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  1. MangaNOID

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    the real bike has a whopping 80mm bore/piston diameter which would be a piston size of 16mm in LEGO at 1/5. Interesting to see any new bits on this one.
  2. MangaNOID

    [TC21] Plymouth SuperBIRD

    Looks great so far! Any videos of the operation yet? Would love to see how smooth it all etc. giing the extra but with this one and not just having the wing pop out. Although I have no idea where the passengers end up
  3. MangaNOID

    42141 - Formula 1 car

    I think f1 will have 18” wheels next year so easier to replicate with current selections?
  4. If I had this set I’d be all over that code, well done it looks like it works a treat. And great to share it for others! this is what should come with a set like this, analogue controller and all ready to go.
  5. Thank you!!! this saved my excavator build! due to tight space and all, I was trying to use a worm gear for final drive but that just made all the gearbox gears click. This setup is about 9:1 (or 1:9 whoever you write it) no clicking anywhere. solid as a rock setup so I’ll use this for another track setup with single motor co-axle drive also. I spaced them in 1 1/2 studs from the sprocket wheel as the tracks widen out.
  6. I just googled the add. what a great advert! All this blokey bravado sexist crap that goes on is tiresome. Especially here in Aus. Good on Gellette to say get over this. Time to move on in humanity. Equall rights, non harassment FTW! Nothing to say regarding the thing about that LEGO thing
  7. This is very nice! with the low friction driving ring you can ‘flex’ out the two middle tabs a little to loosen Or eliminate the friction. Is this the same as what you have posted or does your solution have more too it?
  8. Nice work! I tried this setup as well, 2 buggy motors sbrick and servo on a 3s. The servo broke (chinese version) and the buggy motors (Chinese versions as well) hit the thermal limiter within a minute so I couldn’t actually drive it. Any problems like that for you?
  9. MangaNOID

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I came to say the same thing but you already said it. Really hope the TBA ones are not cars also.
  10. for anyone that may be interested ( @Seasider) I have finished the LDD file. It may have some discrepancies but I think it is very similar to the final build. Sorry there are no instructions but that is something I do not have time for at all and take no pleasure in making either! There may be some 2L axles missing in the build as LDD does not fit the 90 degree macaroni piece properly with them. Pins should be colour coded but I did not necessarily use the right pin (e.g. friction or non friction) in the right spot as I am a lazy LDD builder and usually only use it for quick construction POC during builds. There may be other gaps present especially in the Minifig but that is also because I cannot be bothered to get all the angles perfect in LDD. Its tiring to do that! Hope you enjoy (this is where everyone finds out that maybe it wasn't worth all those votes you gave it ) Hope the link works.
  11. As far as the jury debate goes, I think there should not be a jury in any future TC’s better to have it before public voting if any like discussed but I see it as a mistrust in public voters. The 50post rule helps rule out any vote rigging so we as technic builders should not be ‘mistrusted’ to vote how we see fit. There are very experienced builders here to weigh in with their vote. an average of everyone’s colIective is democracy right? I realise that maybe some entries regarding TC20 were not what organisers wanted/expected but if they still comply to the rules, no matter if they are off centre, then does that not provide interest? I still find the Jury comments About panels usage strange as there was another entry of the same model that had no panels and, well, unfortunately no votes either at the other end of the spectrum but same base model. So this example makes the jury comment and voting - ‘modus operandi’ opposite to All public voters. now the Jury have a right to their own opinions but first place getter had panels in the build also where the original did not. this is not criticism of the final outcome (we knew the voting rules and abide by them) but just a juries thought processes that are always going to be less broad than a mass of public voters. so yeah to sum up, for a collective based forum I do not think there should be a minimal jury In the future.
  12. Something productive to show for workout home love the look. Minimal use of panels is fantastic. Lovely to look into all the gaps and see what’s going on!
  13. Not at all! Enjoy your win it is the deserved winner! we know and knew of how the rules of voting was happening so a valid win to you no sourness no regrets sir, enjoy your drink
  14. Didn’t read this bit. Your right! I agree. I actually came to write something about @Samolot entry also after thinking about what was written by @Jim but you summed up perfectly in fact in your whole post I think this TC has been the most ambiguous one ever (that I have been part of) no discredit to the winners or the mods efforts but some clearer understanding may be beneficial in the future. I like the idea of jury vote then the public vote otherwise it’s a bit dictatorial.
  15. Talk about a roller coaster ride for a TC contest! well done everyone, even though I didn’t give any points to the winners, I agree that they should be where they are. These builds are fantastic! One cannot say enough about how good some builders are on this forum that make it such a great place to visit with a cup of tea I get that. It is good to have different interpretations that are still following the rules though I am very chuffed by all the votes! I do not think my entry was worthy of so many votes but thank you to all, it made my day! for anyone interested there were two voters that were under 50 posts (long term forum members though) and if you take those votes off then @Samolot would have been the vote winner. Many Thanks to @Jim and @Milan for their time and effort put forward for us to have these contests Maybe see you next TC...