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  1. you know I thought of this this morning too and got a little excited about it, but then thought that it wouldn't have too many functions other than perhaps folding it up for storage etc. but would be cool to have a flying Lego kite.
  2. Thanks @I_Igor but looking at it today it seems a little off in the direction the aesthetics are going. I seem to struggle combining the 3 main elements of building a good model but ok at having 2 elements. We shall see what happens but I’ll have a building break on short holiday and then finish the functions before further tackling the aesthetics again which I seem to find the hardest part to do.
  3. I was thinking old-style @jotta93 but to me that’s studded stuff anyway I lost a little mojo on this so I’ll leave it for a while and go on holiday for a couple weeks, but here is a shot of scale with a 12” male model to show its all fitting nicely. the roofline is definitely borrowed from 42054 (with a Volvo sticker) but I hope I have captured the dorky look of these machines. Hopefully over the Christmas period I will get some motivation to shove a motor and some pumps in to see if it all works mechanically.
  4. Thank you for the input @Rudivdk @I_Igor @jotta93 all comments help a lot (whether praise or criticism ) The re build has been going well, although I have only been concentrating on the upper body not the undercarriage. The battery box will be directly under the driver seat. All controls are in quite accurate position of the real one. scale is about 1:6 so I'll have to get some cheap 12" action figure to sit on here for the next update maybe I had to move the turntable forward in the model 2 studs (unfortunately for scale purposes) as that helped reduce lean when the arm was in the extended position. The mini excavators do not have much rear body on them that is behind the turntable to help balance the weight unlike other cranes or excavators. This caused all sorts of headaches with the track gearbox and coaxial positioning for me. There was not much room left upfront but after a LOT of thinking I jumped on LDD and mocked up the chassis and found an answer fairly quickly. the end result looks simple of course but that's usually the case no doubt. I haven't tested the tracks under power yet though but the sticks feel great. actually all the controls feel like they will be very intuitive (if they actually work!) Structurally I am very pleased so far. It is quite rigid and the extended arm puts virtually no flex through the chassis. left right arm movement is a few degrees off from the real one each way but I'll live with that. I also managed to move the left right controls of each stick inboard which looks WAY better than having them outside. I am struggling with the aesthetics side of things but hopefully this will help me out with more external space. I do not think there will be many if any panels used on this model though and may try keeping it more open in looks. the rear shot shows hopefully enough room to have a motor, double small pump and some gears etc.I am still hoping to activate the variable tracks from in the cabin somehow but that dream is fading. Another problem which I haven't really tackled yet is where to put all these hoses! I have been keeping it in mind but I may get a 'oh crap' moment when I try and actually hook them up. weight of the model so far with full battery pack is 1080g
  5. MangaNOID

    Millennium Falcon

    Bare bones technic, this is awesome and not too large. I was just thinking today how LBG is my preferred non colour, colour. I may just get the instructions and build this. great use of pieces too, but I’m a bit weirded out about that lip at the back. Not sure but looks too pokey out or something Otherwise
  6. MangaNOID

    42094 Tracked Loader

    Great to see that Lego will only release one Technic set in 1H of 2019, This single Technic set confirms they are concentrating on quality instead of quantity... I'll be trying to save some pennies to get this one
  7. MangaNOID

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    hate to be a negative poster but Lego over paneled cars don't really work for me. That Porsche, mostly the front, is very poor looking. the overhang of the front is huge! and that makes the wheels look way too small. if the front was fixed up a bit maybe a different story. but I guess its a technic set right, so aesthetics are aside. still the tracked loader and tracked racer are top sets for me.
  8. MangaNOID

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So A model of tracked racer is maybe 50% faster than the B model? Depending on if larger sprockets are geared down. B model being similar in speed to 42065? 42065 must have been a good seller to make a very similar one. Maybe this says something about fast RC LEGO if this next tracked racer is a good seller too they might up the motors size again...
  9. MangaNOID

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Some great looking builds there. That pair of old school tractors look awesome. Looks like a few bits of custom panel work? Very nicely done. thanks for showing the pics.
  10. MangaNOID

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    That tracked loader looks great! I'm glad they beefed it up with suspension too and like the fact there is a lot of those curved axle joiners, whatever they are called, is good. look forward to the new sprocket too, that could be great for some MOC's. I guess it may appear in the 2H sets somewhere. no doubt there will be 2 M motors? I wonder how the gearing/speed will be compared to the other tracked racer. My count of sprocket 'bits' is roughly 15 (compared to 10 for the current one) That's all I'm interested in.
  11. MangaNOID

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    I just supported this. It is really interesting and I love how it is a bit interactive so you can play with the lengths. I has a good chance of success (if it reached the 10000) as there are very few parts, so a low price tag. as mentioned it could be too technic for people to vote. Maybe a version with minifigs on swings... well done and good luck.
  12. I would like to ask what could be a stupid question, but can the sequence be interfered with and still have the puzzle solved? By that I mean, for example, could one swap one pile of discs onto another peg at some point in time when it's running and it would still end up completing it properly.
  13. MangaNOID

    [MOC] Grapple Truck I6

    love the truck, it has great aesthetics. Realy nice for my eye. love the steering mechanism I don't like the look of the messy lifting arm though, and it looks like a lot of weight is taken up by one lift arm just after the first boom elevation connects, just above where the yellow axle is? from looking at the rest of the truck you have skills enough to easily make it better (even though it works of course)
  14. MangaNOID

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Plenty of info in the last 4 odd pages to do a google search successfully. I like the look of both sets myself. I hope they are the new box style too it looks great.
  15. thanks @Rudivdk I did need those vertical pin holes as that is where the pneumatics in the undercarriage were attached too.. I thought I was being smart using the cross blocks. I may try your Idea of one crossblock in the middle for when I re build the undercarriage as that sounds like a good starting point and would still work with where the pneumatics attach, thanks!. At the moment I am starting with the upper body. I am not too disappointed in a way, as I have learnt a lot and felt like the build was getting rather messy and make do in many areas so I will try to avoid that this time. very much still enjoying this build despite setbacks.