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  1. @baddon I think the red buggy is the B-model from 42005.
  2. The door closes behind him as he enters the maze Thank you for posting such an interesting build. I just need to find some time to act on the inspiration that you have provided
  3. Nice C-model, from what appears to be a pretty limited set with respect to alternate models. I've yet to convince myself to purchase the 42099 but, you have added a little to the argument for purchasing.
  4. A feature that I really like ... it's a pleasant improvement from the usual suspension setups.
  5. I've noticed the same issues with the gearbox "winding up" before the engine responds. Then the engine motion is jerky. I've not had opportunity to investigate yet, but it sounds like this is a "feature" of the set and not a build error. MOD time Still one of my favourite Technic sets though. Looks great on display and the Olive Green works well IMHO.
  6. The requirement for a tool (other than a brick separator) indicates a very bad design, in my books.
  7. This is a really impressive motorbike. The lines are great and the functions exceed the official bikes that have been produced. I'm intrigued to find out how it builds
  8. Thanks for putting the reminder out there @Jim. I may start to join in a little more again, if your message is taken onboard.
  9. Am I in the right place? Everyone seems to be positive about a set ... this can't be EuroBricks ... surely?!! Ever since hearing about this set, its been on my must have list. Now its out there and the details are available, it's double pinned on the list with bright highlights!!
  10. Beautiful MOC. Looks like there is a lot learn from the techniques you've implemented, especially with the panel work. I'll be adding this to my build list for sure.
  11. We are discussing 2020 sets from a garbled list ... its all speculation
  12. Boulderer

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    Really nice looking build. It must be an incredibly dense structure to use nearly 19,000 pieces
  13. I think that may be the first time ever heard Alfa described as bulletproof
  14. I'll hazard a guess that we're starting to get a handle on the way the rules work, in general Though I am sure to be proven wrong on that, soon enough
  15. Really great post. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and conclusions. I relate to your views on the the purpose of Technic and am looking forward to what you can achieve with this build.
  16. I'm not a fan of colour vomit either. However, in this build the colour has a specific purpose and will be required to make it the educational tool that it is intended to be.
  17. Really nice idea, well executed. Just in the wrong forum ... I'd guess it should be in the Special Themes forum?
  18. This is good news. I can still argue that I don’t have every Technic set on display throughout 2019.
  19. This set is looking pretty good to me. The B-model is a really good bonus that I'd buy as an A-model itself.
  20. That's interesting, when I was looking earlier this morning Smyths was up at £185, if I recall correctly. £149.99 is still a good price though. Looks like the Amazon price got changed quite quickly.
  21. For those in the UK, the 42082 is currently on Amazon at £108.10. I doubt there will be a better price to be found on this set.