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  1. Is there a crew size discrepancy thing going on with the front seats and the relaxing quarters?
  2. Very refreshing to see the space sets! I think they look awesome. Sure the functions might not be to dissimilar to similar earth based models but at least their not licensed space sports cars 😄
  3. Such an awesome build! would love to see more on the floating front suspension/steering if there are any pics of mid build? love the removable body and stylistically I think you hit the nail on the head 👍👍
  4. That’s a shame for Sariel. I liked his reviews also 🙁 Crazy what those ‘algorithms’ can change though. One video of mine of modified 42042 went from 5k views over a period of about 3 years, then in only about one or two months jumped up to 45k views and stayed there not moving since those 2 months. No other video of mine was affected.
  5. I was also going to do a walker as per ‘empire strikes back’ arctic theme 😅 but luckily for me I won’t have time to build anything so complex to try and compete. look forward to the finished build!
  6. Not trying to be obvious about it but… Aircraft: noun 1. a thing used for transporting people or goods I just wonder how different one can make an arctic aircraft relative to a normal aircraft for the sake of the contest?? 🧐
  7. It doesn’t seem like it 🤪 Anyway sorry to bother you in light hearted discussion on a discussion forum. Back to your seriousness then…
  8. Being proud of doing something wrong really isn't cool. Haha! Making fun of ourselves instead of so serious is good for our soul.
  9. I like the blind voting 👍 will we get to see the voting list when finished? I think I’ve come up with an idea that fits the contest but probably won’t get me any points…
  10. I’m sorry that everyone seems to be on you build and presentation (including hidden posts) All appropriate boxes have to be ticked around here… I like your fishing boat. I know it’s similar to another you presented a while back though. but it looks awesome! you should try linking the turntable to a remote manual operation? there might be room to fit something like that in underneath the deck back to the cabin? hog steering would top this off too looks like there could be plenty of room to fit it in for a good challenge?? Whoops, it looks like I have some capital letter errors errors
  11. 👍 That’s how I always thought LEGO was designed until I joined up here years ago and got disappointed in knowing that one person designs a set.
  12. The more there are who disagree, the more there will be an agreeable outcome. I think the public consider each entry. Sometimes its pretty quick and easy to disregard and entry or two because of x or x that pops right out, especially from videos. @SaperPL should be on any next Jury as he has about the best eye for detail that I've read from anyone. And for what its worth: General kind comments should be banned Critique of build quality, function quality comments should be encouraged A voting system where you vote for the worst instead of the best and least points win Comments on why you voted the worst to encourage better builds Small token prize for the worst.
  13. Some awesome builds in this contest well done everyone. Might have to try building one or two of these that have instructions thanks for those
  14. That motorcycle sidecar is genius! the steering! it wasn't even necessary but you put it in there! and an engine in there very much like all that Love the plane too