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  1. pasquentmax

    The Robot Solving Maze

    He’s gonna go back and go through all the open cells... and when he does all that, it’s gonna be the big bug. I didn’t handle the situation, I could have blown it up.
  2. pasquentmax

    The Robot Solving Maze

    No it does not use this algorithm, it gradually condemns the boxes and makes random choices when there are several possibilities. And he never returns to a condemned box. He eventually finds the way out, it goes faster on average than the hand to the left or to the right. his is the starting point, he knows that entry is a forbidden exit and so it is like a wall. It is normal that he condemns the cell.
  3. pasquentmax

    The Robot Solving Maze

  4. pasquentmax

    The Robot Solving Maze

    Thanks !!! but what do you expect excatly by screenshot ? from youtube video ?
  5. pasquentmax

    The Robot Solving Maze

    Thank you very much. This is true for the remark I could not have stopped in every cell, but I had problems with the mecanum wheels and their drift; it was easier to redo a RAZ every time. The problem is there’s not much room between the robot and the wall. Probably spending a lot of time I would have managed to do it, but the most interesting was the maze resolution algorithm and the transmission to the other EV3. Thank you for your encouraging comments.
  6. I would like to share with you my latest achievement, a maze solver. The maze is 4m² and has 100 boxes of 18cm x 18 cm. The robot has 4 ultrasonic detectors to analyse each case and mecanum wheels driven by 4 vertical engines. The whole is controlled by an EV3 brick hidden inside. You can follow the robot’s path on a second EV3 brick by bluetooth as well as its analysis which may lead to prohibit certain boxes. The robot measures 15cm x 15 cm and it is therefore difficult to move accurately in the labyrinth without hitting the walls. That was one of the difficulties, but I wanted it to be aesthetic and therefore with a body. When the robot arrives in a cell, it analyzes the 4 faces. If it sees 3 walls it blacklists the cell. If there are 2 walls and a forbidden cell next to it, it also blacklists the cell. At each cell it updates an array data of 100 datas, 1 per cell. In this array we will find all the informations about the path of the robot. In case of iddentic choice the robot randomly chooses its direction.
  7. Hello everyone, I want to share with you the construction of an autonomous robot for a contest, a course filled with obstacles that ends with a return of dice... The robot has two bricks Lego ev3, 6 motors and 8 sensors: 2 ultrasound, 1 IR, 2 gyroscopes, 2 mechanical contacts, a light detector... And especially great mecanum wheels for movement and precision...
  8. pasquentmax

    The Dice Reader

    Hello, sometimes the die doesn’t come out, once on about 500 draws, but it never locks. After 12 hours of throws lego mechanics begins to suffer a little and to disrupt. I’m aiming for 24 hours. Hello, yes you are right, but my essays show that it takes thousands of draws to be sure statistically that the die is unbalanced!
  9. Hello, what are the advantages of programming in python? does this give other possibilities to the ev3 lego?
  10. pasquentmax

    The Dice Reader

    Hello everyone, if like me you dreamed of throwing a die for hours and hours to see if it is piped then this lego machine Mindstorms is for you! 4 throws and read dice per minute, or nearly 6,000 throws per day. Then simply transfer the file to excel and analyze the results!
  11. Fantastic ! Where do you buy your steel axis ?
  12. No, I don’t see any advantage. Indeed, the opening of the EV3 is not obvious.
  13. The two rechargeable batteries have the same connectors but the shape is different, especially the fastening tabs. As you can see on the video, you have to cut a tongue and a detromper. Then you have to put Lego parts in to maintain the battery.Yes, both batteries cost the same price, but when you have NXT batteries that are no longer used, it’s interesting to use them with EV3. It’s just a Lego scheme to force you to buy a battery for 100 euros!
  14. Do you mean I am a lego heretic ?