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  1. A Bugatti Chiron 1:1 replica built with LEGO elements, nothing exciting!
  2. I agree with you ... it's a shame!
  3. Sorry ... So can we expect to get a closer look and maaaaybe a presenation of its functions of the 2H line-up at New York Toy Fair???
  4. I'm honestly just waiting for that huge 3000+ pieces pneumatic! excavator next year
  5. No, the Volvo wheel loader has parts count of 1600+ and is € 220. So parts count of 1800+ with a price of € 250 is plausible.
  6. Same, I also would prefer a wheeled version of it ... but hey it's still an impressive model. I especially love the fake shock absorbers ... and even more the fact it still has real ones! It has been confirmed that it will retail for € 130 ... so expect to get it for around € 100 at launch.
  7. Hm ... now that I had another look at 42069 I'm actually getting pretty interested in that set. I suppose with the usual Technic discounts at launch it will be around 100 € and I'll likely buy it. But first I want to see a proper video introducing its functions. Technically it might be the most impressive set of entire 2017. It looks like the version they had on display is the final one ... although the box shows a bit of a different version of 42069 if you look closely on the top right corner - where it shows the size of the model - it shows the version as seen on display - with the stickers, the black beams on top, etc.
  8. The 40th anniversary set is a quick money-grab, as simple as that. Why else wouldn't TLG release it as its own set? But oh well, at least TLG helps me saving money this year. I might get the Volvo EW160 now instead :) I hope next year the focus for the flagship model is on complexity again and not this rc crap that doesn't even work properly! And maybe we get a proper ultimate set in 2018. The Porsche was far from ultimate.
  9. Is that a joke!!!??? I was already wondering because in yesterdays videos zusammengebaut.com mentioned that they were not allowed to make a close-up video. Well, guess the exciting times of Nuremberg Toy Fair are over ... it was always a highlight for me in recent years but seeing that they don't even show their flagship set in depth shocks me! Remember that in 2016 they showed us the Claas, Volvo, BWE in detail with all its functions ... only exception was the Porsche but it was still shown there. What a letdown, first London Toy Fair now this???
  10. It's been confirmed by the LEGO employee from the Technic section that 42070 is fully RC - drive forward/backward - steer - every other function are operated via rc as well. I'm only waiting for a demonstration video of 42070 before I can say ... no Technic set for me from the 2017 line-up. I mean after seeing close up pictures from 42070 it's a huge truck with nothing inside??? Here's hoping for an awesome 2018 line-up ... as it was 2H 2016.
  11. So how can 42070 have less parts than the Claas tractor from last year ... given its enormous size???
  12. Is anyone able to read the size of 42070 ... I believe it reads something over 70 cm??? Can't wait for tomorrow ... there should be a demonstration video showing us all the functions! Not interested in 42068 and 42069. I think I might end up buying 42070.
  13. Expect first pictures in around 3 hours from now.
  14. I'm eager to see if 42067 is a real thing and if it will be unveiled tomorrow. Not excited about 42068 if it's just a 'polished' version of the leaked 42051. If it's an Unimog type of Fire Rescue vehicle I'm all in! If 42069 turns out anything like the Arctic Truck this might be the worst 2H set. Very excited to see clear pictures of 42070 and videos that demonstrate its functions. Hopefully the rc part is solely to operate the crane and outriggers, etc. I don't want another rc-driven vehicle like the Volvo wheel-loader. Around 20 hours to go till we will see the first pictures appearing from the LEGO booth at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017! Get excited!
  15. We can expect to see first pictures from the 2H Technic sets tomorrow evening. I'd say in around 30 hours from now.