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  1. I was just looking at the B of 8265 and my god, compare to the A...its pretty brutal! load of unused parts and the model just looks pants imo.....there has to be worse ones?
  2. Just saw a listing for Technic parts that don't officially exist in the colour shown in the ad. What is the legal status of this ?...are people allowed to sell fake/clone Lego, as long as they state it's not an original item ?
  3. are giving the clone brands ideas!
  4. i have been looking over the parts list for this set, it has some quite rare parts....but thankfully i finally got almost everything i needed to build it. though i have several other sets that i want to build/part out over this one. should i go for it?....any review of this or thoughts from those who have it? i do admit that forklits are very rare in technic sets, in fact i dont belive i have a single forklift!. just my spares are limited right now and i dont want to deplete my inventory..... ?
  5. Interesting, set 25219 has a large number of Technic parts in Reddish Brown, but what caught my eye was the large Technic steering wheel in White, Part #2741 Check out the part list: 42088 has a lot of parts now in Orange colour: Part 32530 is now available in Yellow I'n set 60222 Wow!....more amazing news!...Part 6538c is finally available in White This means I am officially only using 10 fake/clone parts of my White version of 42056...woo hoo!
  6. Nothing ultra rare...technic pins in Black and White arc.
  7. Woo hoo!... Patience finally pays off. If you guys remember I said that I was building a custom White version of 42056. In order to do so I had to use fake panels, but thankfully Lego have now released said panels as genuine Lego ? Some other cool recolours have also been released in the 2019 sets. Here are the panels in question
  8. YES!... I knew it would happen, now I can finally get rid of my fake panels from my White 42056 and replace them with genuine Lego!
  9. (incl. the Lego racers sets that are really Technic sets)......right now i have my eye on 8880 and 8480, alot of the sets i thought i would never be able to get/own like 41999 i was in fact able to buy in the parts for so i can build them. I have my eye on 8466 but NO WAY am i paying the insane money being asked for four frickin' tyres!!....i don't care how big the damn things are, they ain't worth €20 a pop!
  10. I have black and red ones... Only thing, they are old and scratched to hell.
  11. Got a few more White parts, 8L 6L and total I have 10 of the pins.
  12. Can you try lift the dog with that crane? ?
  13. Just an FYI - there is a Red and Black version of the Bugatti out there now, and the wheel arches in Red and Black. It looks stunning.
  14. I didn't know these parts were out!?.... I bought #32065 in DBG, I believe this 1x7 thin liftarms is new in that colour. I bought a few of #32192 in LBG, an old Racers set had said part years ago. Also I saw prototype parts in Red for #4274 on ebay, €4.99 a pop!... LOL, too rich for my blood. And I spent €2 each on those White #32054 pins.
  15. So I finally settled on DBG for the engine assembly, just to do something a bit different
  16. I know from comments that some are not happy with the Yellow and Red colour vomit. Personally I was OK with the old system of LBG for odd axles and Black for even. But if I had a choice I would like all axle lengths to be Black .... You?
  17. I am not sourcing, just pointng out stuff exists. And I was forced to use 24 fake White parts, because Lego don't make them.... Yet. The chromed hubs look great in pics. So I just wanna see what they look like IRL.... If I like them and they match my theme I might keep them on the car.
  18. Igor... Just do a search on Google, rather not pm links... As it could be interpreted as promoting fake products, sorry.
  19. Interestingly. the manual for 42056 shows the wheel hubs in Red On a certain website, ahem, you can find said rims in Metallic/Chrome colours..... I was thinking of ordering a set in Metallic Red to see what they looked like. Also on the same site the 5x7 open frame can be bought in multiple colours, such as Yellow/Red/White etc. There are other parts available in colours not available in official Lego colours. Ps. Not advocating fake Lego... Just stating it exists.
  20. I have found 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L and 8L in White. Not many... Like 1 or two of each, I have 12L and 16L axles in White brand new. I have as already said found a few of #32062 in White. You need to be careful as some of the axles above exist in Milky White... They are sorta translucent.
  21. Check out the latest rare White parts that I cleaned today I also found four of the ultra rare Blue #3713 bushes.
  22. 60195 and 60196 is using Dark Blue liftarms found in the Bugatti.
  23. I would really love a version in Red, for my White 42056 mod.
  24. So the panel only connects with one pin hole used in the panel?... Does that not make it easy to move the panel?