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  1. I háve 51 falcons (20 new) and 53 crusaders /lion knights - 13 new.. I buy 3 more on BL Last week) I have also old baseplates 8x16 so i put one 32x32 and next to it 2 baseplates 8x16 toake 32x40. This i did 2 Times so together baseplate for creator castle moc is 40x64. I always púť some cheapest briks 2x2 and on the top plate. For one plate i put briks to each corner and in the middle (this is for plate 6x4, if the plate is bigger i put more briks under the plate in the middle). Holes in corners are prepared for pissibility of adding more MOCs together. My raised baseplates that i made the way i wrote just now have good stability, you can better transport Moc if you add this baseplates...
  2. Yes, there are 2 baseplates 32x32 under those original sets from 80th and 90th. The 3x creator castle Moc is on base 40x64, 32 was too tiny in my opinion
  3. comparing 10305 with my other castles... black falcons , crusaders castles by richchie, on Flickr
  4. Thanks, I do not now how many pieces are in my castle moc, but i think it could bé somewhere between 4000 and. 6000 so the upcomming set could be in my opinion similar size
  5. When I first time see the rumours, I was so exited, I would for sure buy this set if it will be thrue :-) Price 350 EUr is relatively high, but because of the price I think we should get big castle with tons of details and piece count around 4000 - 5000. I built in the past my own lions castle tribute to old lego castles, so hope that the official castle set will be the simillar size as mine own creation. If you want to look, you can see it here : CRUSADERS KEEP | Flickr IMG_20211208_113331 by richchie, on Flickr
  6. richchie

    [Moc] Black Falcons last Kingdom

    amazing castle, like the structure of the wall... simple but very nice! Also like the modular style, that you can put out the buildings out and make it more playable. You inspire me to build something like this in the future. You made a really good job here! can I ask you how big is the castle? I mean dimension... It seems to me to be around 50-60cm high am I right?
  7. I decided to rebuild my previous crusaders keep and make it bigger with round tower and bigger courtyard. So right now my crusaders have as big keep as my black faclons have, enjoy crusaders 1 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 2 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 3 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 4 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 5 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 6 by richchie, on Flickr crusaders 7 by richchie, on Flickr and here just one picture of my black falcon castle: Black falcon keep by richchie, on Flickr
  8. richchie

    Crusaders Keep - version 2.0

    Many thanks once again, that interiours Will be probably later in the future, right now I háve on table huge project - fortified city with castle, planning size is 196x170 studs so it Will be my largest moc.
  9. richchie

    Crusaders Keep - version 2.0

    many thanks, I try to build castles for both of my childhood favourite castle fractions. maybe in the future there will be upgrade with interiours :)
  10. I have no words this is absolutly epic, awesome and breathtaking moc, I try to build for my daughter some elvendale moc, but this is absolutely top level I will never reach
  11. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    Siege of Tharbad after nearly 4 years since I start to thinking about this project and 2 years of building , I am finaly in the end. This creation is a part of castle commpetition on (local czech and slovak LEGO fan forum) So, let me introduce my largest MOC - city of Tharbad. Fans of LOTR know this city probably... and because I am a big fan of LOTR and also of Castle, I decided to make my own small fiction to LOTR world and put this fiction in timeline between events from Hobbit and war of the ring. Tharbad was founded by Numenor colonists in 2nd age. After fall of Numenor it becomes part of Northen kingdom of men - Arnor. When Arnor broke in 861 TA , tharbad belongs to Cardolan. In 1409 TA, Witchking of angmar destroy Cardolan, but Tharbad survive. In tolkiens books, tharbad was destroyd by Great flood in 2912 TA. In my fiction Tharbad after fall of kingdom of arnor in 1974 TA still exists as independent city state and great flood in 2912 TA destroy only eastern part of the city. I decide to take my fiction to year 3008 TA when armies of Sauron from Mount Gundabad start siege of city of Tharbad as a last kingdom of men from numenor on the West of misty mountains. To help for besieged city of tharbad come elves from lindon, gondor and also rohan (all armies i have in my collection). Army of orcs was defeated and that was the reason why sauron was not abble to open western front in war of the ring 10 years later after events of my fiction. more pictures here : 1 by richchie, on Flickr 3 by richchie, on Flickr 9 by richchie, on Flickr 12 by richchie, on Flickr 15 by richchie, on Flickr 17 by richchie, on Flickr and some pictures from castle : 18 by richchie, on Flickr 19 by richchie, on Flickr 18 by richchie, on Flickr 24 by richchie, on Flickr 25 by richchie, on Flickr 27 by richchie, on Flickr 26 by richchie, on Flickr 14 by richchie, on Flickr
  12. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    i decide to expand mydiorama. I add tower to the city wall, add forest road in the back of the castle, i have plans to add 2 more buildings - mill and butchery these buildings are still not finish, also i must finish terain in the village. Till then here are some pictures IMG_20201001_132314 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20201001_132344 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20201001_132423 by richchie, on Flickr
  13. richchie

    [Moc] Modular Castle

    wow! if this is official lego set I will buy it for sure, amazing castle, nice details, you did a great job here! i like it so much
  14. richchie

    Black Falcon Keep

    my 2nd project as a tribute to classic castle sets (first was crusaders keep, also posted here on eurobricks) Hope you will like this keep :-) black falcon keep 1 by richchie, on Flickr and the rest pictures : black falcon keep 2 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 4 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 5 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 6 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 7 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 8 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 3 by richchie, on Flickr black falcon keep 2 by richchie, on Flickr
  15. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    finaly I had time to repair terain near the river and the bridge. there will be 2 statute in front of main gate, but I do not have them yet. In future I have plans to add more village buildings such a medieval mill, storehouse... I put here actual picture of the city and to compare the size also one picture where are all my castles . castle dioram by richchie, on Flickr and all my castles : my castles by richchie, on Flickr
  16. richchie

    (MOC) Forestmen’s Tower

    very nice, classic look of this moc is on every picture, well done :)
  17. richchie

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    for ideas it is a big MOC, but castle UCS could be this, I would buy it for sure :-)
  18. richchie

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    my last LOTR army - army of Rohan Rohan by richchie, on Flickr
  19. richchie

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    After few years of collecting and some changes in layout, let me introduce final layout of my orcs army (245 minifigs + 2 cave trolls) Army consists of 200 infantry, 20 bowman an 22 support units (4 of them are scouts on wargs, 8 are siege crew for catapults and balistas) and 3 commanders this layout can be add to my largest MOC - siege of tharbad as a siege army. I try to make orcs infantry not such a clone army, but probably on this picture you can not see that most of the orcs are made by combination of existing LEGO LOTR an hobbit orcs staff. I also add some custom heads and shields Many thanks to my friend, who help me with building such a great army : Orcs army (flickr) by richchie, on Flickr
  20. richchie

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    those pikes i bought together with custom gondor soldiers (torso, shields, helmets) from this BL shop :
  21. richchie

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    my gondor and leves army, which I plann to add to my diorama siege of tharbad many thanks to Friendbricks shop on BL for those custom gondorian staff :-) gondor and elves army by richchie, on Flickr
  22. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    vines are very important to morale of the deffenders on the wall :-) By the way... right now I am repairing the attacking army and making some changes, I was not satisfied with those wargs attacking the city walls, so I decide to replace them by more infantry, I save only few wargs riders as scouts... when I will finish the army I will put here new pictures
  23. richchie

    council of elrond MOC

    Finally i finish my 2nd version of council of elrond. I was inspired by Disco´s Council. I change some thing in my MOC , also the minifigures are not exactly like in the movie, but this is because I want to put this creation to my fiction LOTR story (timeline will be bettwen hobbit an LOTR events), more details about that ficiton story I will put here in the future. Hope you will like my creation :-) IMG_20180815_071402 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071324 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071301 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071255 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071246 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071224 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071205 by richchie, on Flickr IMG_20180815_071150 by richchie, on Flickr
  24. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    all pictures what I have right now are on flick , maybe in future I will make more and put them on Flickr too