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Well, here I am again with yet another photo review! I know I'm several months late and that I've lost the honor of being the first person to review Hikaru's mech, but I'm doing it anyways! Nobody is probably going to read this, but I really hope those who are on the verge of buying it will read this! Like my other reviews, there are ADDITIONAL photos in every section as LINKS. And like before, I'm open to photo requests! :-)

So, let's get started!

THE BOX (Box itself, instructions and previews)


Additional Photos:

Back of box

Demonstration of energy grenade launcher

Comic inside instructions

This is pretty amazing, but it really cuts down on all those neat touches that the Stealth Hunter box had, such as the opening flap and the neat contrasty blueprints of the mech at hand. Also, if you look at the back of the box, there are no black lines to distinguish the different parts of the box, relying only on colour differentiation alone. For more details, just take a look how that demonstration of the Zamor launcher photo blends into the main image of the climatic battle between the Exo-Force and the nefarious robots. While the insanely reflective look is a very nice effect, I really lament the departure from the blueprints and opening flap.

The instructions have the parts guide to it, though it is infinately smaller than the one included for the Stealth Hunter for obvious reasons. Also, the comics that were usually located on the front flap have now been relocated to the instruction manual! Unfortunately, it seems that all the comics now are the same, whereas with 2006's offerings, they were all unique.

The figure


Additional image:


Hikaru is back in all his blue-haired glory! But this time around, he sports a dark blue suit and gold armour! And this gold isn't that cheap yellow colour. When you turn it at a certain angle, it actually as a metalic looking effect! Not quite your classic Castle royal sword kind, but it's good enough! Yep, it's a good one alright.

The face and hairpiece, however, it where it brings it down. See, I got lucky for the Stealth Hunter and managed to get the hairpiece that actually covered the angry face. But this time around, I didn't get so lucky. And to boot, it seems they made a running change with the Hikaru face. They actually made the angry face lower down, so even if you put on my Stealth Hunter Hikaru's headpiece on him, you can STILL see his teeth. I really hate this, seeing as how LEGO knew about it in 2006, had a year to fix it for 2007, and STILL didn't fix it. Shame, really.


Also, take a close look at the two figures. Yes folks, Hikaru lost the shine in the bottom half of his eye. I guess that's to make him look older, but to me, it makes him look like your average anime psychopath.


But all in all, a good show nonetheless.

Honorable Mentions


Yes, those adhesive nightmares are back again! Which is a HUGE shame, considering that this time around, they took the liberty of colouring in the background of the sticker, which actually conflicts with the colour of the brick. The blue stickers for the "wings" actually don't match with the blue of the brick. The difference may be slim, but there's a definate difference. I can see why they didn't stick with transparencies, but MAN! Why couldn't they have printed them on the pieces? Yes, I know, cost cutting...

Oh, and just like before, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you place the stickers on instead of after. But thanks to the instructions, they tell you to do it first. Way to go, LEGO! Rock on!

Now onto the main course...



Here it is in all its explosive glory! Yep, the Sky Guardian is a sight to behold, even despite its thin frame and lack of power brick. While the stickering process was grueling, it really was worth it. Though your opinions of it may be mixed, may my review convince you that it's a decent set! There are some really interesting things about this set, so let's kick it off, part by part!

The cockpit


Additional photos:

Everything opens up!


OMGOMGOMG, HE REALLY CAN!!1!111elevenone!one

This is the part everyone is always talking about. "Will he be protected?", "OMG NO PROTECTIONZ!?" or "I say, old chap, I do find the lack of safety measures most disturbing." are phrases often assotiated with Exo-Force cockput design. Well, I'm here to say there's awesome news! He is fully protected, and that click-joint allows for movement, hence giving YOU the power to protect Hikaru however you please. But here's the awesome part.

He can SIT.

That's right folks! The inventors of these "ancient" mechs decided to spruce it up by providing seats! Thanks to the Darth Maul speeder, Hikaru can now relax in the comforts of his own war machine while slaughtering thousands of semi-sentinent robot drones. This idea was so good, I decided to retake all my other pictures with him sitting down! X-D

Also, I love the 2x2 tiles with the stickers on them. They look phenominal! The headlights are simply amazing, proving that once again, small details prove to be essential.

The Legs


Singlehandedly the absolute best part of the set. Sure, the massive armoured pieces may be gone from this set, but there's alot to love about this. The stickered bricks here are absolutely amazing! Never before have I seen the blue, white and yellow colour scheme done like this! Once again, LEGO proves to make stickers actually worth your time. The only thing I lament is how there are so few of the thigh armour piece you see there (What you see there is it). I would have loved it if they had thrown more in, considering how great they look.

Funny thing is that the "Super sonic" sticker on the leg actually means "sound" "wave" when translated literally. If you ask me, that sounds so much cooler than supersonic. ;-)

Left arm


Additional Photos:

He wants to shake your hand.

That's one pelvic-y forearm.

Absolutely magnificent. This time around, they took a hint from the success from the Supernova and decided to give Hikaru a hand! Literally! I didn't own any other Exo-Force sets other than the Stealth Hunter, so I spend 5 whole hours just playing with the arm. My judgement? Final call?



The forearm, however, is a different story altogether. It's not inventive, nor is it the most asthetically pleasing thing in the world. Simply put, it is what it is. A Piraka pelvis. The only thing that redeems it is the fact that has a good place to put a mini-missile and that it has wings on it. But all in all, a good show! The hand totally rocks, especially since the forearm armour is smaller than the Supernova's.

Right arm


Additional Photos:

Side view


If there's one thing I hate more than GregF's horrid plot composition and characterizations, it's recycling of BAD gimics. As most connoisseurs of the non-System forums have noticed by now, I loathe the Zamor launcher.

However, you have to give credit where it's due, and I have to say, it's not THAT bad here. "Why the sudden change of heart, KMOI?", most of you are asking. Well, it's not a change of heart. I still hate the zamor launcher with a FURY. But why do I approve? Well, if you turn the entire weapon thing upside down and forget the existance of that plastic marble, the launcher effectively becomes a three pronged claw. And that looks flat out AWESOME. My action photos will prove this later!

Other than the launcher, I love how it includes the traditional rifle and the ammo ring. That's what makes this weapon special! (To me, anyways)

The wings


Again, really nice new molded pieces. That said, it should be used sparingly as wings, because overdose makes your mech look like an oversized wasp/bee. But looking at the rest of 2007's offerings, I don't quite think LEGO picked up on that. BUT, when used as other parts, these are golden. I can't wait to see what some of the mech gods on brickshelf make with these!

The sword


Another new mold, this sword is AMAZING. I'm really glad it was made, considering the vast MOCing potential for this piece. It's very futuristic, and if recoloured, they could make a great monuments. (I'm getting ideas as we speak!)

The back


Following the trend, this set has absolutely no back. If you're looking for a mech that looks great from 360 degrees, this isn't really your set. In fact, any mech from Exo-Force would be a bad choice. I am surprised they left it so bare, considering how many other parts they took out.

The code brick


I'm not entirely sure what the importance of this thing is at this point other than it's a giant plot device just waiting to happen, it's nice. But not nice enough to replace the light bricks. :'-(


KK megafig joints for legs and ball-joints for arms. Friends, it doesn't get any better than this! I'm thankful they stood firm against the fans' demands for balljointed legs. It just wouldn't stand up! Anyhow, it's awesome, as you will find out next, in...


Now that you've patiently sat through my entire shpiel, here's what you came for:

You shall not... PAAASSSSS!!



Gallant defender of the Golden city (Pedestrian view)

Gallant defender (Robot/target view)

Who said you can't snipe with a grenade?


EPIC!Anime swordpose #44654168


This is a pretty solid set. While I would recommend it for Christmas, I'm afraid Christmas has come and gone. However, this set is worthy of any Exo-Force collector. For those who aren't fans, I'd still suggest picking it up, but as a parts set more than anything else. There's alot of small things missing from this set. For example, the torso has an hole in it that could be filled with a 2x1 block. There are almost no extra parts to this set. There is no alternate model. The box is a tad lackluster, with the return to conventional, no-flap packaging. The arms can't be posed as it standing properly. If I want to be an overly critical fan, I would say that this isn't Exo-Force, but instead, Discount-Force.

But aside from these, this set is generally a good set. Sure, it may be lacking the great piece count, but it's a fun set nonetheless. Great pieces, awesome minifig torso, fun build, there nothing more I would really want from a set. Sure, they may not be as fun as the 2006 ones, but if there's any consellation, this is it! I see tonnes of MOCing opportunities for this set, especially if you got one of the 2006 sets. If you need to look for a fun set to play with, or looking for a gift, this is the ticket! So the final marking:

Figure: 9/10

Asthetics (on box): 6/10

Set: 7/10

Playability: 8/10

Final score:

sealofapprovaluy9.jpgsealofapprovaluy9.jpgsealofapprovaluy9.jpgsealofapprovaluy9.jpg out of 5 Water Nation seals. (Buy it!)

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You got me.



What a wonderful review! *y*

I really like that nice cockpit design, but I wonder about those background-colored stickers, why not using

a clear background? Anyways, I favorite the old mechas with the lightbricks a little, their design was more

system-kind-of-style IMO, although some of the new ones are elegant.

Maybe TLC saves costs and use the line like some milkcow now I guess.... But this model is cool with a lot

of useful parts and a great color scheme. And very pleasing to pose.

And for the back, well, it

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Marvelous review! I meant to comment on it earlier, but you know how the site's been all day. I always love reading your reviews, they're so details, tell me just what I want to know, have excellent pictures, and have such personality!

I'm probably not gonna get this, though I will BL the fig :-$ What did you mean about the different hairstyles? Are they just factory differences, or are there really two models? Mine is the "bad" kind, I guess you could say :-/

Once again, fantastic review, I hope you do more :-)

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Great job. Sorry about not already commenting. I'vee been busy lately. Anyways, nice pics and an even better review. I have the Sky Guardian, but didn't realize the glow in Hikaru's eye is gone.

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Nobody is probably going to read this

..and those who are are having trouble reading it in sky blue..... :-D

Anyway, nice review. This set will not be added to my collection I am afraid.

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The yellow code piece is a Code Brick.You can enter it on the EXF site to unlock information about the mechs.

Nice review,i'm loving the poses.

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Nice review.

Very thorough and entertaining. *y*

I must admit, you've made me think twice about the Sky Guardian. But still, I don't think I'll get it... unless I see a sale...

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..and those who are are having trouble reading it in sky blue..... :-D


Anyhoo, thanks for all the comments, guys! Really appreciate it! I was kinda refering to my Thok review, which pretty well much died. But then again, I was about 5 months late for a review. X-D I understand where alot of you are coming from. This isn't the perfect set, but it is a decent one. SO if you see it on sale, get it! A sale price for this would be fitting, I'd say!

Righto, turns out, I forgot to load some pics! Here are the comparison shots between the Stealth Hunter and the Sky Guardian!


Additonal Photos:

From the back

Cockpit to cockpit


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Hehe, thanks! I learnt from all those Transformers toy galleries I used to look at. XD Oh, and my art class I took back in Grade 8 taught me all about focal points and hence, I can take some adequete photos. :-D

Anyhoo, like the silly fool I am, I forgot to address this question! :-P

I'm probably not gonna get this, though I will BL the fig :-$ What did you mean about the different hairstyles? Are they just factory differences, or are there really two models? Mine is the "bad" kind, I guess you could say :-/

Actually, I just found out the piece that I got with the Stealth Hunter was actually a factory defect, which trimmed the front excess rubber off, but not the back, allowing for better coverage! Dumb luck aids me once again, huh? *sweet*

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Sorry if this sounds stupid (I've only seen the early 2006 line up close)

Is that a Bionicle ball joint adapter I see for the shoulder? Is this new for the mech or common in the 2007 series? Any other kits that use it?

If so, then that's great news for me. Gives me more of an excuse to experiment with Bionicle mecha hybrids. :-P

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Brand new piece, my friend! Currently, it's only in Exo-Force sets, but with all the new themes coming out soon, I'm sure there will be more with these! Sorry about this photo quality. It's afternoon here and I have to turn off all the lights to ensure there isn't a yellowish tint on the pics. Anyhoo, enjoy!

Also, note the technic rod hole in the middle. It's super adaptable!


Here's the Bricklink listing, if you want to keep your eye on which sets have the piece!

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