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  1. GK733

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Pretty sad these don't include even a printed solely brickbuilt version of the mario for display/stand purposes. An excellent shelfwarmer design. Not even cardboard Mario.
  2. When Star Wars finally kicks the bucket it'll take years for Lego to stop producing sets for it :P
  3. GK733

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Well... that's what I was referencing to, due to nature of the topic I'd prefer not to mention it in a set discussion. Having a strong physical presence with a theme like this is very important, but if it really turns out for the bad they might just have to do it via social media, it's not like the sets are releasing the next week, or maybe even before summer.
  4. GK733

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Sure it's not a regional theme, but it undoubtly is a big Chinese market push. Is it entirely impossible the unveiling could had been cancelled/postponed due to some Chinese contacts not being able to make it there? This is what already happened with Sony's attending of Pax East, they had to cancel the entire event due to the employees from Japan etc. being unable to make it to US.
  5. GK733

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Call it what it is, pandering. Capitulation isn't that far behind, depending how succesful it is the least you can except to see are skeletons a lot less in sets. It makes perfect sense as a corporation to do it since China is such a huge market opportunity. I for one hope Lego and other companies keep struggling to conquer it. Say, how about a few coughs come between the two.
  6. ...something to keep company with on those cold days.
  7. GK733

    Future Constraction Lines

    So did the investment in the golden masks make a return with sales? I have my doubts, all the eight masks certainly looked like they were costly.
  8. We got some semi-big names saying Nexo Knight was cancelled. Which might have been just due to perceived lack of sales, which stays unconfirmed. It then changed into "they decided to cancel it but summer sales made them change their mind" I can't say it was either, but it would had been in Lego's interest to squash the idea that they'd had considered cancelling the line.
  9. Ace never had an account on EB and never will, there is absolutely no reason to bring drama regarding Discord here, you are making yourself look like a fool. But what would be the point sales wise? As long as Ninjago sticks around The two themes would just cannibalize each other. The reception of the movie may put it's longevity in question but I have serious doubts "the men in suits" would see slapping Bionicle's name on Ninjago as the best option if it starts waning. I have disagreements with TTV's project, but if anything "Brickionicle" shows why the idea would just not work in the current situation, it is way, way too similar to a standard Lego action theme. It ain't a crazy idea, it might just work, but it likely would still have way too much weight on the minifigs making it indistinguishable from a standard Lego action theme.We may only speculate but While Nexo probably, or almost hit it's mark it was less than what was likely excepted. There ain't much room for other original action themes than Ninjago. I'd see Lego doing technic animals (with the occasional mixel/system or ccbs piece here and there) as more likely thing to happen than system Bionicle. Seriously, somebody needs to pitch that idea. I find it hard to believe there wouldn't be room for more cheap-medium priced sets in technic, no worries of the extra licensing costs either.
  10. If this is not Brickset's doing, it doesn't necessarily mean someone changed the url just to mislead, people can be just curious. I mean, you were first to even point the possibility of this happening just because of Google.
  11. Would be quite ballsy move by Lego, if it were actually true. I see the change of an another re-boot at the very bottom tho. A new constraction theme alone feels like an unicorn in the current situation. Huw has shown he ain't that keen on constraction or it's fans in the past, leading me to believe this is one cruel joke more than anything else. You want to believe, I want to believe, but we have to be realistic about this.
  12. I've always been more fond of bones than plastic masonry, but I guess not everything is for everyone. Lego really jacked up prices, it sure made me want these less, but I think where everyone can agree was their failure to understand the limits and the advantages of their own system. For years we said humanoid figures, especially with exposed heads would not just work that well, compared to droids but they just insisted on pushing those figures, likely partially due to requirements set by Disney. If they had ended these sets after the release of the 9th episode, I could had been at least little hopeful for the future of constraction, but killing the line in mid-development... well, the future for it looks quite hopeless, as in non-existant. One could blame solely Lego or Disney for it, but as decline of Hasbro, bankruptcy of toy's r us show, action figures may be the thing of the past. There haven't been many system themes I had interest, nor investment in (there has still been a few) and there likely won't be. But just for the sake of creativity of the future, I hope I'll never see a day it's mostly Disney calling the shots for Lego. I think I'm out of Eurobricks for the foreseeable future Ps. I hope you find your way out Azani without any needed assistance, you don't seem to enjoy your stay here anyways
  13. Maybe they make it meta to add insult to the injury and it's a regular battlepack with the walker and the sb droids
  14. Well, we at least learned a valuable lesson today that most of us should had learned long ago. Products that don't sell get cancelled, and the signs are usually for all to see, yet they choose to live in denial.
  15. I sent you a PM about the "voloctoreb" , it's not a subject that belongs in this thread. I bold out for a reason, cause I've yet to see a single one of these lists by "many, many retailers"