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  1. L-DI-EGO

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    This is my entry for this turtle craziness. Here is my random turtle (or tortoise, maybe…). It measures exactly 8 studs long. More pictures on Brickshelf and Flickr. There is even an .lxf file is there is someone interested.
  2. L-DI-EGO

    [LDD MOC] Invisible Hand

    I didn’t want to resurrect the topic after such a long time, but I updated the digital model some days ago. I must say that changing the model wasn’t in my plans, but the amount of people interested on it gave me enough feedback to think there was room for improvement. At this point The LEGO Group could have their own version in the works, so I want to set the bar high. The idea is the same, but almost every brick in the design has been changed. The main purpose was to reduce the piece count. I have added also some play features. There is a complete storage floor beneath the hangar, and the ship can be separated in two parts. I have even created an UCS sticker design. More pictures in my gallery. Thanks for your time. I hope you like all the changes.
  3. Hello! I would like to share some new decals that I made for my Nebulon-B project. They follow the same guidelines than the ones I published last year for the Invisible Hand characters. Two of them are new designs: Luke with his prosthetic hand, and Lando wearing a smuggler outfit (in other words, Han’s clothes) The other two are redesigns for Leia (leg and back printing) and C-3PO (leg printing). The image works as a link to the HQ picture: And here’s the alternative version with white backgrounds: http://www.brickshel...bulonbwhite.png
  4. Nice to see your Nebulon-B already finished! I must say that I’m very impressed with the level of detail. When I made my digital MOC I forced myself to use the lowest brick count as possible, so I couldn’t add all the greeble I would have liked. I specially like how you made the engine section with every tile variation. It looks very accurate.
  5. L-DI-EGO

    [LDD MOC] "Redemption" Nebulon-B escort frigate

    Thanks for your words. Exactly, I ‘m used to LDD and starting to use other software just for the instructions it’s tedious. To sell the instructions is something to consider if I finally make them. But the MOC is on cuusoo right now. My idea belongs in some way to LEGO, so I don’t know if it’s legal to sell it. And it’s based on an IP, so there could be issues with Lucasfilm/Disney.
  6. L-DI-EGO

    [LDD MOC] "Redemption" Nebulon-B escort frigate

    Thanks again for the comments. Regarding the model lenght, the digital MOC is around 78 studs long (I think the measures are 63 x 17 x 37 cm aprox.)
  7. L-DI-EGO

    [LDD MOC] "Redemption" Nebulon-B escort frigate

    Thanks everyone for all the comments. I’m not sure how fragile this is, but I have tried to be realistic. I used an internal Technic structure to ensure the ship doesn’t fall apart. But it probably would be unswooshable. The renders in my Brickshelf folder are as big as I could (my computer could take full days rendering bigger resolutions ). And yes, it’s on CUUSOO. I haven’t showed the url because I understand there’s a general distrust in the AFOL community over that site. I still think it could be a good way to ask TLG for new sets, but I know the average AFOL is tired of find people asking for supports. Anyone who is really interested can find the link inside the spoiler: It has 1671 bricks. I don’t want to share the LDD (just to prevent plagiarism on cuusoo), but I really want to show how this is made, so I’m searching for the best way to make instructions. Sadly, the LDD building guide it’s incoherent, I am not very good with Ldraw, and Lic is still in alpha stage. I think the model could be hold like you suggest, but I wanted to make this as stable as possible so you could put the minifigs in the surgery suite without seeing the model falling apart. I remember that, and I answered you with this picture. Indeed, your idea is interesting because it would result in a more spacious cockpit. However I think the bacta tank work ok for the frigate’s medical purpose.
  8. Hello! Maybe someone remembers that digital Invisible Hand MOC I made a year ago. I still made some digital MOCs in my free time. This time I have made a digital MOC based on the Nebulon-B escort frigate. It was a ship I always wanted to see released as an official set. Sadly, TLG have focused more on unknown Clone Wars vehicles in the last years. But knowing the inaccuracies the hypothetical official set would probably have, I decided to design my own version. I want this model looks closer to a real set than a MOC, so I have included some features for minifigures to make use of the internal space. It contains a small surgery suite, a bacta tank, the cockpit, and there was even space for a small Hoth rebel carrier. I have also made a small Millennium Falcon for size comparison, like some UCS sets. I hope you like it. Otherwise, write your discrepancies in the comments. Brickshelf folder
  9. L-DI-EGO

    [MOC] L-DI-EGO's INCOM T-65 X-wing Starfighter

    Thank you everyone for the comments. Sadly, it isn’t stable enough to play with it. It wouldn’t be a great set. I have one. But, after the LDD redesign, I corrected several things in the physical model, so they are not the same MOC. The lxf. versions are also more unstable. And I wouldn’t recommend you to build this on your own; the final MOC has about 1.200 bricks. All the T-47 MOCs I have seen are already great, so it would not be my first option for future MOCs. But thanks anyway for the suggestion.
  10. Hello everyone. After a long time I have returned with a “new” MOC. The idea came some years ago, when I noticed the several inaccuracies in the official X-wing models. I already had the first two sets, but at some point I realized that the official models have enough inaccuracies to justify upcoming re-releases. So I started to think how a proper LEGO X-wing should be for me. I began with a simple LDD file which I showed two years ago here in EuroBricks. But after that I noticed my model was really unstable, so I decide to redesign the entire MOC until I was happy with it. And was very hard to be happy with the WIP, because that redesign took me a lot of time, and the final result has almost nothing in common with that first .lxf file. After delaying more than two years, that amount of time even looks wasted if you take in consideration that I still have the official versions. And the MOC is nothing new due the high number of great T-65 MOCs around the internet. Here are the pictures: -The cockpit can be opened and you can sit a minifg inside. There is also a targeting computer adapted for minifigs. -The S-foils can be opened manually like the first LEGO X-wing. -The landing gear can be retracted from the nose and the wings, like the “real” one. -The cargo bay door can be opened, although there’s no so much space inside. Thanks for your time, I hope you like it. As always, every comment is welcome. Gallery: Version 1.0 (2010) Version 2.0 (2012)
  11. L-DI-EGO

    "Invisible Hand" characters

    OK, I now understand better. I have just added the white backgrounds version. Enjoy it. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/L-DI-EGO/CUUSOO-Projects/Invisible-Hand/extras-and-droideka/decalswhite.png
  12. L-DI-EGO

    "Invisible Hand" characters

    What do you mean, are you asking for decals without the light-flesh skin? Do you want to use them on yellow minifigures or something like that? Unfortunately, I don’t own the last version of Grievous. However, my collaborative friend "comandante cody" has tried to make some tests with paper.http://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-YLBMCgz6J78/T5F5ejL-uhI/AAAAAAAAAPY/OhF0Sa9zBMM/s1140/P1050141.JPG Obviously this is just a test; I already know that the red side of the cape should be in the opposite direction. But the size is OK.
  13. Hello everyone. I would like to show here the decals I have made for the Invisible Hand project on LEGO CUUSOO; a project which I show in the SW forum some months ago. I’m a bit purist, so it was the first time I made something like this. The figs must be from Episode III, so I have made all-new (non-clone wars) versions of dooku and palpatine, as well as new designs like the neimoidian captain Lushros Dofine. I have also added the designs for new printed elements (see the starfighters section at the bottom). And a redesign of Grievous cape; this one goes trough the arms and has pockets to retain the lightsabers. The image works as a link, so you can take a better look of the decals and download them. Thank you for your time. Comments are welcomed.
  14. L-DI-EGO

    [LDD MOC] Invisible Hand

    Thanks again for your comments. And thank you KielDaMan for blogged the MOC. I wanted to include a large number of minifigs because I think that this is one of the most appealing features in the current sets, and it’s also one of the main features of the 101888. It´s true that the minifigs would increase a bit the price, but some of them are droids made of common parts. However, I must recognise that Lushros and the commander droid are the less necessary characters in the set.