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Found 7 results

  1. Here are the issues I found during build of my 42100 set: 1. Damaged motor - I had a simillar injury on one of the C+ hubs in the 42099: 2. Actuator's input shaft color is Dark red instead of Orange. Also one actuator seems to have corrosion, while the other has a very rough surface finish: 3. Instructions have a few issues too. The 2L axle here can interfere with the 12 tooth gears if not inserted fully. I'd use a normal cross-pin here: 4. This assembly is almost impossible to take apart without damaging bricks: 5. You can't test the model in third phase. App won't connect to the hubs, because all motors are not yet wired to the hub. I'm thinking contacting lego costumer service regarding actuators, they seem to be a poorer quality than normal ones and they also feel like they are totally unlubricated. What is your opinion on the issues above?
  2. PC spec: Old i7_3630qm ram8GB latop + external GPU gtx 1060 6GB, all max setting ie: AF16x, AA8x supersample. 1. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 60fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) 2. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 30fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette 4k screen shots: Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one paletteego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette
  3. Lego building used to be a real joy for me, but I’m starting to feel that the quality of Lego bricks has fallen in recent years. Not the sets, which are pretty much always high quality and interesting designs, but the plastic bricks themselves. I've been finding that new bricks feel tacky, old bricks feel sticky and/or are losing clutch, yet bricks from over ten years ago feel fine (even better than modern bricks). For example, whenever I get out a Lego set that was bought in the last 4 or 5 years, the bricks always come out feeling a little funny. Some of my older winter village sets and the Star Wars Rebels “Ghost” immediately spring to mind as being a bit unpleasant to build, though the sticky feeling would usually “go off” the model once it had been in the open air for a few days. Now, I’ve been storing the sets in resealable plastic bags - food bags at first, then museum-quality archival storage bags once I learnt the food bags might break down with age. I don’t know what damage, if any, has already been done by the food bags. But the annoying thing is, a few weeks ago I bought my first BrickHeadz figures and after spending 30 minutes building one of them, my fingers felt tacky. It was like a residue had built up on them, and it was the same uncomfortable sensation I get from my “old” Lego sets. Now when I say Lego bricks used to be better, I’m not viewing the past with rose-tinted specs. I actually dug out a train set I bricklinked as all new parts about ten years ago. It’s been built a few times over the years. For a start, the bricks felt chunkier (I know that the walls of bricks have been thinned out over the years) and seemed to grip each other a little more tightly than modern bricks do. I can’t do any exact measurements, but it seemed those ten year old bricks needed just a tiny more force to pull apart than the new versions. I also noticed that the walls of older bricks were a little more rigid. A couple hours building left my hands felt a little moist, but not sticky. But the real reason behind this post is that yesterday, I sat down to build my 21309 Saturn V again. I don’t have much display space, so I keep dismantling models and rebuilding them at a later date. The larger plates (2x14, 2x8…) felt sticky, slimy even, and seemed to flex more than they should. It was as though they had gone a little rubbery in storage, though they still had good rigidity, good clutch and did their job well. The smaller parts hadn’t fared much better though. Loads of the 1x2 grille tiles felt like they had a soft grip, some of the 1x1 bricks felt a little loose, many of the 1x2 jumper plates were barely holding on. Large chunks of the side panels feel rubbery rather than a solid plastic. Anything mounted on an offset stud is a vey weak connection now. I’ve had this set 14 months and this is only the fourth time it’s been built… I honestly don’t know what’s happened here. The rocket was a lot more solid the first time I built it. I’m thinking something in the plastic must have been changed over the last few years, but what? ABS is ABS, and it's supposed to be pretty tough, is there any way it could be being attacked or broken down? Is it just me, or has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour in modern Lego bricks? I apologise for the lengthy rant, but I’ve been getting so frustrated and upset with the Lego bricks that I’m about ready to give up on this as a hobby. Am I the only one who feels that Lego bricks are not as good as they used to be, does anyone else have examples of old vs new bricks they could share?
  4. Captain Britain

    Lego Print Quality

    Hi fellow Eurobrick chaps! Hopefully this is the right place to start the discussion? I did this over on Flickr recently after opening a few sets at the weekend and had a fair few people agree, so I thought I'd ask it over here too! Do you think the quality of print on Lego is slipping a little recently? I haven't noticed it much in the past other than some Captain America shields being pretty light on the white print etc, but I've recently picked up a few bits and seem to find more faults recently than ever. Over the last month or so I've had issues with: IG-88's head, Captain Americas shield, Ms Marvels head and legs, Vultures helmet, Spider-Mans torso and Batgirls torso. I'm sure I'm a little bit picky compared to what a kid might think when he opens up the packet as I'm a collector for display purposes only, but we shouldn't have to put up with bad printing should we? Lego have happily replaced all parts I've had issues with recently, but the last batch were a bit more troublesome, and I had to provide numerous details, receipts etc before they would release them, but they did this pretty quick. Interested to hear from everyone else!
  5. What always interested me is the durability of things. How much pressure it can handle and how's the quality degraded after time. That's why it became my profession. I noticed Lego bricks quality decreased a lot in comparison to the 80's. Almost al my bricks from the 80's have no cracks or damage (Technic and regular Lego). I've bought sets recently which had instant cracks or they began to appear after 3 months display (http://www.eurobrick...ic=78740&st=125) Yes, Lego quality overall is decreasing, no doubt. However, how's Technic Lego doing? Apart from color differences in a set, i have not seen cracks. What i did noticed is the clutch power of the recent black friction pins, which decreased a lot, it hardly has any power. People can understand that after a short time the clutch power will disappear. The same for gears on axles... They are far too loose. Just rub it 50 times over the same axle and you won't have clutch power anymore. And displaying models for a long period certainly will do the clutch power no good. Compare that to the friction pins and gears/axles of the 80's. I wish they lost some clutch power. ;-) The good old days... when we bought Lego for the rest of our lives. What do you think of the recent Technic Lego quality?
  6. Michael Jurist

    Brick Flick: Quality

    Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment telling me whether you enjoyed it or if you didn't/why not! Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody, I just decided to clean my Super Star Destroyer and guess with what I ended up ? It my first broken parts in 25 years ... Is it a known problem ? A solved problem ? Something I did wrong ? Did someone else face the same problem ? Thank you ! SamLr