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  1. Reli

    [MOC] Škoda 109e locomotive

    Thanks. The colour is actually the original livery for České Dráhy.
  2. Yeah I noticed that too. I was thinking about solutions like flatening the hood wich woul'd be kind of more acurate too but i think you could also squeze it in there. But I'm not a big fun of doing that.
  3. This is my model of the locomotive 109e/Emil Zátopek from the czech company Škoda. I'm not very happy about using lego bogies but it's easier to run and I really can't figure out a way to make custom ones with bigger wheels and details, wich is why i made the bogie details attached to the side. There are some spots where the model wouldn't physically work in real life but fings like these are hard for me to do in the Studio. But I think having both pantograph be able to fold down kind of makes it up for it. Overall I'm very pleased with the overall look. I'm proud of that curved front :) I'm open to any feedback or tips. Rendered images are here because of the file size:
  4. The lights are attached with this really simple hinge. Thanks for the tip on the rear. It looks a bit more acurate.
  5. This is my recreation of Han's Mazda rx7 from FaF3. This is my frist car moc and I think some of solutions I came up with coul'd be better but I'm very happy with how it tured out. Unfortunately it doesn't have interior yet but I will work on that in the future. Hope you like it. Renders are here beacuse of large file sizes:
  6. Reli

    [MOC] Virgin Pendolino

    Really nice model. Love the curved side, I was just wandering what piece have you used for the windows? Can't really find something simular on bricklink.