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    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    ^ Don't agree. It looks very nice. And it is fairly accurate:
  2. parsom

    [MOC] Treasure Chest by Slawek Kaczorowski

    Nicely crafted piece of woodwork...
  3. parsom

    [MOC] Sugar kills!

    Beware your sweets! Don't look into chocolate boxes after dark!
  4. parsom

    [MOC] House Lantern

    Gingerbread style house stuffed with three lightbricks: And when the lightbricks are off:
  5. I was waiting for this promotion, I was planning to buy 76139 and 40433 combo. And at Thursday midnight, I was trying to do this. However, due to enormously skilled Lego IT I since 0 am to 2 am, I wasn't able to do anything - Lego S@H completely crashed. So I went to bed. And when I woke up 40433 wasn't available anymore. Since Friday my frustration and anger are growing. Now I can't look at pictures of 76139 without negative feelings. By poorly designed and executed action they ruined my anticipated joy. They also abominated me the 76139, the set that I was loved from the first sight. My disgust is growing so much that I started to think about selling my Lego collection. Now I have cancelled Lego ordered from other sellers - no Lego for this Christmas in my house. Thank you, Lego! You saved my money!
  6. Am I overreacting? Sure, I am. However, my overreaction is the end result of a series of small frustrations generated by Lego. I'm also tired by the overall false positivity presented on Lego fan sites. Overpriced set (Aston Martin)? No problem, the price is fair. Ugly set? No problem - we like it, because we don't want to loss our free reviewers sets. Crashing S@H site? Maybe, but they are working on it. So - S@H site is bad as hell since I remember. Another annoying thing - politics of exclusivity. Wonderful sets (like Dragon Dance) available only for a small part of consumers. More - decision to not distribute CMF 19 in Eastern Europan countries. With no word of explanation. And all this followed by the words about love for AFOLs (said when they bought Bricklink). Speaking more about my private decisions - few days before Black Friday I had the opportunity to buy Stranger Things (and few other big sets - like Tree House) at very attractive price. But I said - no, keep the money for Batmobiles. This will be my Christmas gift. I will build the small one at Christmas Eve, and the big one between Christmas and New Year. So now I lost not only the Batmobiles, but also the Stranger Things. Moreover - I still cannot watch the new sets without negative feelings. I don't want them. And if I don't want new sets, then I started to think that I don't want the old ones also.
  7. What do you think about this? Does it count as a historical? The Wardrobe
  8. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Guys, are you able to see "support" ("supporting") button on your own project page? It was visible, and now it's gone.
  9. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    "We are currently investigating a bug related to users not being able to see their Product Ideas. Our developers are looking into a fix for this as soon as possible." Nice, I hope that this bug will add me some votes...
  10. I found a photo of Treehouse alongside Old Fishing Store. Indeed, they look splendid together:
  11. Meanwhile - this series probably will not be available in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine). Thank you, Lego!
  12. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Could somebody please take a shot of Treehouse alongside with the Old Fishing Store? I wonder how they compose together.
  13. parsom

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I hope it will be Gingerbread House.
  14. Does anybody have a photo with Tree House next to the Old Fishing Store? I wonder how they look like together.
  15. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Another example of Lego web designers in action:
  16. Where the honey is Winnie the Pooh?!
  17. parsom

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    Price is obviously ridiculous. But where is the goat? There was some black and white goat leaking photo on the Instagram!
  18. parsom

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    Box back view is also available. And it looks that it comes with moving functions! Probably there are wheels hidden in the hull, and when you push it forward paddle wheel is rotating, and funnels are going up and down. Nice! I like it!
  19. parsom

    [MOC] Pop-Up Wardrobe

  20. parsom

    [MOC] Pop-Up Wardrobe

    This is my entry for Lego Ideas "Create a Bricktastic Pop-Up Story" contest. Pop-uptic version of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. Instructions: Step one: Open the book. Step two: Open the wardrobe. Step three: Enter the Narnia. You can find here: Tree of Youth from "The Magician's Nephew", Picture of the Dawn Treader, Mouse from chapter fifteen of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" (or Reepicheep if you like), Miniature versions of the Jadis' Castle and the Beaver's Dam (in my own interpretation, not the movie based), Some attic stuff (with old Lego boxes and Narnia map). And the movie: Check also:
  21. parsom

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Or "you stupid woman" scene... Oh, wait - it's from some really funny series.
  22. parsom

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    According to "You don't get ghost mini-figures in the box, for example, although included characters can be "possessed" by replacing their heads. Instead, the ghosts are supplied through AR and it feels as if the phone is the portal into a different world." Too bad, I like plastic ghosts...
  23. parsom

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I like it. But I guess that this mean end of my dreams about resurrection of 10228 :(
  24. Strange, so prize B is much more generous than prize E?
  25. I hope that it will not be the DB5 price level...