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  1. Kenspace

    [MOC] LEGO Star Wars Episode VII - The Game

    WOW! Marvelous idea, that's very original and the interior of "the hub" it's great detailed.
  2. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: The Prancing Pony

    I really appreciate your version of The Prancing Pony. DEtailed and original.
  3. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: 'The Watcher in the Water'

    The watcher is very impressive and so I admierd the details of the door.
  4. Kenspace

    MEC: Cat B: Bear Cave Encounter

    Very nice build, I like the subject with Radagast. Good luck for the contest
  5. Kenspace

    MEC Cat. C - Sneaky Little Hobbitses

    Very cool architecture and very detailed specially the rock. Great job.
  6. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: White Tree of Gondor

    You have chosen a very significant subject. You have done a very good job!
  7. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: 79019 Bilbo's 111th Birthday

    Happy birthday Bilbo! Very good set, perhaps a little wider and with some more minifigs will be perfect.
  8. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: The Long-expected Party

    Very original and coloured set, I like this scene!
  9. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: Last Orc Camp

    Well done. Great job with the tower!
  10. I like the black columns, the table and the white tree... Great MOC Dzoni!
  11. Kenspace

    MEC Cat. A - Tom Bombadil's House

    Beautiful interior, and it's very original the stone in the little garden..
  12. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: Vingilot - Ship of Eärendil

    Original idea. Nice build.
  13. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: Black Rider in the Shire

    Great work !!! but i'm not sure that is the right category....
  14. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: "Flies and Spiders"

    Very cool. Beautiful trees and i like the detail of green water...
  15. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: Retaking Moria

    Wow !!! Very original dwarf... I also like the base and the rock.
  16. Amazing. You have joined a great architecture with the details well taken care of. I love it.
  17. Kenspace

    MEC Cat. C - An Unexpected Party

    Nice work...
  18. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: Inside Information

    You've really made ​​the most of the base 16x16. Great.
  19. Hello everyone. This set is from the movie "The hobbit - an unexpected journey" into the scene where Bilbo tries to take time with the trolls who are roasting the dwarves until Gandalf arrives and breaks the rock by becoming stone trolls. Unfortunately I have no real mountain trolls and I had to content myself with this but I hope they are nice too. Thank you in advance for all the views and comments and I wish you all good luck and fun for the contest. ROASTED DWARVES main image The Rock can be opened easily I smell something burning.... Bilbo Minifigs Thanks a lot...
  20. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: Flies and Spiders

    Amazing choise of colors, very cool...
  21. Kenspace

    MEC Category A: Osgiliath Ruins

    Excellent choices for minifigs.. Ilike this MOC
  22. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: Escaping Goblin Town

    It contains the essence of the scene... good work
  23. Kenspace

    MEC Category B: Travelers' Inn

    Very detailed. I like it!!!
  24. Kenspace

    MEC Category C: Entering Mirkwood

    It's COOL, very COOL...