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  1. Thanks Steph77 for design ideas. I haven’t got any further with rotor head though. I have received a lot of yellow bricks and started the real build. not happy with the tail (besides being a bit short) It’s design let’s it bend slightly under its weight. I have another idea but have yet to try it in the real. It’s a whole bunch of different from LDD when physical forces and gravity are applied. I’ll keep it short so here is a couple pics.
  2. Large Manual Crawler Crane

    Awesome! I love it keep the thin body, I think it works really well for an old school look. Shame you dismantled already any video? is the battery box needed? Could it have been replaced with panel ‘weights’? Could it lift anything without it?
  3. Well it is a little unusual spot of the engine for realism. Most would be weighted evenly with the front axle or a supercar usually inboard front axle. But there was the Lancia Fulvia? with engine out front that was a rally champion so why not! I like WIP’s, good work.
  4. do you ever sleep? the amount of time involved in building, editing, reviewing, must be huge. many thanks for all that! I wont be buying these sets but it is great to see reviews of them.
  5. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    very happy you showed this even if it didn't work right. Its a really interesting machine to build, I haven't seen one like that before. we await MKII
  6. I hate white panels but this is one model that i would get them for. you have all the functions and even the taxiing wheel. so good! (good music choice too for such a model on the vid)
  7. haha, you should try building a helicopter WIP... I'am half way through the tractor part of 42054 and I gotta say i'm loosing interest in it. I guess following instructions layed out for 10 year olds is hardly challenging. I love all these C models on this forum and tractor ones are great. this one is looking mighty good so far with very compact front end. I think I would rather build one of your c models than carry on with the A model. that last tractor you did looks great but ill wait to see what this ends up like before choosing and hope you will do instructions? all these tractors are inspiring me to do my own MOC tractor (but not c model)
  8. 42069 - C MODEL

    I really like how you did the collective function with the very limited parts (I think I’ve worked it out somewhat) its Very well sized to the model. Plus it’s triple rotors to make things a bit more tricky
  9. 42069 - C MODEL

    well it looks very awesome from the photos I cant see the video though of the functions and would love to see it. do you have collective/cyclic or both controls? any chance you will put the vid on to you tube etc?
  10. Whilst I await arrival of bits to build the chassis and floats I have been playing with the rotor head etc. I have pretty much disbanded the idea of cyclic and collective in this helicopter. There is no room to do this without having a great big overbearing swashplate near the rotors that would ruin the aesthetics of the build, yes, sorry aesthetics is overruling this one. There is 3 rotors also which makes it more difficult when using pure LEGO solutions. The 3 ball low down swashplate I had on the previous page would probably work but it is not realistic in operation and the stability was very compromised. Collective controls are just hanging on by a thread but any help would be appreciated as I have limited skills and parts knowledge. This is an idea for collective but still overbearing in size. 5 stud width is OK but it’s about 3.5 studs high because of the hub used . If anyone has suggestions to get it to 2 studs that would be great! rotor connection is flimsy for those with a keen eye yes, which is another problem when trying to keep scale. suggestiones here is also helpfull!
  11. nice indeed! I am really surprised at the nice slow speed of the 1x11 (?) pneumatic pumps on the arm. I thought they would be very quick given the small volume (I don't have any yet). you have motorised pumping from a small pump?
  12. nice work indeed it looks glorious! I like how you have bending wings but not excessively it seems so one can still 'play' with it sensibly. look forward to video and explaining all functions do not excuse yourself for taking along time! I love knowing how long things take and especially if someone has taken a long time over something its not a bad thing, it shows one has taken their time and done things well.
  13. Aesthetics and Technics

    a bit late to the party but... Its’ interesting to find myself awe-inspired by some MOC's (not just these forums but the whole plethora of technic MOC's on the internet) but to be a little let down by the visible build quality on a video for example (hard to judge build quality unless you build something). one I remember was a great looking scaled MOC with lots of functions but it seemed to wobble around so much, not looking very structurally sound or rigid in the chassis. Surprising in my view considering the great MOC's this person has built. But that could have been just a fun quick build instead of taking it too seriously. That’s fine LEGO should be fun of course not deadly serious to try and be the best. I was full of a function function first view when starting back in Lego just over a year ago but... Myself I have only done 1.5 technic MOC's both being quite different from each other. a TC entry that was packed full of functions that admittedly looked quite poor, and a current one which I wanted to pack full of functions but interestingly enough the aesthetics are tacking over this build which I thought would never happen to anything I build, although (in my case for example) space can be a limiting factor in functions when trying to balance looks and functions. In other words I am really enjoying the challenge of looks priority over the functions this time. I think aesthetics or functions whatever way one goes in their models interests me as long as they do the best they can for the direction that one has gone.
  14. nice MOC indeed. I kind of think that one bucket might look ok also. hope there will be a video. are the front wheels that way around due to build?
  15. This weeks update... I managed to build this properly in LDD with all the actual available coloured pieces which I am very excited about. For my first real MOC (tc12 doesn’t count) I am very happy so far. Ill do a brick link order for how it sits now so I can then nut out the more technical aspects of connecting functions,etc, in proper bricks.