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  1. superb truck! you should call this the 'Irish queen' (red and green should never be seen etc) the lines are wonderfully pleasing to my eye. good work on making this small but handsome with virtually no system parts (?) and functional too. spend a few pennies and get a few more tyres for the trailer.
  2. I understand that. I understand their thieves, I understand their making money off others without compensation. but like people have said it’s not going to stop. And, the point I was trying to say is No doubt at all that most people that can afford LEGO will buy, and will want, the better product and those that can’t may buy the inferior. so I don’t see anyone missing out on much monetary wise, when trying to sell building instructions. Just think of it that one is helping to provide to the less fortunate whilst sitting in our ivory towers studying the masses on how to keep our privileges away from them.
  3. I might be on my own here (nope, I just read @Pvdbpost) but if I had a MOC that got knocked off by the Lepin or another big knock off company I doubt I would mind much and may even be a little excited that my MOC was a chosen one! Now I say that because I haven’t really made many Mocs and still fresh and have zero desire to try and sell designs for money and happy to share anything I make with anyone who wants, so I’m not in a protective mind set. I would be upset if a single entity claimed a design of my own for theirs though. but for me I can afford to buy the real LEGO so I will, but there are poorer people who cannot so what? They have to miss out on some fun? Just let them have Lepin in my opinion. Of course that opens arguments and discussion that’s not really appropriate for this thread I guess.
  4. Needs some tidying up but it works with pneumatics and feels pretty solid. will finish it off when back from holidays in a couple weeks. Very happy so I’ll leave it on a good note for now.
  5. MangaNOID

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    I like this. Although I tried some braking on a pulley wheel also with the rubber ‘tyre’ and the ‘tyre’ slipped a lot on the pulley wheel when grabbed. Have you not had this problem I guess? I was using high rpm though which maybe different to what you have. make sure you post the finished arctic truck!
  6. Gear racks just won’t fit. Well they would, but they would be well visible and messy looking and unsymmetrical etc as far as my thoughts go anyway. I’m really trying to have a neat looking MOC as well as a technical one this time. Small LA’s are a similar problem but I may have to live with them and try hide them where the pneumatics are now and move the pneumatics out (to hide the LA’s) the thing is I can’t see any other way of connecting the tracks to the chassis without the use of pneumatics cylinders as the cylinders slide, and hold the weight of the model. Small LAs don’t do that. another thing is that i really wanted the control of this to be in the cabin, which could make gear connection and LAs better...I may have to re think my plans a little and compromise I have one last idea to try when I have time to get the pneumatics working, then rebuild time if it’s a no go.
  7. thanks for you encouragement Steph77 although I am not sure the hardest part is done... I decided to work on the under carriage for a bit and try and work on expanding tracks. what a pain in the bum. to take the load of the excavator (about 1-1.2 kg tops) I decided to use pneumatic cylinders (after trying a whole bunch of stuff) as they had less flex than anything else I tried. They also fit in to the scale that I wanted. I built a fairly awesome solid chassis with coaxial drive to suit that is also fairly compact. took ages but I am happy with it and its dimensions which suit length and width/s of tracks. now as this is supposed to be a pneumatic model then using these cylinders to expand the track also is obvious. except that I can not get them to open evenly. Even just on one side. some cylinders slide easier then others and they end up opening wonky and then become parallel when the end expansion point has been reached of course. maybe I'll have to live with this. I thought about linear actuators to expand the tracks which would (possibly) work but there is not much room and they look a bit ugly. a pneumatic tank hooked up helped a lot but is still not perfect and they open very quickly ruining the spectacle of the opening. I also tried lift arm 'guides' through the chassis but there is still some wonkyness due to Lego gaps desperate to try and keep the cylinders to do the opening so if anyone has any suggestions about even opening rates it would be great full. I've tried quite a few things but I am lost.
  8. 5 : 10 6 : 6 10 : 4 1 : 3 3 : 2 11 : 1
  9. Yes I now have a whole bunch of black frames so I will use those as much as possible too. Pretty sure this is 3cyl with .993 displacement. And just read this TYM 1800 has expanding tracks width! Not sure I’ll be able to implement that especially controlled from the cabin but I’ll keep it in mind now...even though this is a generic excavator I’m up for a full challenge...then scale back to what reality can handle
  10. So I have had to almost start again. The first version left no room for the coaxial drive from the cabin so version 2... I started with the coaxial drive and then implemented the slewing as that took up a lot of room. It’s much better now, less room. All on one side direct under the controls with drive coming from the rear where the motor will be. Here is a short vid of it operating (slewing speed is too high but it is just a demo. I’ll have to get some new pneumatic switches now but they should fit in nicely where I left room and operate off the forward and backward stick position (on this left side control) im not sure what the scale will be but I am trying to stick to 17 studs wide for the body. tracks are roughly to scale of final. hopefly I can add to the chassis easily and strengthen. plan is for 1 motor to power everything, pneumatic pump, 3cyl engine etc. hope there is space.
  11. hey all thought I would start a WIP of my new project which is a generic Mini Excavator. Although it is loosely scaled on a TYM TE1800. what started this is the Calypso helicopter I built. I was a bit disappointed to have not used any swashplate technic awesomeness that @steph77 was so helpful to help me understand. so I have taken the swashplate operation part and decided to use these as the controls of the excavator. In the correct place (cabin) and set up like a real Mini excavator iso controls (as best as I can of course) Left hand left = cabin slew. Left hand right = cabin slew. left hand forward = Stick Boom (Dipper) away. Left hand back = Stick Boom (Dipper) close. Right hand left = Bucket curl in (closed) Right hand right = Bucket curl out (dump) Right hand forward = Main Boom down. Right hand back = Main Boom up the idea for these swashplate controls is hopefully to have a bit more control over the pneumatic movements with the new axle hole switch. the switch will effectively be geared down or the movement halved so at maximum operator stick angle there should only be half the pneumatic switch angle operation. So hopefully slower, finer control of the cylinders...we will see. now it all looks pretty untidy at the moment with lots of extra bits sticking out for support whilst I work on placing all the functioning parts. it is going to be pretty compact in there if i can get it right at this scale. I have had a lot of headaches already just getting to this stage. tracks are not to scale and will not be the ones used. they are just holding everything up at the moment. this is the slewing which is connected to the gear clutch the pneumatic switch will be connected to the black axle sticking out. The axle will be solidly connected to the 7L beam when finished instead of the 1L bush this will hopefully be the track controls. space is real tight so i am trying to control the gear clutch with the 3L bar. it does work but the lever arm has to be 'held' in place with the cabin floor to stop it popping out of the clutch. very long way to go!
  12. MangaNOID

    [TC14] Catapultanium -Please merge

    Considering I gave up on this contest you can pay no attention to my comment, but the other first version was way more promising and technic. This one does not seem very technic to me.
  13. MangaNOID

    General Part Discussion

    Thanks. I am blissfully unaware how the selling side of bricklink works, so I thought that part would have been 'chucked' up for sale all ready, being a new part and all, that should be popular
  14. MangaNOID

    General Part Discussion

    trying to source the new pneumatic switches from the 42080 set but none appear on bricklink yet Does it usually take a while for new parts to show up there? Also the parts list doesn’t show that piece even on brickset or bricklink
  15. oh man talk about breaking necks with that over the top twist motion