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  1. Honestly I wouldn't take Lego designer at their word. Corporate code and yada-yada. Considering the way they treated fans lately I would expect them to lie on this topic just cause. Let's face it minifigures sell sets, if they released SW CMF they would potentially lose on set sales. If if that's not the reason, they just don't want to sell us Sw Cmf.
  2. If these 2 sets are as promising as leakers suggest, then we might be onto something here. But if not, at least those of us tired of Ot sets can save some $ on winter wave. Win/win either way.
  3. So 2 relatively big sets and both seem to be OT based? What a surprise! Never would have expected that! How can they make Yodas hut at 80$ without including x-wing though? And what could be Death Star battle? A scene from Ep 4 when Han runs into like a 100 stormtroopers?
  4. Wow, what a surprise, Lego makes another Hoth set! Who could have expected this? On more serious note why is At-St 60$? Last imperial version (2016) was 40$, and it was awesome! Why would they make it even bigger and more expensive? And what does 18+ label add to it? So far winter wave seems like same old same old.
  5. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    You may be right about hair, but we already head good hair mold similar to Monica’s. Cmf will be out of production by the time LEGO will produce Marvels sets, so unlikely that head will be used.
  6. Tbf this is just another one in a big series of “small” mistakes and poor decisions made by SW team at LEGO recently. Like reused burnt Obi-Wan and Anakin torso in summer 2020 sets, poor handling of fans votes for minifigs in Ucs set last year, completely tone deaf comments by designers recently “all fans remember is seeing a yellow clone in a movie”, and stupidity like Imperial logo on Gunship box(how did no one notice this?!). LEGO SW team deserves all negative comments they’ve been getting from fans recently, it’s completely their own doing. This perfectly sums up what I’ve been feeling about Sw theme recently, you put it better than I ever could.
  7. I think S7 of CW has a great way to mix and match different Legion clones. On Venator in final episodes we see Shocktroopers, 332, 501 and shinies. Easy way to combine clones in bp.
  8. I 100% agree with you on plain shiny Phase 2 Clones in a battlepack. The one they released in 2014 that for some reason never got used in a set again now costs more than 10$ by himself! Getting 4 of them would be great idea for bp. Or more realistically why not make a bp that has 4 different legions clones? This way everyone is happy and we have a variety of clones on the market.
  9. Most of BP in last 5-6 years were OT and ST themed though. Last CW battlepack was in 2018 and wasn't even a BP as it had just 2 clones. As mentioned above clone troopers go for a ton on aftermarket right now, so having a reasonable way to army build clones would be great for a lot of people. And while Imperial army for most part has just plain white Stormies, Clones have so many legions ( color options) just getting one isn't the same as having Stormies BP, you only get 1 Legion of clones. So more Clone BP is better for people in community. As for Hoth snowtroopers I'm glad they are doing them, but it's not what I'd like to see them make.
  10. While I love to hear that battlepacks are back, Hoth imperials are the most boring and safe choice LEGO could make! I mean we get some type of Hoth set almost every year don’t we? I’d rather see LEGO give more love to Clone Wars era. I mean when was the last time we got a plain “shiny” Phase 2 clone trooper? Or Shock troopers? Clone wars era has so much Bp potential and LEGO just refuses to embrace it! We need more Clones bp not imperials! S7 of CW is still fresh in minds of people, so why not make Siege of Mandalore clones in bp?
  11. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just got all Marvel Cmf and it’s pretty impressive! Monica obviously stands out as least detailed figure of the bunch and odd choice( should have been Agatha instead). Same with Sylvie, who lacks her cape, leg print, more accurate face and better sword piece. And finally Gamora we s much better than we expected form pictures! She is nicely detailed, but definitely needed shoulder armor piece to complete bulky armor look, and new piece for Thanos sword. The rest of the figures in the series are great(not perfect) and if you liked these D+ shows are a must buy.
  12. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    While Lego doesn't say it's based on Lokis outfit from Thor 1, just like Red Skull from Avengers tower he is inspired by movie version.
  13. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So does any else think that head that comes with Spider Supreme is actually Scott Lang and not Peter Parker? Trailer for What if? showed Scott as dismembered head in a jar for zombie episode where Spider Supreme also comes in.
  14. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Captain Britain looks like a perfect figure to use to modify regular Cap with boots at least, not sure about arm prints though. Star-Panther is probably my favorite in the Cmf, finally we get a Chadwick face to give to BP figures, but sadly it’s last time we’re getting it. Spider Supreme is probably the most detailed figure of the series though and me second favorite here, weird they chose cloth cape here instead of ne plastic piece.
  15. benderisgreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, apart from 3 figs it’s pretty good Cmf! Clearly Monica stands out as most basic figure of the series, she clearly should have been replaced by Agatha. Sylvie is ok, but lack of leg prints and no helmet on Aligator Loki is a a huge letdown. And then there’s Gamora, while figure itself is nice, the sword build is terrible! I mean using orc swords like in Sanctuary II set is way better build if they didn’t want to make a new mold.