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  1. Hello good idea !!! thanks !!!
  2. Hello here some subjects to move ‌
  3. pasquentmax

    Cards sorter

    Hello and thank you sorry I will write in english, non problemFor the selection of cards I use an engine and a rack in the axis "z" to make level cards after the load then after every ejection of card. Then the engine of ejection of cards rose on an elastic compensation so that the pressure is always identical. For this engine of ejection I use two trains of wheel, the first one who takes out the card and the second which goes twice as fast and which ejects (it). Then by a back rotation I put back the cards of the top of the package in position. To note that cards come in abutment in front on a free thread axis what allows the first card to go out but what tends to block the others.
  4. pasquentmax

    Cards sorter

    Merci Oui il y a certaines reconnaissances difficiles à faire entre les rois, reines et valets, ainsi qu'entre le 7 et le 8, le carreau et le coeur. Il faut faire un scaner qui analyse des portions d'image très précises pas toujours compatibles avec la mécanique du lego et la précision du capteur de lumière
  5. pasquentmax

    Cards sorter

    Bonjour et merci Pour la sélection des cartes j'utilise un moteur et une crémaillère dans l'axe "z" pour mettre à niveau les cartes après le chargement puis après chaque éjection de carte. Ensuite le moteur d'éjection des cartes est monté sur une compensation élastique pour que la pression soit toujours identique. Pour ce moteur d'éjection j'utilise deux trains de roue, un premier qui sort la carte et un deuxième qui va deux fois plus vite et qui l'éjecte. Ensuite par une rotation arrière je remets les cartes du dessus du paquet en position. A noter que les cartes viennent en butée à l'avant sur un axe fileté libre ce qui permet à la première carte de sortir mais qui a tendance à bloquer les autres.
  6. pasquentmax

    Cards sorter

    Hi thanks Do you mean mechanical solution or recognition solution ?
  7. pasquentmax

    Cards sorter

    Hello to allJust a small comment to share my last creation, the sorter of cards, machine which is not strictly of no use but whose realization was not simple: * difficulty of sorting of cards one by one * Difficulty with a single module Ev3 to manage all the functions of which the food of cards * Difficulty in identifying the heart with regard to the tile * Difficulty in separating 8 and 7Here is the machine allows to make all the possible sortings, the colors, the individual cards, the figures ...
  8. Hello everybody ! Voilà la réalisation finale ! Ses fonctions principales * Détecte la présence de la bouteille * Détermine le type de vin versé, blanc, rouge, rosé * Cherche un verre vide, le localise et se met à distance en fonction du niveau dans la bouteille * Verse le vin jusqu'à un niveau détecté à chaque fois * Essuie la goutte sur le goulot * Et attend le prochain verre vide...
  9. pasquentmax

    Show us your Working Place

    Here my workplace, just wood boxes which I can remove independantly...
  10. thanks, but it's not red wine but pink wine ! The future robot will be able to recognyze the kind of wine, the level of wine in the glass, the position of the glass, fill the glass when it is empty, automatically. Even it will be able to wipe the wine on the neck of the bottle. On the screen there will be a drawing of the glass and its level of wine.
  11. Hello ! Here a little video of my new project, a wine pourer for alcoholic people , the software is not operationnal today. i will post a new video when the project will be finished ! see the famous domestic robots: Light a candle, Open a yogurt, cut a cake
  12. pasquentmax

    Colour balls tracker

    The camera inspect the area to see if a selected ball is here. If il detect one there is a PID program to approach the ball. If no the robot moves through the room until he detects an suspect object. The difficulty is to manage all the problems.
  13. pasquentmax

    Colour balls tracker

    Hello I'd like to share with you my last model, the colour ball tracker. This robot is able to track and catch a colour ball in a room without any border. The choice of the colour is made at the beginning and you can choose several colours. All the problems are managed, like mistakes, wrong things and so on technologies used are lego mindstorm and pixy cam thanks for you comments and requests !!!
  14. pasquentmax

    polisher robot

    Hello ! I'd like to share with you my lego mindstorm creation, a very useful woodfloor polisher. What do you think about that ? is'it interesting anybody ? I'd like your advice ! thanks !
  15. pasquentmax

    Light a candle !

    Good idea !