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  1. Camoran

    BRmk1 [MOC]

    I am very interested in this carriage, but the old uploaded lxf file seems to be expired any chance to reupload? truly appreciate~
  2. Too less Japanese train was shared in most of the LEGO train groups, so here is what I brought to you guys, the bi-level Japan Shinkansen E4 max. The train in reality is still the highest passenger capacity high speed train in record, but will be retiring soon by the end of this year 2020. The nose really gives me a headache, maybe a 3D printed part will help. Coupling is another, and I made the train into 7 wide so the magnet coupler doesn’t work on my design. Eventually I simply implemented a techinc link till I have a better solution Btw I am still using LDraw as I found studio by bricklink is lag and frozen frequently. I wonder if it is my computer issue, but my computer is already with a i7 cpu
  3. Camoran

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Nice work! seldom see Japanese train on this forum I am also working on Shinkansen E4max but having troubles on the coupling Wish me luck and I will try releasing asap
  4. Camoran

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    very brilliant train! how long is your each passenger cars? I am also making my passenger car in 50 stud long but found some difficulties on curve tracks
  5. Camoran

    Space efficient storage of train tracks

    I made a rack to stack all tracks vertically
  6. Camoran

    Three automated level crossings in a row...

    Hey I am very curious how is the crossing controlled automatically. is it by the motion sensor from Mindstorm series? thanks
  7. Camoran

    WIP: Narrow gauge with power functions

    My solution of narrow gauge with PF but it is not successful. The outline is referenced by the Swiss Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 III. The receiver really gave me a big headache to hide into the locomotive. I used a pair of 1x6x5 panels and it made the locomotive width into a 5-stud size. Good news was I put the motor and receiver into the same locomotive due to the advantage of these panels. Unfortunately these panel are too tall. It made the scale of the locomotive so strange. I tested it with the old 12V track and it worked with the straight one. Hence, it was derailed on the curves since the distance between the wheel axles were too long. I am now building a prototype #2 by splitting the motor and receiver into 2 cars and hopefully it will reduce the derail and the height scale issu ~
  8. Camoran

    Container Raffle Build

    Here's my entry. doesn't really look like a cubic container Because it is a transformable Buffalo! The idea is from the mecha of Power Rangers. I used to build the red dinosaur but I ran out the red bricks