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  1. Does the space between those tracks match the distance if your using Lego switches?
  2. Sounds great! Ordered another set of straights. :-)
  3. The silence is worrying me. Should have bought more straights. :-(
  4. I was at the BTST 2022 and Michael was there with some of his tracks and they also had a small layout. He did an Interview in YouTube. I saw it live and found the video on YouTube.
  5. Will be there on sunday with my boys!
  6. Nice to see an update. Switches will be bought in any case and one or two motors as well. Can't wait die the release!
  7. derlumpi

    Another station heading for 10,000 on ideas

    Wow, that is a really nice looking station.
  8. It totally looks like mix of the old train controller and the technic controller from the 90s. I like it a lot!!! :)
  9. This Just popped up on my youtube feed. :) It looks awesome!
  10. Great, we are looking forward to tomorrow! :)
  11. I forgot about this topic but I saved the date in my calendar and I just received a reminder. Are visitors allowed? And yes, we were in Ferropolis 3 years ago. It was awesome! :)
  12. Wow, just saw this post and had a look at the pictures of last years event. Living in Wörlitz I will be sure to visit the event (if possible giving the current health situation) with my two boys. We just built a layout with my old 9V trains. See you in August! :)
  13. I really love my old 9V trains and my two sons love them as well :-D. Budget is tight but I will order those straight tracks just to support future development. Can't wait to see what fx bricks come up with next.
  14. derlumpi

    Extending Train Track of 4204 - The Mine

    Thx for the input, guys! Just had a look at the trixbrix website. Wow, great stuff. I just have to figure out a way to pay without credit card. The plan is to extend the track for a second train and to put the mine on a tan baseplate to build some more rocks. My sons love these old mining sets. :-D