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  1. MangaNOID

    [TC17] War Trike

    Very nice playability! Nice build. Lots of thought gone into this I hope our mad max worlds are antipodal to each other, otherwise I hope you can take some fish for trade of sparing my fishing warrior
  2. MangaNOID

    [TC17] The Fishing Warrior - finished

    thanks for comments people I'm a bit worried it does not look Mad enough for the competition, but I could still see it in that world for sure. And I'm glad I finished, with it working properly this time! and I had more fun with TC this time.
  3. The Fishing Warrior built for the progressive side of a post apocalyptic world where peoples can trade and live in harmony rather than battling pillaging and annihilating each other. small single piston engine for efficiency as fuel is in short supply. pedal power for when fuel runs out, switched from the lever near rider seat. the winch can pull the fishing net in, or go out in the raft to catch deeper larger fish. features include suspension steering single piston engine pedal power rear tray with opening gate winch - driven from pedal power or engine fish drying nets that fold out storage box fishing rods roof that comes off and used as a raft with seat and buoyancy floats, fishing rod holders, oar holders and lights. oars swiveling lights
  4. MangaNOID

    [TC17] The Fishing Warrior - finished

    The Fishing Warrior is finished. the roof was supposed to be all Tan colour but the bits never arrived in time. I had to take photos/video this weekend. Supercharger had to go. it was too clumsy looking and the bands I had were too tight and it bent a little under the load...even though it worked. anyway I think there is plenty of functions to play with with this. Video almost finished.
  5. MangaNOID

    [WIP] Space Shuttle

    I like the gap! I think there should be more, but this does look better than the previous imo. But that is my opinion and as soon as you ask for opinions you get too many of them confusing your own ideals
  6. MangaNOID

    [TC17] FrankenBase

    your builds never disappoint. so much to this and functions and playability
  7. MangaNOID

    [TC17] The Fishing Warrior - finished

    Twin scroll supercharger on single cylinder completed. supercharger has on/off switch like any mad max supercharger should works great in forward but a bit iffy for reverse for unknown reason.
  8. MangaNOID

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    What’s with the real spooky ghost child in the background at about 42 seconds in the vid. Seriously what am I seeing there?
  9. MangaNOID

    [WIP] Space Shuttle

    I realise the space shuttle is a long smooth shape and looks are subjective but for me a whole bunch of the same shape panels lined up cheapens the look. Your other builds are inspirational but this, so far of course, is a bit dull in outside looks. @howitzer above said fill the tail in but I suggest unfill some body work? Technic should be on display...somehow. Easy to criticise of course flex axle cargo bay? Or Take some panels out of the side of the shuttle for balance. The tail and wings have suggestive shapes but maybe the body needs that also?
  10. MangaNOID

    [TC17] Harshharvester (finished)

    There is a lot going on in this build, but not just cosmetically, functionally as well!
  11. MangaNOID

    [TC17] The Fishing Warrior - finished

    I have finally started the real build after a few small parts delivered. Here is the finished switching clutches. Operated by the steering links. A bit hard to see but I’ll put all detail of the operations in the final vid. The tan axle on the right switches the winch for the fishing nets etc. which is also chain driven. As said the upper switch operates either pedal or engine power. the Ute tray sits right on top of this so I couldn’t use conventional switch mechanisms. But that’s the fun of technic. Also We have a couple of fishing rods to go with the nets. Hopefully a couple other fishing equipment things too if I have time. These rods have a reel ‘lock’ using the small rubber axle thingy and are about 40-45 stud length I think.
  12. I did also wonder if my Fishing Warrior would be Madmax enough for an entry as its not set up to be a murdering marauder. But also in Madmax world someone has to be civil and catch some food to eat I think a post apocalyptic world has quite a large varied scope even though madmax is in the title theme. And maybe what we call zombies are really just very hungry people that would eat anything…and really just need some fresh fish
  13. MangaNOID

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    yes, that warm ice makes me feel like I'm breaking a sweat already :) but anyway that is one epic looking capable vehicle
  14. MangaNOID

    [TC17] Taxidermy

    I get it now! also the top suspension arms are missing from the picture that attach to the top of the dogbone? it makes sense now, just about all the suspension components are outside the chassis
  15. MangaNOID

    [TC17] Taxidermy

    this is looking like an awesome mad taxi. Is there rear suspension? its a bit hard to tell how that spring will operate?