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  1. Ohh, thanks @2GodBDGlory sounds very interesting, yep hope @Aerolight can tell us more!
  2. There is some great engineering in here! I only just followed everything along...I think. Well done on a very interesting build to get the end product you wanted that also works really well! Can I ask what do you mean when you write ‘home brew motors’? Also loved the bit when you ‘remove’ the bodywork almost by just ripping it off.
  3. Nice model! Should be proud of this one
  4. This is very cool!! (Except the engine that is right in the cabin )
  5. Its a hard choice of where to buy from here in Aus...
  6. Dam that's cool! I don't know how you lot do alternative models. I don't get any inspiration when looking at a predefined pile of parts...
  7. Just don’t produce the lime green pulley in the first place And once they start producing everything in lbg dbg and black there will be no problem after a small overlap. Just like a lot of the old sets used to be. anyway I’m hardly being too serious but a bit less colour splattering would go a long way. Ill put my little money where my mouth is though and say I’ll be getting a whole bunch of the prementioned colours so I can build sets how I like...if I like And not have to actually buy each set.
  8. There is no logic to that. Only one colour compared to many different colours is storage optimisation. I’ll admit one colour would be boring but colour scattering like in sets is over the top. Anyway it was all said with a bit of jest.
  9. If they just made everything under the ‘skin’ LBG, DBG, or black for every set then they would have even more optimisation
  10. Agree with these sensible comments being made. I don’t usually buy sets now, I’ve got enough parts to mix with so I’ll just pick a few bits from bricklink now and then. perhaps with the current inflation and interest rises LEGO will have to reconsider these exorbitant sets and revert to smaller sets to get sales. although that new pneumatic handler was on my wish list being pneumatic and small but that is over priced in my opinion too. the last set I got was the recent ATV for $79 AUD which was pallatable for my wallet. But as saidby others, so many errors in the instructions, too much colour coding and insulting our intelligence! Step 59 What the heck is that all about. how dumbed down will we get in a few more years... sticking to MOCking...haha there’s some irony Anyway still love building with Technic, but...
  11. Look forward to seeing this without limitations! I had trouble with worm gears for drive in a very similar setup. Power/drive just wasn’t being transferred. Planetary gears FTW if your model gets too heavy??
  12. Very nice! Very compact. love the vintage tractors 👍
  13. Yes, you very often say this sort of thing for your builds but your builds are really unique in design and I really like them too this truck looks fantastic!
  14. That’s why contests are great...personal development 👍 Well done everyone those top 3 look awesome together and shows the really great builders that are here. I’d buy any of them off the shelf if they were sets!