I was just sharing that; no offense taken, at all. Couple things about the show: Lucas has a thing for telling stories out of order. I highly recommend chronological order, not release order: Shows are better when you learn the characters. Do the same with the clones. It's difficult at first & they're easy to dismiss as generic but it's worth it. It's Game of Thrones in reverse; starts off bad & progressively gets better. If you're struggling, find a "watch list" online that condenses the ~150 episodes into the most pivotal/entertaining episodes. You can always go back & fill in the gaps once you're actually invested. This is the closest thing I've seen for posting collection. It's an old thread but it checks out: On topic: I think the disdain for Lego re-sellers is way overstated: Lego is very well aware of this group & if they wanted to find ways to shut or slow them down, they could. But, in a way, re-sellers provide a service to the community. It effectively extends the shelf life of sets. Yes, you're paying a premium to get it after it retires but imo that's only fair. For example, the early modulars are going for thousand(s) of dollars NIB because nearly all of the sets purchased were done with the intention of building. More recent retired modulars are going for far less because, in large part, there's a healthy amount of sets that were bought to be sold at a later date. I've done a lot of eBay sniping during COVID. I bought, built, and re-sold a lot of stuff. From it, I organized a lot of Lego & completed a lot of sets (e.g. BrickLink orders) - putting a decent number of sets 'back into circulation'. Personally, I got to build a lot of sets I wouldn't have otherwise been able to build, keep a lot of sets, figures, and/or parts for "free", and any money I made went back into our family Lego fund to buy stuff like the latest MBS. BTW Yes, I sold my Yoda lightsaber; it's what made the Cantina affordable enough to get when we did. FWIW I'm not saying this as an absolute; there are times where it's scummy, but a lot of people out there seem to think it's an absolute that any or nearly any kind of re-selling is scummy.