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  1. Me too, this bike is awesome!
  2. This is so great that truck is awesome!! Just so visually pleasing. so good you could finish all the race cars too.
  3. Thank you all for the comments, criticism, praise, and plenty of other I have really enjoyed this build and having it in a contest is a fun thing. It is always nice to build something no one else has seemed to build (?) but in this case it is exactly why this may not get many votes at’s a Minifig in Technic. Usually if your a fan of technic your unlikely to be a fan of Minifigs. This build might get some oo’s and ahh’s but probably not so many votes (please do vote though ) I wasn’t going to, but then @howitzer’s comment challenged me I’ll have an LDD file available sometime @Seasider but I’m not sure instructions will happen (I’ve never built instructions for any build). Time is very limited, but it’s easy Enough to build off the LDD file. That’s what I did of course when I had gathered all the bits. anyway I’ll leave it now, I don’t want to saturate the airwaves and get everyone bored to death if this build before the voting begins
  4. Thanks! I wont hold you to that if you change your mind and don't vote for me I just posted in the entry topic in time for the 'old' closing date to secure jury brownie points! Sorry the photo and video quality is down, time is limited. having two kids running/crawling around does not help any.
  5. NAME: Technic Space Megafig...and buggy ORIGINAL SET: 886 FEATURES: Megafig has walking legs operated from the head movement Megafig can also fold both legs up simultaneously and full rotation of head and arms like a Minifig Megafig has two pin holes in the back of legs for fixing on to the buggy 'airtanks' can easily detach Buggy has all round suspension and 4 wheel steering. Buggy's seats can 'unclip' forward to reveal two axle pins storage for fitting to where Megafig will sit. Both figure and buggy accurately scaled up 4:1 retaining 'even' stud geometry 4 stickers used 3 added functions from original set About 850 parts 43 system parts 2 - 3rd party hoses build log:
  6. MangaNOID

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    Funny that’s the only bit I never read. Whoops! I just went straight to the rules listing which does not state that. Conversely to that I don’t see panels as studded so you could argue for any set that was a system built set originally (such as this camper van) the use of any panel could be ok (just reading the rules section) regardless of this, for me I will have no problem giving some points to builds that use slightly older panels. The Jury can take it from there...
  7. MangaNOID

    [TC20] Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220)

    I think the front panels are fine. Nowhere does it state that you only use the most modern parts, and well, sticking lights and turn signals through them is fantastic!! Not so sure if all the beams on the side. Stacking is ok with me but maybe that’s too much in my eye as it looks like a brick wall. overall so good though. That rear and the roof is superb
  8. MangaNOID

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan 180SX Type X

    Finally have time to post how drool worthy that engine looks! Takes me back to my sr20 days. So good.
  9. MangaNOID

    [TC20] 6774 Alpha Team ATV

    Instant buy from me if this was a Technic package on a store shelf.
  10. You might be right about the lights. I’ll sleep on it...
  11. thank you for the very kind words! It really helps motivation sometimes. Kind words don’t always turn in to votes of course but nevertheless kind words are some problems that I cannot fix are the legs are a little loose in movement compared to the dummy build I showed in the GIF on the first page. The white slip gears are really not that tight so all the extra weight of the figure makes it a little trying to keep it upright. More time might yield a better solution but not for now. also the head seems to ratchet itself around when folding up the legs unlike in the dummy build again which was working perfect. Such is life, but it all still works just not as perfect as I thought. some more pictures of the builds (I’ll work on my photo skills for the entry photos) changing the arm sockets worked and the megafig can now hold the ‘green scientific device’ before arm socket new arm socket Holding up the device Back view inside the head Thank you! Not sure how I missed that, done and looks good. I used custom rigid hose to connect pneumatic hose. I guess that is still ok with the rules with 3rd party hose allowed. I added some small fun details such as lights, winch on the back and superfluous other details which I hope does not detract from being true to the original very happy with this build, side pods cannot be pulled out, very sturdy. I just may need to upgrade to higher rate springs seats fold forward to reveal two pins that can be placed on the buggy that connect to the back of the Megafig legs to hold it in place when sitting on there. put in the holder axle first so they are easier to get out as the seats hold them in very snug. better get moving on entry photos and short video this weekend.
  12. Almost finished. I had a break from this for a bit but also waited for some bricklink orders to arrive. the real build highlighted some Problems that I fixed or am waiting to fix. One of which is that the arms do not have enough friction To hold the green ‘scientific handheld device’ in an upheld position, so I have some white ball socket parts coming this week to hopefully fix this. Hopefully I can show and explain a few more details of the build later in the week When I can find some time. Other than that, bringing a minifig to a Technic contest is now feeling like a pretty stupid idea
  13. MangaNOID

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    this still beats the original by not hiding the functions! looks like a good build worthy of a podium perhaps.
  14. MangaNOID

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Looks fantastic! Such a smooth build. I can’t believe how annoying it must be to try and operate the original one. one small fault that probably wouldn’t pass TLG standards (I only say this as you mention the pin colour use) is that the roof might easily be pulled off vertically with the weight of the vehicle (when lifting/carrying) when there should be a more solid connection at least on the rear part of the cab. Unless I’m missing something.
  15. MangaNOID

    [TC20] Red Forklift - 8835 studless

    Yes yes, that gear setup looks much more like a real set design well done, I think your getting a really nice finished product here.