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  1. Coopa182

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I have been wondering the same thing. The part was still available to purchase earlier this week; in fact I ordered some when a mate was placing an order. It will be interesting to see if they supply and what ends up happening with the part.
  2. Coopa182

    1x5 brick incoming?

    I was just eating my breakfast looking at my box of Looney Tunes CMF and something gets my attention: a picture of a 1x5 brick. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this yet. With the introduction of a 1x5 plate recently, is a brick on the way?
  3. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    The latest leak doing the rounds is set 40516 “Everyone Is Awesome”. Complete with 11 monochrome minifigs on a rainbow coloured base and each with hair. Looks like a neat set and could make more people interested in collecting more colours. No particularly hard colours included so it makes it a reasonably priced set.
  4. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    And another colour of Medium Legs never hurts either 🙂
  5. Coopa182

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    It certainly looks like it! I obtained some a couple of years ago, and I’ve always been curious about when we’d see an actual minifig released with them. I can see them potentially being popular now!
  6. Coopa182

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Any word on box distribution? Hoping for 3 sets per box again!
  7. Thanks Nath, I’ve Googled Series 21 box layout so many times to make life easier when these eventually hit NZ. I always feel the bags too, but this makes it a little quicker to narrow them down 🙂
  8. The scales idea was the first thing I thought of. People have been doing it for ages with other mystery boxes like Funko mystery minis etc. Hopefully the packaging is consistent enough to make this an effective option. I always get a sealed box or two each season and sell sealed packets to other LEGO fans through FB groups and local LUG. I’m not looking forward to my bag feeling accuracy and practise going down the drain now! I can already picture ripped open boxes in toy stores if this becomes the norm.
  9. Coopa182

    Minifig collecting rant

    The reason the Light Flesh one is “impossible” is because Light Flesh hips were never officially made and included in any set. Legs were available, but not hips. No one knows the origin of the hips, most likely a rouge night shift worker or a test or something? Plenty of parts not seen in specific colours seem to pop up randomly. It isn’t the fact that parts haven’t been printed on. Many of us remove the printing with various methods such as brasso or a simple eraser. But yes that price is ridiculous as is a lot of the pricing on the site; it’s cheaper (but a lot more work involved) doing it yourself. Some colours are more expensive because a part (or two) will have very few options to obtain a part in a certain colour from. For example, Medium Lavender legs were previously only obtainable from Batzarro minifig. They have now just come out on a minifig from Diagon Alley, so the price should drop soon. Some people like to throw money away without doing research or any work, and that happens in any hobby. Websites and sellers will always cater to these people. But please, don’t think we are all throwing ridiculous money at monochrome minifigures just because you think that we think the parts came out of a magic factory plain.
  10. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Renders always make it hard to be certain what colour parts are! I am leaning towards Medium Lavender myself. This will be only the second minifig to have the legs, and may mean the legs could pop up elsewhere and be more readily available?
  11. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    A moderator on a FB group recently obtained some Lavender hips and legs. They are genuine and presumably made on a night shift when no-one was around ? here are mine on the right hand side, alongside Medium Lavender, Dark Purple and the Pinks.
  12. I got my first dud box. I’ve gotten dozens of sealed boxes over the years and never had anything wrong. This series, I got two extra Peapod Costume and two short of the Pirate. Luckily she isn’t rare or too hard to identify, but still a little disappointing.
  13. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    I’ve never experienced any dullness and I have wiped a lot of minifigure parts. I personally use an old towel and pour a little brasso onto that, then hold the towel down on the table (putting some news paper down so it doesn’t soak through to the table) and rub the part back and forth against the towel. Give the can a really good shake first! Take it easy and gently and it takes less than a minute for a torso to be wiped. Legs are the most awkward bits to do! Here is what we get in New Zealand: I had an old can, and when I first tried it I wasn’t having much luck! It turns out it must go off after a while, as a fresh can worked better.
  14. Coopa182

    Monochrome Minifigures

    I use Brasso mainly because we don’t have the other brands/types of other products in my country that people often mention. I’ve never had a part get damaged or discoloured. I always give the pieces a clean with a dishwashing liquid rub down and rinse with clean water, and dry with a soft towel and they remain in great condition.
  15. You’ve made a really good point here. The very nature of CMF is rifling through the display boxes, feeling the bags etc., instead of simply grabbing a boxed item off a shelf. These could be seen as a potential spread of the virus?