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  1. derlumpi

    convert 9v to power functions

    Thanks for your replies. My son seems to be able to control the remote better then the big dial of the 9v controller. I guess I wait until the new power functions are available separately and give it a try. The idea of 2 different loops has some merit, I will think about that. :)
  2. derlumpi

    convert 9v to power functions

    Thanks for your answers guys! I will have a look at the new system after its release. Does Lego not sell those parts seperately?
  3. Hi guys, my 3 and a half year old son aksed me if we can take the Lego trains out of the basement and play with it. So I brought it up and we built our first track and get going with our 3 cargo trains. I currently own the blue cargo train that will be replaced by the new one this year. Don't know the exact number. I also own 4563 Load N Haul Railroad and the 4564 Freight Rail Runner. This means I have mix of 9v trains and power functions. The same goes for the tracks. I considered switching the power functions train to 9v but looking at the price for 9v tracks I quickly changed my mind. :) Now for the big question. Did anybody converted those two 9v cargo trains to power functions? Is there a guide that I can use? I guess it wont be that easy as both engines a fairly slim and for the red one its also very short.
  4. derlumpi

    Moving My Entire Collection

    Your sir, are a very, very lucky man! Amazaing collection! :)
  5. Just stunning! GREAT MOC!
  6. derlumpi

    Reference for US/EU boxes in classic town sets?

    Trauma Team was US only. 1821 seems to me to be also an US only Set. The only set that we had in Germany that is remotely cmpareable is this one