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  1. Lovely helicopter! The video makes it look so good. I like how balanced and solid the functions look too, with the blades spinning.
  2. Nice! I really like it. Have you any recommended spring size/rate etc?
  3. Thankyou @TechnicRCRacer that control linkage is very nice and certainly helps my head get around perpendicular link travel! @steph77 thankyou for enlightening me about the 90 degree ‘lag’ I was not aware of this so I will try factor this in. I had a quick read and I understand it (as much as I need to anyway [I hope]) however I don’t think it will be too much of a concern (unless I understand it wrong) from the picture I presented of the 269 linkages it appears that the lateral links are ‘reversed’ so when the control stick goes left the swashplate tips up on the left. However the main rotor blades have a 90 degree trailing edge pitch control rod (counter clockwise rotation) fixing everything? EDIT: I may have the above a little wrong as its a trailing edge control rod, so the pilot stick goes left the swashplate drops to the left. Or, the right side lifts to negate that side thrust get it right soon. All this shows that the swashplate I posted previously is again, far from anything real. Although I did incorporate a lateral pitch mixer in a sense I hope that I have all this right now and can start designing? The connections from stick to swashplate will in no way be as complex as the real 269 as there is no space for that many links and idler arms. But I will take the concept and simplify to my best and with approval from everyone here (especially Steph77)
  4. I did a lot of searching through internet files and found this in a maintenance book for the 269! Gold. I should have done this before. It shows how good and acurate the linkage design of @steph77 above is. I won't clog the airways but I'll hopefully post back in a week or 2 with a fitting solution to the space and scale and parts I have. I may need to bricklink the ball axle with grooves though that slips on the axles to help though.
  5. A very elegant solution! especially when compared next to mine I understand what you are saying now. thank you @steph77much appreciate your time and knowledge no doubt this is more like real helicopter linkages too, which is what I should be looking at. I'll try building this to see how it operates in the space I have. It seems that there would be 2 links to the cyclic control stick instead of one which I really wanted to achieve, but once again I have probably overlooked the real setup on the real thing which would have 2, now thinking about it. I need to research now. the one thing that strikes me though is that the arching movement of the 90 degree swing will lessen the upward movement transferred to the swashplate. especially when the yellow collective has been lifted. perhaps this doesn't matter though. also the push pull action needed to operate the RED is giving me a headache on how to translate to a control stick left right. I'll have a play. Ill try and make this type of link work as its just better and more real solution. thank you!
  6. Ok I still don't follow what 90 degree rotation/translation system means. Even after looking at effermans creation. If everyone else usually does it, am I missing something really important? Im rebuilding this thing again as it looks way too messy and big and too much flex in the sideways cyclic movement. I need it slightly more compact and I want the engine on an angle like the real one, so if I'm missing something crucial please let me know as I feel like I have made a loaf of bread, that looks like bread, it smells like bread, but everyone except me knows it won't taste like bread...haha.
  7. Would love to see what you mean by that if you have photos etc? I was a bit confused but I think you are referring to the control input movement? If so then yes it sure needs this and integration to chassis is going to be challenging! But I am really enjoying this challenge. thanks for your input
  8. I think I have a working swashplate This week has sapped all brain energy trying to get this working. All the cyclic functions will be (are) operated through one axle link saving precious room, I am very happy with that. I had to re build the whole thing too as the rear output to the tail rotor was too high in my scale of opinion so I dropped it one stud. swashplate is really still too high but no way can I get it lower keeping all this functioning as compact. the 2 DBG axles are the collective controls. they stick out as they need to go to the very left of the cockpit. axle with green bit on is of course the cyclic controls (still need to make a fancy control stick of course). this will hopefully be moved a few studs to make the helicopter left hand operating, as I think it was on the Calypso, leaving room for 2 passengers. Video of operating. (the red liftarms etc are just there to support the dark tan axle sticking up from the swashplate suspension arms) hope it looks like it should for swashplate movement?
  9. Thought there was some black magic happening for the rear pitch, took me ages to see the axle down the side. nice use of the wheel hub too!
  10. Nice! How much blade movement do you have? I thought most helicopters were only 30degrees or so (from quick research) haha, not trying to be pedantic or anything just curious. excited to see this anyway as helicopters are my flavour at the moment
  11. Very nice! I like the black fan one best.
  12. Who would have thought that these helicopters had a piston engine! just another function to squeeze in as soon as I realised that. a flat four with belt drive up to the main and rear rotors. attempt one was ok but the 5x7 frame started getting in the way when trying to nut out the swash plate controls. so I built a 'c' frame that is surprisingly rigid and leaves plenty of room for the controls bottom part of swash plate on I surprisingly quite close to keeping all in the right place/scale to each other. the only thing so far is the engine and belt drive are tilted front down on the real one slightly and there is no way I have the abilities room to do that. colours are not final and I hope to put more detail in like the real one but nutting out the mechanics still of course. EDIT: does anyone know if there is LEGO rubber band that may fit between the two cranks to replace the chain?
  13. I'll second what mocbuild101 said about the battery box holding up with extra motors. I have a crane powered off one batt box with 2 s bricks and 8 motors. as for modding I really suggest building the model first before you get to excited about modding it. Hope you enjoy the build and not just the end product
  14. hey @steph77 what a nice helicopter that is! this is indeed no more a c model attempt and as mentioned will be trying my hardest to replicate the Hughes 269 of the Calypso ship. it will be an M motor powered thing if i can fit it in but the battery box will be hidden under a (the Calypso's) helipad if that makes sense, with the helicopter sitting and rotating what you see in the above photos are just a lego sketch of size parameters. I have been busting my brain trying to make a compactish swash plate and rotor head that would suit the delicateness of this chopper. I am missing some actual parts which i have ordered but this is mostly what i have in rotor swash plate design (forgive the LDD image i am not very good in LDD and some parts I can not find in there. the dark disc at the bottom should be tiles (swashplate) and the green balls get pushed up and down as they rotate on the axle. the only problem i see with this is that it is tall and may not be very sturdy at the top end of things when its spinning. your swashplate idea above may help stabalize things as you use another made up plate on top with a ball axle in the middle? genius! I may have to use this if mine dosn't work (which i'm doubting after seeing yours) I do like the way mine looks though, higher up, as it kind of mimics the Hughes somewhat well in my opinion if I can keep the height of it. I only wish there were slighty shorter track rods or whatever they are called. I have been sketching linkage designs also (that hurt my head even more than the swash plate) and have some solids leads but I need to finish the rotor bit first i think. anyway I appreciate your (and anyone's) input from someone that obviously know their Lego helicopters!
  15. thanks for the comments all it all helps with motivation sometimes. I have decided to try and get a somewhat to scale model with this and it will be finished in yellow white and Black and will look way better of course (I hope) than this snow skiing bare bones template. this project almost got axed as I have struggled big time to get a working swash plate with cyclic and collective. now there are plenty of designs out there but they are very large and I didn't want to overbear this chopper with oversize swash plate. as it is, I realised I need 3 rotors instead of 2 to replicate the Hughes 269 anyway I spent plenty of hours this week (at work) sketching up possible designs, failing and trying again. I finally think I have one I'm happy with (there is still at least 1 flaw to work through) I'll try building a rough version over the weekend to see if it will work but I need a few parts that are expensive from bricklink for the proper one. in the meantime I mocked up a triple rotor look a like top part thing to see how the size would look. I think it will be OK, just. scale of the chopper is actually good so far except the tail needs a few more studs length.