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  1. LordLEGOtube

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Would they not also have had an issue with the fact that the student protagonists are unable to “sit” down because of the short legs? I understand the change, and it is more accurate with the height difference, but it does feel strange to have the main characters unable to articulate their legs.
  2. I’m just excited that we’re finally getting Luke’s hairpiece in Sand Yellow (Dark Tan), something long overdue!
  3. LordLEGOtube

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    I’m having trouble with the 1x10 brace piece. When it rests on the dark red slope bricks it is 1 stud above where the grey slope in the middle sits, so I can’t put the grey slope in. Are there any pics of how the brace is constructed?
  4. Unless you fancied driving up to Lisburn to get it from Toys R Us there then unfortunately not. It’s a pity there’s no Lego store in Dublin since I was looking to pick up the UCS Falcon for Christmas somewhere since it was out of stock (mind you it’s more expensive in Euro too). I can’t wait to pick up the new X-wing, not too keen on the sandcrawler though.
  5. From the pic it does look like his episode II hair
  6. Not to mention that R2 now sits correctly facing forward rather than at 90°! Something strangely changed in the 2012 rendition (and in the RO Y-wing?).
  7. Nuh uh. They’re preliminary images, but they’re perfectly clear as they are printed in the catalogue and there’s a feasible amount of detail in the photos. The only reason it would look "poor quality" is because the photo of the catalogue is being compressed.
  8. LordLEGOtube

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Nope. It was a wild Bantha chase unfortunately. They only had two sets on the shelves, the heavy assault walker and the star destroyer, and this was apparently all the ones they had in stock too. I asked the store assistant as well but she said she had never seen it and they didn’t have it, but then again she didn’t know if the Praetorian guard action figure was from the "new film" or not. Honestly I don’t know where the rumour that it was on sale originated from, it featured briefly Live on national Irish television, and was revealed by the Official Disney Ireland Twitter as the "Skellig Micheal Set" which would hit stores on December 15th.
  9. LordLEGOtube

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Heard that it was available in the Disney store in Dublin, but I’ll definitely know by later today... might pick one up myself...
  10. Well it’s already out in Ireland so yes! I might pick it up at the weekend.
  11. What other sets have a dark tan hood in them?
  12. Although is that it for the 2018 TLJ wave? No praetorian guards? No Leia?
  13. Didn’t expect to see a porg in a small set. Also Kylo Ren in a micro fighter??
  14. LordLEGOtube

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    What’re the chances we might see LEGO sets for this or a return to the LoTR theme? I d say it depends on the suitability of the content, if they choose to go GoT style then definitely not.
  15. Thanks for this! I’ll give it a go on a normal Black cape that has faded first.