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  1. Different color, but the fig is still the same as before. It's not like they completely redesigned Grievous minifigure entirely, just painted him tan.
  2. That's Lego for you in past 5 years! They seriously manage to make things worse for us as customers. Nowadays there can be 90$ x-wing with 3 minifigures, so don't be surprised. I can't understand what they were thinking with 80$ Grievous starfighter with 3 minifigures!!! And from the only picture we have it seems very similar to last version, so why 20$ price increase, wtf!? And minifigure amount in sets has been horrible recently. Which fig is a selling point for this set? Repeat of Grievous or slightly updated Obi-wan? They could have easily made set more desirable with say 2 212 Clones and Cody(phase2) or magna guards( which were last released in 2009/10).
  3. Lego seems to be incapable of doing it this way. Last 2 Anakin and Obi-Wans starfighers had this headset print on both sides of the head, which really limits the use of the minifig. That’s why I don’t like headset prints.
  4. If LEGO will give Anakin appropriate head without stupid headset I think I will buy this set. I mean he doesn’t even wear it in the movies and cw that much.
  5. I guess 2 remaining knights, Chewie and FO stormie(2 if we are lucky) are in the Night buzzard.
  6. Doesn't sound that good to me considering they already made Santa Vader in 2014 calendar
  7. Exactly my thoughts. It's such an outdated concept that only kids love prequels and CW, and adults only love Original Trilogy! Think about it people, if you were say 7 when Ep 1 came out in 99, you'd be 28 now. How is that a kid? Most of PT/ Cw fans are in their mid/ late twenties now, and are fully capable of affording big and expensive sets based on material they love. Personally if Lego were to release UCS Jedi temple or Geonosis Arena I would buy those sets instantly as I love prequels/CW and was never impressed by all OT UCS and regular system scale sets recently. Lego is definitely missing on a huge market by not making more PT/CW sets.
  8. While I’m interested in Night buzzard set I am really surprised that its 70$ when Grievous starfighter is 80$(supposedly). What are they thinking? Buzzard is way bigger in universe then Soulless One, but is a cheaper and smaller set?! I seriously don’t get why LEGO insists on making small-ish vehicles into bigger sets over the years. Aat I am really interested though, given that it’s Separatists version.
  9. I second that. Ghost is long overdue a remake especially with rumors that Rebels sequel show is launching this fall, it would definitely be important part of that show.
  10. Well Raddus is from Mon Cala and is of northern subspecies of Mon calamari. Northern- cold- Raddus- Spaceships are cool!
  11. Is it The Raddus from Last Jedi?
  12. Childish Landino on Instagram just said that all summer sets are what we all wanted for some time, but also all are safe choices. I wonder what does he considers by sets we wanted. All prequel stuff? CW? A lot of unknown here.
  13. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    With all excitement over this news I totally forgot about Falcon and winter soldier set. Mu guess is its either another retail exclusive or one of Eternals set was mistakenly called this and actually I'd F&ws set.
  14. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    As long as minifigs have leg prints they should be good
  15. benderisgreat

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    New Harley Quinn on 50$ set sounds cool to me, but trike?! No thank you.