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  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Quinnsville, on the "Chocolate Island" or as it is officially known, COCOVIA, the 10th island discovered in Challenge I "We have free coffee!" Name: Quinnsville Ownership: Empire of Corrington Location: Cocovia, west of the Sea of Thieves, Queens Bay Mayor: Sir Thomas Smaugton Settlement EGS Details as of 4th of march 2017 Trade Value: 119 Settlement Size: 27 Money in the Coffers: 493 doubloons Troops: full company of 30 soldiers Who can own property in Quinnsville: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Quinnsville: Anyone. Map: A recent discovery as the Corrington ships journeyed past the known mapped edges of the Sea of Theives, the settlement of Quinnsville was founded by the captain of one of the exploring ships, Sir Thomas Smaugton. Sailing under both the flag of the Empire of Corrington, as under the MAESTRO trade company, it is only logical that both will have a strong representation in the settlement as it grows hopefully in a busy harbour and centre of commerce. The city is protected for now by a small fortress on her western side, but garrisons are under way to add some protection from possible natives and budding neighbours. The port is gearing towards two very important inland products to export: chocolate and coffee. Or as the new mayor was heard saying, "I smell coffee in that grove!". The Banner of Quinnsville, nicknamed `The White Bra` apparently (and out of earshot). Feel free to use this if you want to place builds in the city. Sir Thomas Smaugton, as seen when making landfall on the island, February 15th of the year 616 The Size of Quinnsville for EGS purposes: Town (level 2) Residences: 4 Factories: 1 Artisans: 4 Commerces: 10 Cultural: 1 Educational: 0 Forts: 2 small out of 2 small available Plantations: 2 Mines: 0 Builds in Quinnsville: Licensed Properties: 1. Residence New Beginnings The House of Knowledge Setting Up Residence Grave Tidings 2. Factory Clam and Cup Coffee Burnery 3. Plantation Palmwood Plantation on Cocovia Luuk Luchtwandelaar's Cabbage Plantation 4. Mine 5. Artisan McPherson`s Swords and Bullets Outfitting a Ship in Quinnsville Finally in Quinnsville 6. Commerce Quinnsville Commerce House Sailors Beach Setting out to Elysabethtown Visiting a Friend The Brickagramer House of Games Settle on Quinnsville Lapzwanzer's Finest Chocolates The Frisky Business Mail Office of Quinnsville 7. Education 8. Art and Culture Quinnsville Village Square 9. Forts Transferring Command Defending Territory Other MOC`s: The Mysterious Cavern The Founding of Quinnsville The Warehouse The Secret Treasure of Cocovia Welcome to Quinnsville: The Tour Searching for Gold Burp The Apple Thief Quinnsville Phase 2 Marching to Quinnsville The Junkyard Fleet of Quinnsville HMS Green Dragon - 2 Fast - Active HMS Terrigan - 1 Armed - Active The Sea Sparrow - 1 Armed - bought from CelesAurivern - Active Crepe Fruite - 1 Trade - bought from Francesco Clarke - Active Fingernail - 1 Well Rounded - bought from Francesco Clarke - Active La Espada - 0 - donated by Faladrin - Active The Wailing Whaif - 3 Armed MCRA capture - Active Symphony of Destruction - 2 Armed pirate vessel bought in MCRA auction - Active Nino Grande - 4 Trade 2 - won in auction - Active Margert - 2 Trade - won in auction - Active The Cod Hunter - 2 Armed - captured from Pirates, on loan from the Crown - Active Drydocked El Pollo - 3 Trade 2 - unlicensed, unmoc`ced - won in auction Pinto - 4 Trade 2 - unlicensed, unmoc`ced - won in auction, Maestro COR vessel Junkyard Ships Lost Pierre Volante - 1 Trade - bought from Francesco Clarke - wrecked on a sandbank near Berelli Disguised Skiff - 0 - bought from SkaForHire - Captured by pirate L`Olius HMS Isandlwana - 0 - Captured by Privateer Ali Tigerlily - 1 Well Rounded - bought from BrickOn - Captured by Sea Rat player MkJoshA HMS Pendragon - 6th rate Ship of the Line (5HA for now) - Captured in the ESL - MAR war by Sea Rats These are all those small ships that become unloved by their owners as they move to greater vessels, and will sail again one day in the collection of driftwood called the Junkyard Fleet of Quinnsville. They might not make the long glorious voyages of the Terramen, but at least they won`t be forgotten in the game that way and still play along, no matter how small a footnote in the history of Brethren of the Brick Seas they will become. While licensing them is an expensive venture as it takes me far beyond my "base price" 3 slots, I am planning of filling all 11 of my personal available slots with these small class 0 up to 2 vessels eventually (as funds become available over time). As such, I can`t really pay a purchase price for the ships, my payment is the fact that you can unlicense them to free up one of your three "base price" slots again to put in a ship far more usefull in the metagame. But instead of the ships becoming forgotten in the Ship Index with zero chance of ever getting relicensed by the player in question, they will have the prospect of sailing in the MCRA again, proudly remaining a part of the tales told. So if you have any of those small trader vessels or armed galleys that are just lying around, devoid of hope to shine in the light one day, send them over to Quinnsville, Cocovia. Here they will be lovingly restored to their glory. Also, for NONE of these donated ships, the sistershipping rule will be used by me. If they ever get sunk, captured, auctioned off as prices by pirates or whotnot`s that remove them from my ownership, their story has truly and gloriously ended. See it as a way of "closure" for that little build you made the day you set out to sea.
  2. Tomsche

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Roight, the "list", Some links seem to have been broken though during the server migration a while back, some don`t The Junkyard Fleet of Quinnsville HMS Green Dragon - 2 Fast - Active HMS Terrigan - 1 Armed - Active The Sea Sparrow - 1 Armed - bought from CelesAurivern - Active Crepe Fruite - 1 Trade - bought from Francesco Clarke - Active Fingernail - 1 Well Rounded - bought from Francesco Clarke - Active La Espada - 0 - donated by Faladrin - Active The Wailing Whaif - 3 Armed MCRA capture - Active Symphony of Destruction - 2 Armed pirate vessel bought in MCRA auction - Active Nino Grande - 4 Trade 2 - won in auction - Active Margert - 2 Trade - won in auction - Active ((The Cod Hunter - 2 Armed - captured from Pirates, on loan from the Crown - Active)) - Disregard - will be handled by the crown. Bregir) Drydocked El Pollo - 3 Trade 2 - unlicensed, unmoc`ced - won in auction Pinto - 4 Trade 2 - unlicensed, unmoc`ced - won in auction, Maestro COR vessel
  3. A build that originated from two very different origin points, my first complete Company for BoBS has been recruited and stationed in Quinnsville for the defence of the town. While I "bought" the troops for the game a week or two ago, I finally came round to make this small build for them. Add to that the fact that I`ll be running a Lego wargaming demostration at a wargame convention in november, where they will probably face off against Star Wars droids and other very different forces... and I had two motivating factors of putting the troops together. Dear Lord Smaugton, I have well received your letter concerning the growing tensions in the Cocovia region. I understand your concerns that the neighbouring military harbour might not be swift enough to response in case someone decided to place a raid on the setttlement, and how you look towards solidifying your defences. I have conversed with our uncle on the matter, and he agreed that our house should look at it's own defence and intrests as well apart from those for the crown, or for our trading partners. To that end, I am underway with a full company of soldiers, who will be called the 1st Quinnsville Fusiliers from now on, under my command. I hope to have a good glass of wine, and one of those "coffee's" you tell so much about, swiftly. Your cousin, Lord Emmerick Woosterbatton
  4. That's a horse from the 2011 King`s Chariot set
  5. Well, this is something new, my very first ever customised LEGO torso. And it is one for the nation of Mardier, in the Brethren of the Broken Seas. With my skills in graphic software being limited, making decals no option, a PAD Printer being way out of my (willing to spend) budget and going to my regular printers every for one or two torsos (whom I can`t design... so that`s a bit tricky) I was looking for a solution. And then it hit me... my old paints from my wargaming days! I had no idea if the good old Vallejo`s would "catch" on LEGO ABS plastic.... but they do without any problem. I wanted to base the Mardier officer on the spaniards as their nations main colour is yellow, so after some research I found this old template of a spanish Dragoon from the Napoleonic era. I tried my best with my now 5 year rusty painting skills to recreate the red and white detailing on the torso, and some glossy varnish later I was happy with the result. The biggest thing perhaps is that LEGO prints are single colour, so I had to refrain from using the what is known in wargaming as "3 tone system", providing shade and highlighting to every colour. But the torso works really well under the "2 metres rule", which is the average distance a wargame figure of 25mm (about the size of a LEGO minifigure) is "seen at" when on a table. I`m defintily going to do more of these, and the Napoleonic Italian forces sure have my eye to make a unit with for Brick Wars in november. The downside? I`m really considering cutting strongly in my LEGO time and budget and rebuild and patch up my 28mm ACW army once again, and spend more time again at my old club.
  6. Tomsche

    Custom made Mardier officer

    Nope, straight Vallejo (I use the historical range mostly, same stuff, less flashy names) onto a Yellow torso, no undercoat. Only thing added was a bit of Gloss Varnish afterwards (Coat D`Arms, manually brushed, so no spray can) to give it the blinky blinky look of a Lego print
  7. Tomsche

    Custom made Mardier officer

    Thanks. The steady hand is a result of 20 years playing with tiny little soldiers (starting as most at Warhammer and ending up in the American Civil War as the decennia passed by ) It`s not that the Mardier's ARE spanish, I just envisioned that them way as the other main nations of the age of sail where present in the game as player factions (England, France and The Netherlands), AND I had vague recollections of an obscure Napoleonics campaign which had yellow spanish uniforms. (Turns out they are mostly the Dragoons like those of Numancia and Almansa). This one just fitted the "pattern" of using some red for contrast. Reason I didn`t take fleshie heads and hands is that my "regular" sailing crews are yellows (old pirate lines etc), hence I passed over using yellow legs (like the picture of the inspiration) and went for the white.
  8. The 69th New York thanks you
  9. Where do those muskets come from? They would look gorgeous in "something something" not BoBS related I`m building
  10. Tomsche

    [MOC] 1821: Battle of Dervenakia

    I love this build, those historical battles always capture my intrest and having one of the (for western europe) lesser known ones is always intresting to read a bit about
  11. Nevertheless there where three warships in that last Eslandolan auction that where the property of a Corrington mayor
  12. I know the feeling, the 200% rate for a 4T2 made her a pretty expensive little boat lol
  13. Admiral Thornmorckton, in command of HMS Pendragon reporting to Commodore Damaximus. Lord Smaugton of MAESTRO Corrington sends his regards.
  14. The Quinnsville Chronicler, issue 10 The HMS Pendragon sails! For non-disclosed reasons, the citizens of Quinnsville where witness to a strange sight this afternoon. The HMS Pendragon has cast het moorings and came out of harbour, setting sail for the first time. It seemed she was on a northward course, but no-one seems to have an idea why she has left her berth. May she sail swift and carry her colours with dignity and honour!
  15. It's been a while (well, from BM-Antwerp) that I got my "engines fired up" to immerse myself into BoBS fully again, but to restart the building I went to grab one of the MCRA captures I still had drydocked and build. The Symphony of Destruction was captured almost a year ago, and with such a lovely name, I just wanted to do something special with her... build an Organ gun onto her deck as a sort of experimental coastal defender vessel. "Sir, we are ready for the field test" "Good, good... let me check the coordinates, in case we don`t bombard a peasants field or something..." captain Babcull answered. "It seems that we are indeed at the right location, prepare the Symphony!" The Symphony. A nickname lovingly given to an organ gun that has been build onto the deck of the captured pirate vessel Symphony of Destruction. The idea the engineers came up with, was to use the small Armed Sloop as a mobile platform to increase the coastal defences around Quinnsville. With privateers and pirates growing bolder the past months, mayor Smaugton had decreed that the whole side of Cocovia that fell under his governance needed to be shored up and become an iron wall. To captain Babcull, the whole device looked hideous, and tilted the vessel to the fore. She wouldn`t be very swift or manoeuvrable, and setting out in high tides would be asking for disaster. But if she would be anchored in the calmer waters of the bay, she might prove to be a hefty deterrent to anyone trying to enter the harbour unauthorised. "Guncrew... at the ready! Aiiiim, aaaaand UNLEASH HELL!!!!"
  16. Tomsche

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    My dearest sir Summerridge, The bank of Corrington should then find itself now in the safeguarding of 1000 of my perhaps not so honestly earned doubloons. I have given my clerk the order to write the letter of credit out to "BoC" so I take it should be arriving correctly as we speak? Yours truly Sir Thomas Smaugton Mayor of Quinnsville, Founder of the Corrington Branch of MAESTRO Trade Company Self-proclaimed Lord of Driftwood
  17. Tomsche

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    Dear mister @Bregir, While I tried to open an account with the BoC and make a modest deposit to the account for, I don`t know, say 1000 doubloons, I seem to fail to find the destination account labelled as BoC or the likes. Now while this might be the result of my cheese for brains and lack of accountancy skills that I overlook it in the immense list of entrepreneurs, of could it be that the account isn`t in the summary yet so I cannot write my bill of crediting yet? Sir Thomas Smaugton Mayor of Quinnsville, Founder of the Corrington Branch of MAESTRO Trade Company Self-proclaimed Lord of Driftwood
  18. Tomsche

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    Sir Thomas Smaugton, self-proclaimed Lord of Driftwood, would like to hear more about this interesting venture. (okay, mostly what / where do I need to be to set up an account and shift some stolen from the slaves hard-earned cash to)
  19. Tomsche

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    My "Giant Flying Manatee price C" arrived save and sound today :-)
  20. Another of the trading vessels I reeled in in the recent Eslandola auction, the Margert was the target of a true bid wars. Seems no less then 21 bids where brought out for this small vessel's license, but in the end she is joining the Junkyard Fleet of Quinnsville. The small and sturdy cog will be pushed into service almost immediately, as she is recrewed right on time to sail out when the trade convoys leave in little under a week. May she serve the mighty Empire of Corrington well!
  21. Tomsche

    [COR - FB3 mar] Margert 2T

    You sir, where a tenacious opponent
  22. The Quinnsville Chronicler, issue 10 A stroke of commercial genius! As we reported in our previous issue, our mayor Sir Smaugton, Self-proclaimed Lord of Driftwood, had send the three drydocked warships "Nightmare", "Brad the Pirate" and "Siren's Song" to the Eslandolan auction block. At that same auction, he had his eyes set on a few trading vessels, to bolster the Quinnsville mercantile navy after the losses of recent months. Not only did he manage to get his hands on ALL presented trade vessels, being the "Margert", the "El Pollo" and the two snow's "Nino Grande" and "Pinto" (this last one was bought for Maestro Corrington use), he managed to have the ships being paid from the profits of the warships, AND have some doubloons profit from it to booth. Of course, we won`t take into account licensing will cost him and arm and a leg as he owns a personal fleet at the moment of 10 glorious (and not so glorious) vessels, but if the winds are fair, that investment should quickly pay itself off... or so he hopes.
  23. Tomsche

    Account Summary

    Hey @Phred Could you check the recent two ships I licensed, both where captures from the Eslandolan auction, a 4T2 and a 2T. Both have been license form filled in, charging the full price (+100 and +200% respectively) cost, seems it is a common thing we need to report if I understood correctly (which I probably didn`t )
  24. This is a bit of a special build, as it is the very first thing I ever seriously build in the LDD program. I won the Nino Grande in an auction organised by Eslandola, and she is being put into service right on time to participate in the next MCRA and as such hopefully can rake in the doubloons to pay back her cheap auction price... ... which will be compensated by her high licensing price though as I`m pyaing double hehehe. The vessel measures about 60 "virtual studs" and it was a real puzzle for me to get her smoothly build, like finding out for the figures and chests a plate needed to go underneath, as you can`t "place" things decently on top of a tile in the virtual build program it seems. I hope you like the vessel, I`m actually rather okay with how she turned out, considering she was made with someone who had "no clue" at all when starting to build it :-)
  25. Tomsche

    AUCTION! Selling captured vessels!

    No jiffy, I`ve only licensed the 4T2 Nino Grande already due to not being sure I`d have another free moment before the MCRA needs to be filled in