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  1. Risgrynsgrot

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Set is called Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, so its based on Age of Ultron. Comes with a black base and yellow assembly arms. Swapable arm, 26 cm tall, comes with an exclusive Iron Man Minifigure.
  2. Risgrynsgrot

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Just seen the UCS Hulkbuster, not really liking it. The legs look really small.
  3. Risgrynsgrot

    Stolen minifigures

    You gotta realize how many sets LEGO sells - and how few of them actually have the minifigs removed then returned to store. It's much, MUCH cheaper for LEGO to just send replacement figs those occasions than to come up with and install some kind of anti-theft system in every single set.
  4. Risgrynsgrot

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    So now most of the summer sets are searchable on Bricks & Pieces - however I'm noting that pretty much all interesting pieces are OOS. Stuff like Minifig parts and printed pieces. Is this because someone has already bought everything or does it usually take awhile after the new sets have been released until the parts are available?
  5. Risgrynsgrot

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75144 Snowspeeder

    Looks like one hefty sticker sheet..
  6. Risgrynsgrot

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I think they're gonna have the Silent Mary destroy it and possibly even killing Barbossa as a way to show how powerful these new ghost pirates actually are.
  7. Risgrynsgrot

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't worry, it seems that its a special ability the ship has, to be able to raise its bow and "chop" other ships in half, and I seriously doubt that LEGO would be able to make a set that 1) has a play-feature where the entire bow raises up 2) has a boat that is that damaged and see-trough while still being structurally sound. I believe we WILL get a full ship!
  8. Risgrynsgrot

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I've bricklinked some minifigs (and got the Joker Lowrider) and I have to say, wow LEGO has really outdone themselves when it comes to the minifigs in this series. Minifigs like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy look amazing, so much detail, beatiful print, I'm speechless.
  9. Risgrynsgrot

    Which set should I buy?

    I actually bought the Pet Shop, built it and got tired of it really quickly and sold it. It's part of the "old" modulars, where LEGO focused more on size. With Parisian Restaurant they started focusing more on details and less on size. IMO Pet Shop clashes astethically with the newer ones. If I were you I'd start with the Parisian Restaurant and work my way up from there.
  10. Risgrynsgrot

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    75098 will forever be remembered as the black sheep in the UCS family, and really is one of the worst sets ever, since it fails to live up to the UCS standard in so many ways. This along with the May the 4th "promo" makes it feel like LEGO is pissing on us and doesn't even have the courtesy to call it rain
  11. Risgrynsgrot

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I think that LEGO messed up on both 75098 Assault on Hoth aswell as 21128 The Village being playsets, both being really expensive sets but too ugly and messy to be a good display piece for an adult, and way too expensive for a kid to get as a birthday or christmas gift.
  12. Risgrynsgrot

    Which set should I buy?

    Okay! I want to get one of the newest amusement park sets, either the 10244 Mixer set or 10247 Ferris Wheel. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Mixer, as I think it's cuter with the small additional attractions (dunk tank, strength test, etc) and I really love how everything folds and is put neatly on the two trucks. Also, while the Ferris Wheel is big and impressive the build looks much more boring than the Mixer. Anyhow, what do you think?
  13. Risgrynsgrot

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Yep, LEGO really outdid themselves with this wave. Tons of amazing new minifigures, this is easily the best superhero wave EVER! That bridge set is just spectacular - and we've yet to see the Civil War set aswell!
  14. Risgrynsgrot

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Price hike is because LEGO is doing too good. Same reason their Black Friday "sale" was a measly 5 % off (the year before that it was 10 % off)
  15. Risgrynsgrot

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    The review embargo is up, and as I expected all along (Snyder Directing, too much stuff jammed into the movie, trailers spoiling everything, bad casting choices) the movie is getting bad reviews. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice/ http://www.metacritic.com/movie/batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice?ref=hp