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  1. I thought the cabin looked too big in the photos at the top of this page but with the finished green panels it looks great! lots of c models to build and I haven't even built the A model yet. what is a d model?
  2. Really great truck! love all the manual operations on the top. good luck with IDEAS. can it collect a double lot of rubbish or would the first lot fall out? from the video it looked like the balls didn't go to the back of the receiving bit after being lifted up?
  3. I think a lot of our questions (including mine) are open to interpretation...? That's why we're not getting answers? For my vehicle, the race is through Lego town with full citizen activity ongoing. It may not look that wacky but should perform well in a wacky race...if I'm clever enough to build such a vehicle I have in mind...
  4. I'm sure its a bit open to interpretation, but is there an environment we are 'racing' in? i.e is it like the Mille Miglia or cannonball run race were its open street with pedestrians cars etc. sounds a silly question for a virtual race I know but this could influence the entry I try to build.
  5. I'm really excited to see this when finished! seems to work quite well when full up with candy. how will you keep feeding the candy sorter? is that the train setup etc?
  6. Invictus V12 Supercar

    I think the best technic MOC's I have seen take this form.
  7. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    Looks great. Love the steering. whats the red black wire in the cab for with the white connector? i have similar on my truck which is for 3rd party LI-PO but you have the Lego LI-PO? also do you have a clutch in the steering system or do you let the LA grind/slip when the steering locks?
  8. That's true but I put the worm gear driving the final cog that's on the rack to stop the feedback. Even holding that down tight does not stop the loose rack and cog. I thought that made sense at first but if I understand correctly you need the steering arm link as close to the wheel pivot point as possible to reduce the loose effect? still that's a good point for me to work on! Mines 2 1/2 studs out. Input torque increases though I guess through the rack. just tried this and it works a treat so i will have to buy a longer rack than the standard 8110 one to increase turn ability. thanks for the input!
  9. I have only built 42042 and half of 8110 in my AFOL year so is this slop on the rack and cog setup normal? if so does everyone just put up with?
  10. Nice work, I feel a 'how high can you make your fountain go' competition coming on
  11. A bit more progress. But on the portal hub axle setup. I have slow steering hooked up without an LA. I used the rack and cog. It works really well, but there is slop in the rack so the wheels can bump steer a little still :( the LA's stoped that happening. But there are compromises maybe if I can't get rid of the slop as the turning circle now is so good that I will stick to the portal hubs. It's not Ackerman but I have toe out to help tight turning. A few other small problems like if I oversteer the worm gear setup lifts off the following gear so you can't steer anymore. Suspension travel is quite well balanced. Soft and good travel when one side is compressed but quite firm when both shocks and compressed holding the weight of the vehicle.
  12. [MOC] crabbing boat

    Hello! I usually hang out in the Technic forum not contributing a great deal, so I thought I would try a bit of non technic for the first time in my AFOL'dom. so here is a small crabbing boat for a single person operation. I'll post the pictures instead of dribbling on too much as I find myself getting more boring the more I say. hope you enjoy and any comments good or constructive greatly received.
  13. It looks good but I would like to understand better how the boom extends as I can't see how at the moment. How have you linked the 4W steering? video? more details please?
  14. Well I think I know what you mean. I thought maybe you were going to say [WIP]trial truck axle. Getting better. Oh well... I may have a lead on the steering which is really my only annoyance. I've been putting the portal axle back together and hooked up ackerman steering on top which is pretty capable of LA operation on the front so I should be able to transfer this over to the other axle. I know all this axle stuff may be trivial for you lot but I'm finding that I can make an axle easy and look good, but it won't operate properly. Hopefully getting there though.
  15. that looks alright! have you tested it in vehicle? I'm actually kinda happy with the axle i have its getting quite structurally robust with minimal parts its just the steering that I cant enjoy, as the rack and pinion setup is so loose and as its 5 studs above the hub connecting points it makes it even more loose with the 'leaning' tolerance at steering lock. i could gear it so the rack sits lower but then the more gears in pace the looser it will be. I'm now trying to fit the LA at the front of the axle for steering and settling for a small bit of toe out but getting a small amount of toe out from the front side of the axle seems hard. never try to design an axle to fit a chassis. oh, and I hope you can all accept that I put avocado in my fruit salad.