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  1. Well I just tried building 8851 b model for the first time in 30+ years and oh what a joy to have to carefully look at instructions and work things out a bit for yourself. Everything these days is just layed out on a plate for us comparatively. Colour coding and too easy instructions make everything a little ho hum. out of 4 sets I bought, I only finished 1, which was the first set I bought since 1985. I never finished 8110, 42039, and 42054 cause I got bored as it was too easy. This is where I think LEGO have gone wrong. Not the designs, not the lack of decent b model and not even all those stupid panels...oh wait, maybe the panels are a bit over the top.
  2. I'm not into gear boxes like...just about everyone, but I do appreciate that paddle shifter! that is a very fine shifter indeed. look forward to seeing this finished one day.
  3. Yes the shipping I guess adds a bigger cost Having said what I did above though a prize is always welcome. As you say cherry on the cake. I would be happy with donating a few bucks on entry towards a prize. and an old set would be of great interest(studded even!)
  4. for a Lego set as a prize, I doubt this would be anyone's consideration. I think with the amount of time people spend on their entries it would be better to just go get a casual job for x amount of hours to then buy the wanted set
  5. MangaNOID

    Caterpillar 990

    I get it now! Because its pneumatic it needs ‘auto’ valves to control the pneumatics from the motor. Haha, so silly of me. All good now thanks
  6. MangaNOID

    Caterpillar 990

    Just wondering why you have the auto valves if it’s remote controlled? I see in the video repetitive motion which I guess is the autovalves work? But for the etc? Also why the diff to run them and not just direct drive to both? Not criticism, just curious. looking great by the way! Can’t wait to get some more pheumatic MOC happening myself which is also why I ask the above.
  7. thank you for the comments! appreciate the feedback. If anyone is interested to look at, or modify etc, there is a LXF file here Its not totally correct to the real build and there may be some 'loose' areas, inside the floats mostly. It was more of a guide to the real build not an exact thing to build from. last pic also before signing out. I fixed the canopy just a little to take better shape to the original. Hopefully some parts get re-coloured soon from Lego to complete the build or I may have to get the paint out
  8. Yes, the pontoons are just slip on/off. in the photo they attach to the upright 3l axels in LBG on the skids. it just doesn't look half as good without them. also I just noticed that the canopy rigid hose top to bottom one has come out of shape and is more of a round bubble so I need to fix that to have a more tear drop, or flatter front shape like the LDD renders and the real thing. Other than that and a couple other missing small bits it will now just sit on my shelf for sometime, but overall happy with the build and probably enjoyed the digital build more than anything surprisingly.
  9. I'm finished with this. Sorry for the late reply to @Ivan_M and @JonathanM but I wanted a bit of substance before I posted anything. I couldn't extend the liftarms (JonathanM) any longer as that looked way weird with thin liftarms for such a long distance before the rotors started if that makes sense? And thank you Ivan_m, your thoughts played on my mind for a long time until I committed to building a rotor blade to see how it looked. I'm much happier with the built blades! thanks for your input and yes they are 4 studs longer. And once again, happy to have this topic moved as its not very Technic. There was a few colours missing in the Lego pallet unfortunately. mostly the rigid hose and connector and more importantly the trans black quarter round things that sat at the top back of the cabin were not available which seemed to make the biggest visual disappointment for myself. That aside the model does hold together! its not really to be played with and my god it takes a long time to build and setup the tail section to be straight and in line with the engine etc. also the cabin hose was very fiddly and I used boiling water to help bend them to shape as kind of suggested by @eric trax in one of his MOC's. So I regard this as a structural LEGO engineering feat There are a few other discrepancies in the real build that was better in LDD but I'll gloss over those for now. and a very short Vid to show that it works with a motor attached
  10. MangaNOID

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I’ll add my opinion for what it’s worth but to me this is over paneled and doesn’t resemble the car too much if you take off the ‘c’ or the horseshoe thingy. This thing really needs some gaps to make it look better. It’s just messy looking. All those small panels trying to replicate smooth surface doesn’t work for me. I think there should have been some modularity involved so one could display half panels half chassis sort of thing. Leave a fender off or one side of the car would have been great. Ill never have either but I’d rather the Porsche because it looks like one. Forget the technicness of them as that’s all locked away anyway. It seems all for looks but I really think they got it wrong. look forward to getting the new gearbox parts though from bricklink.
  11. One of these is probably my next project so I take interest here. what is playability like with the pneumatic switches lined up like that? They look a bit tight?
  12. do they have carpet/rugs under where they work so when a pin or something drops it doesn't make that stressful annoying sound like it does when bouncing around on hardwood floors
  13. Looking great, That yellow is a sight for sore eyes, not ever seen an underground loader strangely enough considering where I live so look forward to the final model!
  14. MangaNOID

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    Boooo! Ok, I am a little disappointed that the last AMS did not have the votes tallied up, but, not being one to hold on to the past I may have a small entry for this time Just one question. I do not have it motorised. Now I am aware of course what the M stands for in the topic title but I made more of a manual modification rather than using the PF motors (still do not have IR) it still moves without pushing or gravity. Is this OK?
  15. MangaNOID

    Lets talk color vomit

    Colour vomit to me is the pins, axles, connectors etc. I've been buying black 2l axles and 3l pins which seemingly aren't produced any more in mass in sets. Can't afford the 2l pin with axle in black though on bricklink :( so have to stick with blue sometimes. for me 42080 is very nicely coloured. twin tone green with white and yellow very nice...its the red and blue pins/hoses etc that ruin it for me.