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  1. MangaNOID

    [C-MODEL] 42030 Rescue Jeep

    Great build and love the way you made 4 speeds! very interesting. I learn so much about diffs on this forum.
  2. MangaNOID

    Nico71's Creations

    very nice indeed! It could not work with the larger Lego pump either or multiples of them? or it works but just not so well I take it.
  3. MangaNOID

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    What sins? Your perceived 4th paragraph ones? Myself I can’t see a sin, I see a mistake by the company and at great cost to them tried to fix it according to their modus operandi. it’s a mistake and they fixed it. That shouldn’t really upset people who don’t follow their MO, it should be understood and respected. It’s TLG MO and they (eventually) stuck to it. TLG are only in the wrong by people spitting a dummy because they can’t get something they want. Your post sounds like trying to find an excuse to buy other products (Do you really need an excuse) But that’s my perception of your post and we are all entitled to our own perceptions.
  4. MangaNOID

    [MOC] TSCO Racing Aussie Trophy Truck

    I’m glad about that as it’s a technic forum Your current body looks ok, it does, but it’s just a shell with no functions and compared to the chassis just not that interesting no matter what body you build on it. your ‘mistake’ was to present the chassis only first
  5. MangaNOID

    [MOC] TSCO Racing Aussie Trophy Truck

    In all honesty I think you now Have lamb dressed up as mutton...IMO. The paneling is ok...but it really ruins the beautiful chassis that you replicated exquisitely and seeing all the juicy technical details. I guess the panels add rigidity at least?
  6. MangaNOID

    Dumper Tractor 2in1 Racing Kart

    Love that dumper!! (Especially in yellow and red)
  7. That looks very nice, smooth and clean. I’ve not seen those blades before either.
  8. MangaNOID

    [MOC] HONDA ACTY 1983 Dragster [2020]

    looks like a lot of fun building that! any videos of this thing moving? does the chain move the steering or just the steering wheel? its hard to tell from limited photos but curious
  9. MangaNOID

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Well they did try to order what they thought was an expensive tasty meal… Well, anyway, I thought it was humorous (if indeed farfetched) representation that was just trying to lighten the day. Carry on.
  10. MangaNOID

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Two people walked into a new age ‘don’t waste the planet’ restaurant one day and ordered some food. -'Ewww! This tastes like... like actual Sh*t!' -'Let me taste…Ewww oh man I think it is! You cant eat that its actual sh*t, come on let’s leave that’s disgusting' -‘No we cant just leave they might not know why we left. I’m going to eat it and then leave some feedback on why they shouldn’t serve that’
  11. The way the front suspension splayed out when showing the suspension is awfull WTH! Sure the rake looks fairly similar to the real one but if the function doesn’t work well, fix it. I was excited by this set but after seeing reviews etc I’m not any longer. But holy moly I’ll bricklink some of those fat tyres!
  12. yes this is incredible well done! those custom parts are amazing. any photos of them being made in case any of us would like to copy any photos of the internals? would love to see the winch solution (what a great idea!) and the 8 pumps setup etc.
  13. MangaNOID

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I really like this thing! If it was properly scaled to the original I think it would loose its charm with such a small cab, steering wheel, seat area. This is possibly a good size for those technic figures? and if they have 3L black pins... otherwise maybe its just some really clever building to only use 2L pins when visible.
  14. MangaNOID

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z .... oh so slow

    by the time I'm finished Lego may have released this panel in red but otherwise if I need these panels (definitely trying different options) then I think I would prefer to use black with a big red sticker or paint them as I think that is a little more acceptable within the LEGO community. I am not keen on the other companies really. The tumbler tyres stick out from where the fender lines are so I do plan on putting in some flare type of thingy on the JDM version, even if it is just another flex axle (I like gaps in my Technic ) nice solution! I tried it on the LDD and I'm not sure it fits so good here. when the wheel has almost the right angle it is very close to the seat bottom, sitting further back toward the seat also and then covering up the 'dash' more than before from a driver perspective (pedantics eh?). It looks a bit overbearing compared to a proper 240z one and I haven't secured it to anything in this pic either yet. its a compromise which ever way one goes
  15. MangaNOID

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z .... oh so slow

    so where have i got after 6 months? well not so far with lack of time, TC17, but I have spent considerable hours trying to get even this far. Body shaping is not my thing. first up though I have had to reshape the steering arms and strut connection as these Tumbler tyres are difficult to work with. I aim to mostly use the old style flatter tyre from 8860 I think is similar in diameter (?) and wont cause so many headaches cause as I said its mostly the rally version. But I also want to be able to use these Tumblers as well cause they look fat for the JDM style. what I had before was the steering link connections pointing down like below and trying to keep the connection near the wheel as close to the strut ball joint to fit into the tumbler tyres but this left a LOT of slop in the steering. when pushing the car the front wheels would \ / toe out massively so you could not push or steer. So I changed to this setup below which made a massive difference. the only thing being now that I need 1 1/2 stud spacer to the wheel to fit the tumbler tyres as I had to pull the steering links forward from the strut ball joint by 1 stud. Like I said before no problem with the other wheels and tyres I'll run for the rally version though. Anyway beside that I have a bit more rear section and some of the roof I have worked on. the boot/trunk took ages but I have a very nice subtle curve in there to mimic the real one and is form locked with the black axles and the #3 connector. Once again I'm not going with many panels for body work as I am not keen on that look so more flex axles and a few panels. on the roof I have these panels that don't come in red (yet?) so may have to re think that. its slow but happy how its going. I'll need a bricklink order of red flex axles now...they are expensive see you in another 6 months...