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Found 19 results

  1. "Peregrin Took, my lad, there is a task now to be done. Another opportunity for one of the Shire-folk to prove their great worth. You must not fail me." Alright, so this will probably be the last time I post any of my old MOCs here, but since I still consider this to be my best ever, I want to show it here. Since it's not only one of the best scenes in Return of the King, but also in the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, I really wanted to build it, the Lighting of the Beacons. The project started during the summer of 2017 and finished in October. The rockwork is simple straight up and down with SNOT, and that's something I would have liked to changed now, but back then it was only the 2nd time I had done SNOT rockwork. Other than that I still absolutely love the tower, the bridge and the house integrated into the mountain. I hope you like it! Go check out my Flickr for more LOTR and castle MOCs, norlego
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    MELO R3: Ithilien

    Hello! This is my entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics! My category was Ithilien, so I decided to build the fight between the oliphaunts and the rangers of Ithilien! Linky to MELO... :D So, onto the build: Again, no WIP pictures this time, as I just wanted to chug through this one without any advice... :D This build is roughly 70 x 60 at max with an irregular baseplate, the oliphaunts took around 5 days to build and the landscape took the other 3... (The first 2 days I was still scrambling for what to build...) So yeah, I really went out of my comfort zone for this one, I am not a pro at BBFs, but I really do like these, the heads are actually at a couple different angles off of each other, and the "nets" in the movie are out of lego capes... I hope the judges see that I went out of my comfort zone for this one... :D Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! This was a fun one! Good luck Classical! May the best Ithilien Ranger win! :D C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory!
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    MELO R2: Minas Tirith

    Hi! This is my entry for Round 2 of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics! My category was Gondor, so I decided to build a wall section of Minas Tirith! Onto the build: No WIP pictures this time, as I just wanted to chug through this one without any advice... :D This build is roughly a cubic foot, it's length is a little longer, and it's height is a little short... Also, it is probably around 2200 pieces... So, Minas Tirith is a very monochromatic subject, as you can see, most of the build is in the greyscale. Which in my opinion makes the market scenery pop out, and really gives the action to the figs, what the scene is about... I hope you enjoyed! This was a fun one! Good luck Sean! May the best Gondorian win! :D C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory!
  4. Nagol of Fortfield

    MOC: Osgiliath

    Hi there! First of all, this is my first try at starting a topic, so Mods please correct me if I'm doing it wrong. After a span of two weeks not photographing anything, I finally had a surge of inspiration and built two LOTR themed Mocs. Osgiliath is presented here. This was my first attempt at doing some ruined wall-ish things, and I rather like how they turned out. I also got to use some Brick Warriors accessories which I have recently fell in love with So without further or do: Osgiliath: Main by Nagol_of_Fortfield, on Flickr And another: Osgiliath Action Shot! by Nagol_of_Fortfield, on Flickr C&C is always welcome and appreciated!
  5. A few LotR MOCs: Galadriel, Elrond, Gandalf the White, Gondorian knight, Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pip. The hobbits pre-date the official ones with a few later parts. Apologies for the rubbish photography. Questions, comments, rings of power?
  6. gdugaucquier

    Pippin Gondor

    So I finally got my own 3d-printer and made my own helmet for Gondor. I tried Pippin first. I still have problems to print the decals in high resolution, so any tips are welcome. (the one you see in the picture is photoshoped, but I made it, based on the game). Ways to improve are very welcome.
  7. I'm looking for a shield with the white tree of Gondor permanently applied/printed on it. Where can you get those? Are they good quality? Alternatively, does anyone provide a sticker or transfer of the white tree? I already have a plain black shield that would look good with the crest of Gondor on it. Thanks in advance, Amps
  8. This is my entry to the "Missing Set" category. Everbody wanted a third wave of LotR sets with some Gondor soldiers, so I choose Osgiliath so that we can get Gondor rangers and soldiers. Also having a Faramir minifig seems to be very important for me. The build is inspired by the techniques of the Dol Guldur sets. My aim was to make it look like ruins, while it is still sturdy, playable and matching the real sets. The figures and shields are made with photoshop. Setname: 79021 Battle of Osgiliath Parts: 718 Minfigs: 8 Price: 89,99 $ / 99,99 € The set is now available at Lego Ideas, I would be really happy if you support me, thanks ! Thanks for hosting this great contest, I love everything from Middleearth. And good luck to the other contestants !
  9. EtelEnzos


    MINAS TIRITH LEGO MOC by etelenzos, on Flickr Battle of Minas Tirith by etelenzos, on Flickr See more on my Gallery:
  10. After your enormous feedback and a lot of people asking me for putting my set on Ideas, I have finally done it. Please support it on Ideas, thanks for you help. I still hope, that we got a chance to get some Gondor soldiers and rangers ! Together we can make it happen
  11. This is my entry to the "The Age of Men" catgory. I always wanted to build the white tree, and as it is a great metaphor for Gondor growing to old strength again, I have chossen this for the category. When Aragorn became king after the war, he planted a sapling of the white tree on the court of the fountain. The years gone by and as Aragorn's children were growing, the tree also rised up to the sky, to show that Gondor was wealthy and strong again. Thanks for hosting this great contest, I love everything from Middleearth. And good luck to the other contestants !
  12. The Missing Set - Mordor Army Siege A gaping hole in the range of Middle Earth Lego sets is that of Gondor, and the siege & battle at Minas Tirith & Pelennor Fields. This entry is 1 of perhaps 3 sets to rectify that. (The companion sets would be something like "Grond at the Gates" "Pelennor Fields Battle" etc and contain a fell beast, mumak, Eowyn, Denethor, Grond, Haradrim + variations of existing characters.) Mordor Army Siege contains a stretch of Minas Tirith outer wall, an orc siege tower, a battle troll (I would suggest a colour and/or print variation to what we have here), 4 orcs (2 new versions, & 2 repeats. Could easily just have 2 each of the new. 4 of the original would suck a bit), 2 Gondor soldiers (pikeman with White Tree shield, & archer/bowman) and Faramir in ranger garb. As this is "supposed to be" an official set the obligatory flick-fire missiles have been included (where they should certainly not be) and working catapult. Multiple wall sections would be connectable to each other. (Yes, I know that the plates on the bottom are in the way... it was too much hassle to pull it all apart again to fix that!) Other play features include an "explodable wall" segment, weapon & armour storage on the tower, and the mobile tower itself. The tower roof opens up for easy access, and the door folds down & open (as you would expect!). The tower can be picked up easily with one hand without falling apart, something I'm not used to forcing upon my mocs, but an official set needs to be solid, stable and not flimsy. This is intended to be one of those "buy multiples of" sets. Who wouldn't want more (different) orcs, Gondor soldiers, Minas Tirith wall, battle trolls, rangers (swap out the head?) and materials for siege weapons? And the shield if done properly (I think you can get that shape without the stud?) If you are wondering about the parts from the minifigs, the Gondor soldiers are simply fleshified Crownies + Uruk-Hai armour. The heads are from POTC, and the shield is obviously a piece of printed paper sticky-taped to an old castle octagonal shield. I hope that counts as a "decal you have made yourself"! Faramir is a combination of Aragorn's torso & legs, Eomer's cape & head, + elf hood. The grey custom orc uses a Chima head & arms, legs & (reversed) torso from Moria orc + castle cowl. The quiver hides the green "triangle" on the back. The other orc uses legs, torso & helmet from Fantasy Era "troll" + Yazneg's head & arms. The tower I originally built (but didn't get a roof on yet) was just way too flimsy & big, this version is about half the size, but I believe that if TLG made this set that the tower would be even smaller. The other tower is shown in the album. You may have noticed that I underestimated the amount of white parts I had available... I was genuinely surprised, and to get the wall to this size was a huge stretch. As such, the appearance and stability suffered. It looks even more amateur than I would have liked! Fortunately I didn't build the Minas Tirith gate section as I had earlier planned... Link to Flickr album I hope you like it! Or at least the essence of it.
  13. Hi everyone, Speculations are coming whether there will be a next wave of LOTR sets this year ot not, since there are no sign of them. There are several scenes/caracters that we miss so much! The most iconic is – at least for me – Minas Tirith! I dared to design something, that could be released as an official sets. I tried to think with TLG’s head, regarding piece and minifig count and playability. This is what I came up with: The whole set with Minas Tirith gate, Grond, the tower with the signaling fire with some minifigs. The Grond from a closer view. The ram itself is hanged on chains, so you can swing it, when you try to break the gate. Because you can break the gate! You can see two technic bars at the two side of the gate. [1st picture] If you remove them, the gate can be pushed back from forward, imitating the siege, when the Wolf’s head crashes the gate. The rear view. The gate can be closed. I admit, I run out of steam with the furniture, so it’s a little empty. That was not my main point. :) The minifigs: Rear row: Two orcs in battle armor, Gothmog and a Cave Troll. First row. Pippin in Minas Tirith Guard outfit, Gandalf the white and two Gondorian soldiers. Disclaimer: I used the parts that are available in LDD so I had to live with its limitations. No proper LOTR troll mold and no new molds of course (For Gothmog’s head for instance). And the whole model is a compressed version of part of the city, but it is not unusual in official LEGO sets. The tower with the fire is not so close to the gate, but I wanted to add as many play feature as possible. The Citadel was left out though. I don't think it could be built together with the gate without making the city to small. Yes, there is a ballista. Remember, think like TLG.
  14. Right now it doesn't appear we will be getting a 2014 LotR wave and the theme may possibly be done. I am hopeful we will get a wave next year as there is just too much missing. If not though, what would be the ONE thing you want to see come from the LotR theme? This can be anything not done yet.. a minifigure, a structure, a creature (brick built or molded), etc. Basically what is the one thing you would want to see before the line ends? Personally I think it's a Gondor Soldier for me. A nice Gondor printed torso would all me to make my own Pippin and Faramir in Gondor attire as well as obviously covering the one big faction still missing from the Middle-Earth Lego universe. Eowyn can be created using existing parts and a Balrog/Fel Beast/Mumakil can all be brick built and MOC'd. Really the only major character that can't easily be re-created is the Witch King, though technically we could have him in his normal Nazgul hooded form and we will get his ghost form with the Hobbit wave. I feel like Lego not making a Gondor soldier does not leave us with any easy options to make our own since the white tree print and helm are so unique.
  15. General Magma

    [MOC] Boromir's Last Stand

    Hello everybody. I wanted to share with you all my newest (LOTR) MOC. I decided to make a MOC based on Amon-hen, and chose Boromir's Last Stand for this. Perhaps I'll do a second Amon-hen scene in the future, probably the Seat of Seeing with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. But for now, this will do... "As the Fellowship continues their journey past Lothlorien, they are held back at Amon-hen and are confronted by a group of Uruk-hai scouts and their leader, Lurtz, to separate the Fellowship from each other and to take away the Halfling who carries the One Ring... But even Boromir, son of Denethor II of Gondor, could not resist the power of the One Ring, and after a failed attempt to take the ring from Frodo, he was faced with one chance to redeem himself. Slaying Uruk-hai after Uruk-hai, Boromir displayed his strength in battle, but none of this lasted, for the Uruk-hai leader Lurtz had already arrived; bow in hand, with the first arrow to be fired..." __________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you liked it, C&C is welcome as always. More pictures can be found on Flickr, beneath the main pic:
  16. Fordo Baggins

    Lego Gondor Moc

    Hi Guys my name is Fordo Baggins (Frodo's secrect twin) I'm new to eurobricks and I just wanted to say hi. This is my Gondor Moc which I have created with my cousin. I would like some feed back if possible. Thankyou
  17. [CUUSOO] The Forbidden Pool - Combining Lord of the Rings and the Classic Forestmen Dear all, this is my very first CUUSOO project. The Lord of the Rings has taken me out of the dark ages, but one thing that I find lacking after the first two waves was a representation of the men of Gondor. Faramir, in particular, is my favourite Tolkien character, and I hope to see an official LEGO version of him in the future. This project is based on Henneth Annun, The Window on the Sunset, as it appeared in The Two Towers. I experimented a lot with the set and exchanged some play features - from a changing coloration of the inner waterfall (as featured in the book) to the current version with a secret entrance. My favourite LEGO sets as a child were the Forstemen sets, and Faramir's Rangers and their hideout reminded me of the green forest dwellers of the late 80s. I think this set is a realistic proposal for CUUSOO since it is not overly large and has the potential appeal to audiences from Lord of the Rings fans to young LEGO fans. I appreciate any comments! Cheers, Michael Link to the CUUSOO project: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/45646 Overview of the set. Henneth Annun by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr I initially played with the idea of having a two-layered pool with a lever that shot fish around but abandoned it due to ever-incraesing piece count. Gollum in Pool better by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr Secret entrance through the Waterfall. Henneth Annun - entrance through Window on the West by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr Secret side entrance. Secret entrance by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr The floor can be pushed down to create a slope leading into the lower level of the cave. I intend to improve on this section once I have more bricks at my disposal. Ideally, I will have more furniture on the upper level and a hidden trapdoor leading down.This would also free some space on the bottom level for weapon racks and a smaller chamber to interrogate Gollum. Secret door by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr This play feature features the Ranger ambush on Gollum. A sliding plate moves the Ranger out of his cover to face Gollum. Ambush by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr I'm not satisfied with the look of the map on the crate, yet - again due to limited space caused by the larger than intended slope. Faramir in cave by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr Proposed minifigures: Frodo, Gollum and - photographed from the video game - Faramir, Madril and a Gondor Ranger. Henneth Annun Rangers by Elessar II Aragorn, on Flickr
  18. Mr Breden

    [MOC] Osgiliath

    The ruined city of Osgiliath from Return of the King and the Two Towers. Comments & Critisism please
  19. General Magma

    [MOC] The Battle of Osgiliath

    Hello all! Just wanted to share with you a diorama I've been working on, featuring the Battle of Osgiliath from The Lord of the Rings (ROTK). "Once the pride of Gondor, a shining city near the River of Anduin, now a battlefield overrun by the evil forces of Sauron. Gondorians and Ithilien Rangers are fighting for their lives as more and more orcs keep approaching from the East, but it all seems like a never-ending wave of evil sweeping itself over the outnumbered forces of the West..." ______________________________________________________________ Click the first picture for some more shots of this MOC in my Flickr photostream! Enjoy, C&C is welcome as always.