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  1. This is awesome :) Actually this set is amazing talking about part amount, model design, maybe some functions :) And also review is in top class, so detailed and leading with vids, great job Jim :)
  2. There is much more sets I liked and would vote, but have only 5 to spend, so my chosen ones are: #10 - 1 point #22 - 1 point #27 - 1 point #32 - 1 point #37 - 1 point
  3. Nice review. Also would like to get a bulk of them - nice turrets, minifigure and neon windscreen :) But its a bit disappointing, that figures in polybags do not have an armor.
  4. 40) Series 11 - Scarecrow Entry (JacloS_UA) - 1 point 50) Series 5 - Detective Entry (Praiter Yed) - 1 point 71) Series 14 - Gargoyle Entry (GuloTheSavage) - 1 point
  5. 20) Kendo Fighter Entry (plasticpolymerlove) - 1 point 48) Ballerina Entry (Pakita) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Graham Gidman) - 1 point
  6. This is my entry for Category B: Rainbow Cloud, home for Unicorn. Even mud plains could be recovered with shiny Unicorn rainbow.
  7. This is my entry for Category A: Heavens Eye, home for the Winged Battle Warrior. This is some kind of gate/entrance in Heavens treasury, which Winged Battle Warrior guards for ages.
  8. Ramidalis

    [MOC] Bucket Wheel Excavator ER-1250

    Not big Technic fan, but really awesome models do an impression for me :) Very detailed model, also very nice functionality and really heavy measures :) Cool looking one :) аплодисменты стоя :)
  9. Perhaps I'm too stupid or my English understanding is in germ stage, because I don't see the difference between A and B categories then :D I can use any other minifigure in both categories and in no one should be any traces of 15th series :) am I right? :D Thanks for the patience :)
  10. Nice that I noticed it :) I would like to participate, but I have some questions, because I was confused in rules for several times :) For category A - aren't figs from series 15 allowed or what?
  11. Can't wait to see these figs in sale :) Very nice review besides :) In last vote selection needed to mention choice of neutral, because for me it's not very important, does minifigs belong to one theme or it is classic collection, both of that is awesome :)
  12. Ramidalis

    Pillage the Village 2015 Contest: Voting

    Large Category: E1 H2 Small Category: C1 D2
  13. Ramidalis

    REVIEW: 5002948 C-3PO Exclusive Polybag 2015

    Neat review as always :) Would like someday have this and other colorful C-3POs which costs not much as chromed one :)
  14. A lot of nice models, but these I like the most: 16: 10 15: 6 11: 4 20: 3 10: 2 14: 1
  15. Ramidalis

    [WIP] (Pre-)SHIPtember 2015 spaceship

    Looks very nice and what is more, it's inspiring me to start sorting bricks :)